Panorama Summit

Panorama Summit is among the best villas in Koh Samui. This is a panoramic sea view villa and is one of the recommended Koh Samui villa rentals for a tropical holiday. This is a stylish and breathtaking Koh Samui villa and has 5 bedrooms---all beautifully designed to impress even those with the strictest of aesthetics. Its hillside location lures guests with the most jaw dropping vistas. Panorama Summit is located in Choeng Mon and was designed for 10 people. The architecture is impressive and modern, but balanced with plenty of natural elements such as tropical plants and water and sky views. No matter where you look, you will be rewarded with the most amazing scenery. Panorama Summit is a three-level villa and showcases Southeast Asian art all throughout. Depending on where you are, you can see the beauty of the lush mountains or the tranquil island waters or both. Like a number of Koh Samui villa rentals, the open scheme design makes great use of the relaxing scenery. The color scheme of the villa's façade and interiors is kept low key to highlight the beauty of the surroundings. Panorama Summit has a kidney shaped infinity pool that overlooks the blue waters and the mountains. Here guests can spend plenty of time indulging on the warm weather and soaking up some glorious sunshine. The deck is spacious and plenty of beach chairs are lined up as seating areas. The living area is nothing short of gorgeous. Done in white, it features amazing mountain and sea views and has a cozy couch and Southeast Asian home décor. The theme is simple, to highlight the outdoors. This is has a ceiling fan and has its own sound system. The dining area is also really marvelous and has enough seats for 8 guests. As for the kitchen, anyone will enjoy cooking as it is complete, spacious, and designed well. The car port takes you on the upper level of the villa where you can feast on the coastline views. This level has two master bedrooms and two guestrooms. From here, one can take the staircase to access the pool. At the Western section of this level, is the last bedroom, which is a large private space that has a direct access to the pool deck. The huge space provided by the villa combined with its unique design makes it very versatile. It is among the Koh Samui villa rentals that are suitable for family holidays. At the same time, it can also be chosen for special events. The villa has an al fresco dining area, an internet connection, and has facilities for tennis as well. For those who are looking for a blissful island retreat, you can't go wrong with this place.  

Baan Tamarind

  They say that some of the best villas in Koh Samui are those that are set at the beach. In that case, you should definitely consider Villa MW05. This is a luxurious Koh Samui villa and is located in Maenam. This has 5 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 14 people max. At this villa, time proceeds much slower as you are mesmerized by the beauty of the blue water and fine white sand. Children friendly, modern, and with a peaceful setting, this is a cozy villa retreat that you can use during your vacation in Samui. Combining traditional Thai elements with contemporary amenities, here guests will feel relaxed, pampered, and in the mood for some fun. Villa MW05 features a beautiful tropical garden and an abundance of greenery. The lawn is well maintained and makes the property look more polished. The swimming pool is huge and is a good place to enjoy the scenery and soak up some warm golden sunshine. The garden has a swing and features elegant lounge areas. The best villas in Koh Samui often have an al fresco dining area and an outdoor sala. At Villa MW05, you won't run out of places to sit on. Whether you decide to play at the beach or relax in the pool, you will surely have an amazing time. Villa MW05 has a large living area. This part of the villa has high ceilings and houses a lounge and a dining area. The fully equipped kitchen makes Villa MW05 one of the best villas in Koh Samui. It is complete and roomy. Villas in Koh Samui are the perfect alternatives to hotels and resorts. Like in the case of Villa MW05, the rooms are spacious and the interiors are very generous in size and amenities. To keep the villa cool all year long, ceiling fans and air conditioning units are installed. The bedrooms are elegantly furnished and feature comfortable beds, walk in closets, and personal safes for your important stuff. The bathrooms are nicely done as well with lots of space, luxurious details, and bath essentials. As one of the best holiday villas in Koh Samui, you can only expect the best amenities from Villa MW04. This has a parking area, a Wi-Fi internet, and a BBQ machine. Guests can also get spa treatments while here. In addition, there is a full time chef who can prepare your meals for you.  

