Top Koh Samui Villas for a Blissful Holiday

Among the most popular destinations in the world right now is Koh Samui. Luxury villas, upscale restaurants, and breathtaking beaches are among the things that make this lovely island world famous. It is a beautiful place indeed and is the top choice among guests who want a serene location that offers them a lot of exciting things to do. Koh Samui villa rentals are perfect for guests who’d like to be able to enjoy plenty of privacy and escape the crowd while on a holiday. If you are planning for a vacation on the island and are looking for a Koh Samui villa that is right for you, then check these holiday villas in Koh Samui. Perhaps one of best luxury villas Koh Samui has is Villa Michaela. This place is literally breathtaking, from its gorgeous mountain views and pristine color scheme. This is a modern day retreat and is stylish both inside and out. The design scheme combines solid black and white tones with traditional décor that reflects the best of Thai culture. No matter where you are in the property, be it at the relaxing pool area or one of the villa’s very posh bathrooms, you will definitely be filled with a feeling of luxury. The upstairs living room is done in white, with a gorgeous play of texture. It is designed strategically and faces the sea to provide the most tranquil views of the water. On the balcony, one can relax while catching up with friends or taking in the beauty of the island. The deck is spacious and features a dining area, a large pool, and native home furnishings. Among the great things about this Koh Samui villa is that pets are allowed within the property. If you are planning to bring a cat or a dog, you can do so without any problems. Like most Koh Samui villas, this has a Wi-Fi connection and features a luxurious pool perfect for private swimming no matter what time of the day. Located in Choengmon, this is a 5-bedroom retreat you should not miss. This makes a nice alternative to Koh Samui villas Chaweng has to offer as it is near enough to Chaweng as well. The bedrooms showcase the most spectacular views of the water and the most comfortable beds. There is also a work table in each of the room for your needs.

Villa Riva

For guests who are looking for a bigger venue to accommodate the whole family or say something that is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding, Villa Riva is definitely among the Koh Samui villas you should inquire about. This is a modern eclectic property and boasts 8 spacious bedrooms. Among the things guests will love about this place is the play of color. Splashes of turquoise, forest green, aqua, and deep brown will tease your eyes and make your holiday even more spectacular. Combining natural elements with modern facilities, this is a grand home away from home that will never disappoint. The structure is well-designed and is neatly surrounded with dense greenery that also helps cool down the property. Being a very romantic villa this retreat is often chosen as a wedding venue. Its ocean front location makes it an ideal place to tie the knot. Imagine this to be an all in one place— a wedding venue, reception venue, and a honeymoon venue. Certainly, your guests will rave about it for a long time. If Koh Samui villas on the beach are what you prefer, you’ll love this place. Imagine being able to walk barefoot on the pristine shoreline as you admire a quiet island morning or a romantic Samui sunset. This is a one of a kind place that is most suitable for a well deserved vacation with the people who are dear to you. Wooden floors, huge picture windows, and soft neutral colors accented with solid wooden tones create a harmonious backdrop to a memorable retreat in Koh Samui. Boasting a large ocean infinity pool and the most modern amenities, you can’t go wrong with this place.

