Hill Top Villa 2

  In Choeng Mon, some of the best panoramic Koh Samui villas can be found. One of them is Villa HT02. Renting villas in Koh Samui, Thailand is more practical especially for guests who are on the island to unwind and be with the people they like. Villa HT02 is the perfect island hideaway as it is spacious and is located in one of the most beautiful settings in Koh Samui. With 4 stylish bedrooms, it is highly recommended for 8 people. From its rustic stone walls to its grand gated entrance, this villa is as luxurious as can be. Only 10 minutes away from Chaweng, it is accessible but very secure and private. Koh Samui villas for rent come in various styles and sizes. Villa HT02 is a fusion style villa, with emphasis on the Thai elements. As a part of one of the finest estates in Samui, the architecture observed in Villa HT02 is impressive and really shows quality work. The open plan design is very popular among villas in Koh Samui, Thailand. This is because it complements the warm weather and allows the scenery to really shine whether you are in and out of the villa. Combining new and old elements, the result is a comfortable haven that will bring you closer to nature and at the same time won't allow you to miss life's modern comforts. Koh Samui villa rentals often have their own pool. At Villa HT02, the pool is big and is situated in the best spot within the property. You can enjoy the views while you swim or bond with the other guests. There are lounge chairs nearby for those like to unwind while admiring the scenery. The owner is a lover of antiques and at the villa, some of the home accents used are highly coveted and extremely precious. These hard sourced antiques provide an interesting visual appeal. The traditional design theme that is observed in the villa interiors beautifully goes well with the tropical surroundings. Top of the line amenities can be enjoyed while on the villa. The property is secure and boasts a parking area. It also has a well maintained landscape. Internet connection is available as well. In addition, CCTV cameras are installed for you and your family's safety. Luxury holiday villas in Koh Samui, Thailand are also known for their fully equipped kitchen. At Villa HT02, only the best cooking appliances are selected so it would be a breeze to prepare your meals. The air conditioned dining room is very lavish and elegant, with enough seating for 8 people. The bedrooms are beautifully designed and features luxurious teak wood floors and antique style furnishings. The bedrooms also have an elegant wooden balcony where you can enjoy fresh morning air and some sunlight. All the bedrooms have a TV and an air conditioning unit. The en-suite baths are spacious and have modern fixtures as well. Villa HT02 is a wonderful island villa for a family reunion or a celebration such as a wedding or a birthday.