Kalya Residence V2

  Villa MI02 is an impressive Koh Samui accommodation that is located in Bophut. This is a 4-bedroom property that is only 10 minutes away from the airport and Chaweng. Beautiful mountain and sea views provide a one of a kind tropical scenery that will make any vacation a moment to remember. Manned by 3 staffs, this villa will take you closer to nature and allow you to indulge in life's best comforts. There are plenty of villas for rent in Koh Samui but not all of them have the same level of balance of modern and rustic elements as Villa MI02. Every inch of the property is well thought out to bring only the best holiday experience for the guests. The lavish living area benefits from the open design scheme that smartly incorporates invisible glass with woods to create a unique kind of living space. The wooden ceilings are high and are intricately designed. Aside from the ceilings, wood is also used as accents. Comfortable sofas and coffee tables placed strategically so guests can sit on a spot where the uninterrupted views can be enjoyed to the fullest. There is a TV here too. Next to the living area is the dining area. This has a beautiful square table and has chairs for 8 people. Views of the mountain can be enjoyed while eating, which is a bonus. Villas for rent in Koh Samui often impress guests with their elegant kitchens. The same is true for Villa MI02. This has a lavish kitchen with all the finest cooking equipment that you'd need. A spacious counter and breakfast stools can be used as additional space when preparing meals or when dining. One of the reasons why some guests favor Samui villas over hotels is that the rooms are usually more lavish in terms of space and amenities. At Villa MI02 the bedrooms are stylish and big, something you won't get at even the most luxurious hotels unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg. The first three bedrooms all feature a king size bed, while the last bedroom features two twin beds. All the rooms have a mini bar, a personal safe, a TV, and a media player. The bathrooms are equally impressive and combine traditional materials with modern fixtures for a balanced look. Also one of the features of most villas for rent in Koh Samui is a swimming pool. The pool area at this villa in Koh Samui is spacious and is a good entertainment area. Relaxing outdoor furnishings and beach chairs are placed nearby as additional space for lounging. Near the pool is a covered sala with a dining table. Villas for rent in Koh Samui satisfy their guests with their modern amenities and incomparable services. At this holiday retreat, there is an internet connection, an in-house chef, and a private spa. Guests can also choose among the comprehensive list of wines from the cellar. A grill equipment is also available for those who want to make BBQ's.  

Baan Chantra

This luxury beach villa rental is the kind of place you dream of if you are planning a luxury tropical holiday: effortlessly stylish and offering total privacy to the outside world, once you step through the gate and onto the property, you find yourself in a warm and open space, ideal for spending time with family and friends. Convivial living is one of the hallmarks of Thai life and the architects who designed the villa have deliberately created a light, airy domain where space flows and makes relaxation astonishingly easy. The villa, with its typical Thai grace notes is finely built and beautifully furnished throughout. Step inside and one of the first things you will see is an ornamentalcho-faor temple roof finial. Whoever is in charge of the decor here has ensured that there are enough Thai artifacts to give a sense of being in one of the world's most exotic countries. Sturdy tropical hard woods have been used to provide both comfort and practicality in the house and the warm natural shades promote a sense of well-being. Luxury goes hand-in-hand with this type of dwelling and our luxury which are a haven of taste that is bound to appeal to the discerning holidaymaker. Rooms are never cluttered or over filled and the balance between decor and space has been finely observed. The villa- provides an excellent base for exploring the island of Samui. You may find it hard to leave, however, as the villa has everything both inside and outside that you could wish for. Start the day with breakfast in the opulent dining room and then step just outside to a beautiful swimming pool, with azure-blue waters. It is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon and you will find that quite a few times the comfy sun-loungers will win out over the desire to go hiking in the jungle. The garden is its own lush little paradise and its shady foliage helps take the fierceness out of the sun. With the French doors thrown back, the boundary between the house and the outside world becomes blurred. This is tropical living at its best. The bedrooms focus on harmony and space and offer superb intimacy as well as every modern convenience. En-suite bathrooms mean that you can hop straight from bed to shower, then dress with ease, thanks to roomy wardrobes and storage space. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, you'll never feel cramped, and there is enough space for everyone to go off and do their own thing. The architecture and intelligent use of space means that maximum occupancy can be achieved without everyone feeling on top of each other. This is a stunning villa, combines a world-class kitchen with a dining area and sitting room, making it a wonderful area for entertaining family and friends.  

Villa Camille

For those who are interested in a villa rental Koh Samui has to offer, Villa SV07 is a good choice. This fusion style villa has amazing panoramic views of the sea and is located in Hua Thanon. This has 4 bedrooms and was designed for 8 people. The design of the villa plus its amenities makes it one of the best villas in Koh Samui for a family holiday. Because the layout is versatile, it can also be shared by couples who are on the island for a romantic stay. The bedrooms at Villa SV07 are very elegant. Soft neutral tones that complement the color of the water are used for the interiors. The rooms are air conditioned and are furnished tastefully. Aside from having luxurious beds, the rooms also feature amazing views. Sliding doors lead to the terrace, where there are seats and a coffee table. The en-suite baths have indoor plants and feature modern fixtures and a neutral palette as well. There is an outdoor sala that looks out at the pool and boast classy furnishings as well. This villa rental Koh Samui is known for has a large pool that is perfect for casual laps. The beautiful living area is spacious, has high ceilings and has a smart open layout design. Cushy sofas and rattan chairs are used as seats, while native decorative pieces are used as accents. The elegant dining area is next to the lounge. This features relaxing sea views and has enough seats for 8 people. Like most private villa rentals in Koh Samui, the kitchen at Villa SV07 is impressive and is fully equipped. This features a double sink, a dishwasher, and a multi-burner stove. Wood is a favorite material for a villa rental. Koh Samui has some of the best villa layouts that you can ever find in Asia and they all use plenty of wood for construction and décor. At Villa SV07, the wooden tones add richness to the living spaces and make the tropical atmosphere even more pronounced. Entertainment facilities are available at the villa. In addition, there is an internet connection as well. The villa has generous living spaces and feature a number of outdoor seating area so if you are planning an intimate event with family and friends, this could be a good venue for you. There is a parking space, a chef, and lots of really great services to make your stay even more memorable.