Plantation Garden Villa 10

A charming place that is perfect for 6 people is the Plantation Garden Villa 10. This is one of the Koh Samui villas that are meant for the whole family. The size is just right and is even intimate enough as a honeymoon retreat. Nature lovers will definitely be impressed as the property is filled with tropical plants. Colorful flowers add a natural accent so guests can enjoy some quiet and peaceful time. Tiled floors and plenty of wood are used in the villa to give a comforting feel. Lots of delicate colors such as white and cream are mixed with rich colors of mahogany, honey, and cinnamon to create a unique homey vibe that will absolutely melt your stress away. The bedrooms are simplistic and are designed to offer the best feeling of relaxation for all the guests. From the balconies, guests can enjoy the views of the pool, the garden, and the surrounding areas. They are the perfect spot to soak up some sun, enjoy quiet reading, and get connected with friends. There is a romantic gazebo that is accented with recliners, which is also one of the most relaxing spots in the property. This has 3 bedrooms and features a comfortable living room that has an LCD TV, ceiling fan, and a nice couch. On site, there is a tennis court, an internet connection, and a grill area. There is also a parking area that is big enough for two vehicles. Guests can relax and be worry free as the place is secure and has a security camera. These three are some of the most luxurious Koh Samui villas that could be your haven while on a holiday. These villas are very high on demand so if you are interested, it is recommended that you book early to ensure that you’d have a quiet and blissful place to stay on your island vacation. The sand, the sea, the sky, and the sun----all the elements combine to bring about the most tranquil feeling while at the beach. There is nothing more fun for most people than to spend a great deal of time at the beach. In Koh Samui, luxury villas are the usual picks of very discerning guests. This is because resorts are often filled with tourists at certain times of the year and privacy can be more enjoyed with luxury villas. Koh Samui is a popular holiday destination so it would be a very nice idea if you can find something that is secluded and all yours all throughout your stay. If you have a chance, better check some of these villas. Koh Samui has a lot of choices but these are among those that really stood out.   Villas Koh Samui are known for their sheer luxury and magnificent views. If you have a desire to spend your holiday at the beach, Villa Riva is a place you should consider. Located on the northern portion of the island, Villa Riva is considered to be among the premier luxury villas in Koh Samui that are designed for special occasions. This property is nothing short of grand with its 7 lavish bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. From the façade of the structure to its interiors, guests can only expect quality and luxury in every corner of this contemporary holiday home. For couples who are looking forward to tying the knot in Thailand, Villa Riva is a very romantic venue for one’s most awaited day. Beachfront Luxury Koh Samui villas The couple and their guests will certainly have a blast while here. This also makes an ideal corporate holiday venue. Company outings and conventions can be held here as well. They say that you should not combine work and play, but in this villa, you most certainly can. Its elegant furnishings and modern amenities make it a top choice among companies who want to treat their employees to some break. Only half an hour away from the airport, the property is easy to get to. Also, it is also near a golf course and plenty of dining places so you are unlikely to go hungry.

Beachfront Luxury Villas in Koh Samui

Villa Riva features high quality furnishings and state of the art facilities to make any holiday more fun and comfortable.   Comfort and style in perfect balance is what you can expect in most luxury villas. Koh Samui is a piece of heaven on earth so if you are here, the best thing you can do is to indulge fully by renting one of the best Koh Samui beach villas such as Villa Ayundra in Nathon. This property is definitely one of the must see Koh Samui luxury villas. Villa Ayundra is okay for family or groups with kids and is designed for 10 people. It has 5 bedrooms, all beautifully furnished. Like all luxury villas Koh Samui has, this is fully air conditioned to keep the guests cool anytime of the year. Villa Ayundra is peaceful and secure, so guests can spend their vacation without a care. With its well tended gardens, this property makes a very relaxing home away from home. There is an al fresco dining area and a place to grill as well. There is a chef on site and if you want your meals prepared for you, that can be done. If you want to cook your meals yourself, you will definitely enjoy it here as the villa features a huge kitchen with all the cooking equipment you’ll need. Nearby is a chic dining table that is big enough for 10 people. The pool area is among the most spectacular parts of the house. The private pool is huge so guests can swim day in and day out. Lounge chairs and sun beds are on the deck for maximum comfort. Of course, you may want to head out and explore the beach. Take some time out and enjoy the fine sand and admire the fresh blue water of Lipa Noi Beach.

Villa Akatsuki in Taling Ngam

Villa Akatsuki is one of the contemporary luxury villas that Koh Samui is famous for. It is located in Taling Ngam and is a contemporary retreat nestled in a beautiful tropical garden. What makes this luxury villa in Koh Samui exciting is that it combines architectural inspirations of Thailand and Japan. The result is a more Zen-like Thai retreat. Lots of dark wood, sharp lines, and open spaces are blended together to create this extraordinary residence. Because of its size, it is ideal for gatherings like weddings, family reunions, and group celebrations. Renting this place is more practical than spending your money at a resort. With 5 spacious bedrooms and 6 stylish bathrooms, this can accommodate up to 15 people. With 7 well trained staffs, you can be sure that all your needs for a smooth sailing vacation will be met. There is a professional chef on site to delight you with gastronomic treats as well. Or if you want to explore Samui’s finest restaurants, there are a few dining places just minutes away from the property. The airport is less than 30 minutes away from this secluded hideaway. 5 star accommodations and services are what guests can expect at Villa Akatsuki. As a luxury villa in Koh Samui, this is without a doubt one of the prime places you can ever get on the island. Indulge your senses by heading out to the beach upon your arrival. The long stretch of pure white sand and the lightest blue water will surely rejuvenate your senses to the fullest. Just 5 minutes away is a gorgeous waterfall. Make sure to stop there when you visit. Luxury villas that Koh Samui has are highly varied. If you want to be as close to the beach as possible, you might want to consider these really good luxury beachfront villas that Koh Samui has. All of them offer amazing services, have modern amenities, and have really friendly staff.