Baan Kluay Mai

Baan Kluay Mai For those who are planning a vacation in the tropics, Koh Samui is a destination you can't miss. To make your vacation even more memorable, it is recommended that you look for the best villas in Koh Samui when on the hunt for your possible home away from home. Villa SV01 is a family friendly property that is located in Hua Thanon. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and is recommended for 6 people, although it can actually accommodate up to 8 guests. Like most Samui villas, this is a secure property and has its own swimming pool. Plenty of tropical plants surround the villa. Fish ponds are also on site to add some natural touch. There is a swimming pool, which is big enough for all the guests. Here, guests can spend plenty of time in the water and just be able to bask in the invigorating tropical weather of Samui. Near the pool is an outdoor lounge where you can get a massage or enjoy a paperback. The pool area also has some lounge chairs where guests can relax while taking in the ambience. Baan Kluay Mai has comfortable bedrooms that have a direct pool access. These bedrooms are all air conditioned and have an open design that is commonly seen in many villas in Koh Samui. The two bedrooms feature a king-size bed while the third bedroom features 2 twin beds. Elegant décor and wooden floors create a homey atmosphere that is conducive for relaxation. The en-suite baths are spacious and have terrazzo bathtubs and a roomy modern shower. The living area is done in neutral colors and has a cozy sofa and a flat screen TV. Like the rest of the interiors, this part of the villa is also air conditioned and has a ceiling fan. A typical Koh Samui villa rental often has a modern kitchen. At Villa SV01, the kitchen is fully equipped and features specially designed cupboards, a fridge, a conventional oven, a microwave, and a multi-burner stove. The sink is spacious and the counter makes meal preparations a lot easier. Baan Kluay Mai is recommended for a medium sized family and can also be shared among friends or 3 couples. It is such a lovely island retreat with a house keeper, a chef, and a number of services that will make your stay on the island practically stress free. There are restaurants nearby, as well as a golf course. The beach is also pretty close so if you want to experience one of the island's white sand beaches, you can do so. For those who want a more practical holiday home, definitely check out some of holiday villa rentals in Koh Samui. Villa Baan Kluay Mai will certainly allow you to have a wonderful time on the island.  

Villa Akasha

Villa Akasha is a spacious and luxurious high styling 3 bedroom villa, set in lush tropical surroundings on a hillside of Choeng Mon. Designed to release you from stress and submerge you in to an unstrained island life. Located on the much sought after north coast, the villa is 700m distance to the nearby golden sands of Choeng Mon beach, rated by many as one of the most beautiful beaches on Samui. The long curvaceous bay with tantalizing turquoise waters is the perfect swimming beach, dotted with rustic Thai restaurants or more upscale eateries, like The Sala Samui. This ideal locale is further enhanced by its tranquil setting away from it all, yet in only a few minutes drive, guests can enjoy funky shops, mouth-watering restaurants and the islands main lively entertainment areas.

Pure Unadulterated Island Luxury

Villa Akasha is a private villas in Koh Samui, fashioning and modern architecture and amenities with traditional Balinese furniture and decoration, leads guests to the uniquely designed. Arranged over two levels including three spacious luxurious bedrooms, an open plan lavish living area including kitchen, banquet dining and sumptuous lounge, all enveloped in these kaleidoscopic sunrise and sunset background views. Once inside, the impressive vaulted ceilings exude wow factor, in this uniquely designed open plan living space, flanked by floor to ceiling disappearing walls of glass, encompassing a fantastic chef-designed gourmet kitchen and breakfast bar, highly appointed with top of the range appliances and accessories. The large teak, dining table offering formal dining for 6. The large long sofas ooze the essence of comfort ability. The TV room with a state of the art 55 inches LCD TV/DVD entertainment surround sound system, all adding to that perfect holiday ambiance. Blurring the divisions between indoor and outdoor living, the wrap around expansive ivory stone terrace unfolds to feature an 32 meters mirror infinity edge swimming pool, large outdoor Balinese lounge sofa, sala with oversized lounge seating, pool bar and rustic teak table for that ultimate alfresco dining experience.

Surround yourself with style

Exquisitely furnished throughout in an elegant Balinese style, fused with some unique art accessories, reflecting an exclusive luxury tropical island lifestyle. Soft colors of white and ivory blends with the surrounding and creates a relaxing resourcing ambience. Villa Akasha is a style high-end luxury villa rentals Koh Samui, offering modern and Asian traditional fusion in a strategic location, for a taste of something truly special.  

Villa Satu P6

The Villa Satu is a luxurious 5 bedrooms villa offers an unrivaled standard of living with outstanding panoramic sea views. The villa was designed to create the ideal open plan lifestyle whilst maintaining a high level of privacy. All 5 bedrooms are en-suite and have been appointed with LCD TVs, luxury king size beds, air conditioning, safes and finished with chic Thai ornaments and artworks. Offering a Large lounge/diner, fully fitted kitchen, outside covered sala with a pool/games room, large infinity pool and bar area. No expense has been spared in the design, construction, and furnishing of this Villa. This stunning property offers views among the best on Koh Samui.  

The T(h)rea

A private retreat tucked inside a gated community is the modern 3-bedroom Villa D202. This is recently built and was designed for the whole family. Located in a peaceful portion of the island, it is known for its soothing water views. This is a good place to enjoy Samui's sunny weather and be able to escape the demands of the fast paced city life. The villa's ground floor has the roomy living area. A comfortable sofa and a sofa bed are nicely placed at the lounge area. This portion is ideal for entertaining your guests or bonding with family and friends. Here there is a TV and a DVD player. Just a few steps away is a dining area that is perfect for 6 diners, as well as a fully equipped kitchen that features state of the art cooking equipment. This floor also houses a double bedroom with its own terrace. This private space boasts relaxing views of the sea and a spacious bath. At the terrace is a bath tub as well. The upper floor can be accessed using a staircase. There are two en-suite bedrooms here with huge wardrobes. Both the bedrooms have an access to a terrace where they can admire the gorgeous scenery. This floor also features a sundeck with cozy beach chairs. At Villa D202, guests have a private swimming pool and can enjoy the beauty of the garden. Parking space is also available for your convenience.  

Villa Angthong

A gorgeous holiday villa situated on 3,000 square meters of well manicured landscapes and lush gardens, Villa Angthong is one of the most luxurious villas on the island. As a beachfront residence, this offers guests a memorable Samui experience. Enchanting sunset views and views of the legendary Big Buddha can be observed from here. Absolutely designed for comfort, Villa Angthong boasts amenities that will rival any local luxury resort. Upon arrival, you will be given a basket full of local goodies like fresh fruits and some tasty savory treats. In addition, a wide range of refreshments are constantly available on site---from refreshing smoothies and tropical cocktails, to invigorating coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Breakfast will be served every morning for the duration of your stay. Villa Angthong also offers an impressive menu of Thai and International favorites that you can avail of. For guests who are planning an event, you can request for in-villa cooking services to make your celebration stress free. Our doting staffs are well trained to provide you with nothing but the best services. For your convenience, the villa is provided with all sorts of facilities to keep you entertained without heading out. There is a state of the art home theatre, an island inspired sala, and a snooker table. Also among the things that made Villa Angthong attractive for travelers is its accessibility and idyllic location. Most of the tourist attractions in Koh Samui can only be reached in minutes. It would be pretty hard to get bored while here. The design of Villa Angthong is inspired both by colonial aesthetics and Southern Thai architectural concepts. The vision for this vacation home was for it to be modern with a lush tropical beach setting to create a relaxing kind of environment that is ideal for holiday goers. The main house is regal in the traditional sense. To provide a more peaceful feeling, the designers placed it on top of a fish pond. The soothing sounds of the waterfall also add to the tranquil effect. The living room is spacious and is elegantly decorated, while the dining area has enough seats for 10 people. The thatched ceiling shows intricate work and keeps the interiors cool even during intensely warm months. At this portion of the villa there's a home theatre and a surround sound system. An impressive collection of DVD's is also available. The main house also has a library gallery and features 4 stylish bedrooms with en suite baths. All the bedrooms boasts relaxing ocean views, a work desk, and lounge chairs. Just what can be seen in most luxury holiday homes in Koh Samui, the outdoors of the villa is as homey as its interiors. There is a beautiful tropical garden and a number of palm trees that supply the area with an abundance of fresh air. A number of salas are also designed to give the guests an ample amount of space where they can relax. There is a snooker sala, a beachfront sala, and a massage sala. Near the swimming pool is the al fresco dining area, while in the garden one can relax at the meditation sala. This spot is ideal for yoga sessions and for quieting the mind. At Villa Angthong, guests can enjoy a private beach access so they'd feel like their staying at a resort, only better. They can also observe magnificent ocean and garden views and be able to have the seclusion that they need for a relaxing holiday.