Get the Best Koh Samui Accommodation for Your Island Holiday

The outcome of every vacation depends a great deal on where you stayed during that particular holiday. Koh Samui is a well-loved tropical destination and is a favorite especially of those who have a certain fondness for the beach and warm weather. This is a lovely island that is known for its upscale lifestyle and jaw dropping luxury accommodations. The best accommodation in Koh Samui will depend on your preferences and budget. There are a variety of Koh Samui luxury hotels and Koh Samui 5 star resorts that you can pick from. The biggest names in the hotel business are actually on the island, so if you love luxury Koh Samui accommodations, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you want a really private accommodation in Koh Samui, it is best that you stay at a villa accommodation. Koh Samui has some of the best villas in the tropics. On the island, your dream holiday home is easily within reach. Whether you are an admirer of edgy modern architecture or you prefer a cozy traditional retreat, you can easily find the perfect place for you while in Samui.

Why choose private villas over Koh Samui luxury resorts?

You must have heard that some of the best resorts in the world are in Samui. That is true. But there are plenty of reasons why some travelers are still drawn to private villa rentals. Here are some of them. A villa accommodation in Koh Samui allows you all the space that you need. Some of the popular hotels on the island such as Four Seasons Koh Samui, have sky high rates and for these rates, you only get a suite or a deluxe room. A typical villa Koh Samui accommodation will most likely make you pay for the same amount but you get to stay at the entire villa. You get to have multiple rooms, a private pool, and your own kitchen.

Everyone gets to stay in one place.

While staying in one of the Koh Samui 5 star hotels is usually fool proof, you can’t guarantee that the whole group will be able to bond and catch up together as planned. In case of peak hotel seasons, there will be times when you won’t be able to stay in adjoining rooms. Have you ever been on a holiday and the group was assigned rooms that are far away from each other and the only time when you can be together is during meal time? Bummer, right? A villa rental will guarantee that the whole family or group will be in one place. You can watch a movie together, be in the pool together, and dine al fresco together. This is why a villa Koh Samui accommodation is a hit for family reunions, company events, and even weddings.

Your party style won’t be limited.

When looking for a Koh Samui accommodation, a primary consideration is the purpose of your stay. If you are on the island to catch up with friends and you know that there would be lots of giggling and singing and some noise as you get together, staying in Koh Samui luxury resorts and hotels is not your best bet. At a villa, you can giggle all night if you want. You can play your favorite music, dance to your jam, and laugh at midnight and no one will care. When looking for a Koh Samui accommodation, 5 star kind of fun should be a priority too.

At a villa, you have your own yard, garden, and pool.

A luxury accommodation in Koh Samui is a lot better when you get to enjoy plenty of things exclusively. Private villa rentals are perfect if you don’t want to share a pool and you don’t want to fight over who is getting the room with the best view. Most villa rentals are designed in such a way that all bedrooms are luxurious. In addition, at a luxury villa, the pool is just yours. You won’t be conscious sashaying in your beach wear as you are in the company of friends and family. You most likely won’t have to share a pool and you won’t have to dine with strangers. The kind of service in a villa Koh Samui accommodation is on par with 5 star hotels and resorts. If you are a fan of 5 star hotels and resorts because of the kind of service that you get from them, it is high time that you know that in Samui, private villas work hard to match that kind of service too. The best villas on the island have impressive amenities—-cinema room, game room, a pool with speakers, name it. In addition, most of these villas come with a private chef and well trained staff to cater to your every need. Spa services are available too and in case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, the bathrooms are amazing.

A villa Koh Samui villa accommodation usually boasts the best views.

You have to pay an arm and a leg to get the best views at a top hotel and that’s just one room. If you decide on a villa, the best views are all yours, you can count on that. This is because most villa owners and developers want to be able to give the most luxurious holiday experience for their guests, making great views a must in choosing a villa location.

You get to enjoy a more personalized treatment with Koh Samui villas.

The number of guests at a villa is not as big as the number of guests in a hotel or resort. This means that you won’t feel neglected during your holiday and you get to enjoy better service all throughout your stay. For those who are planning a luxurious vacation in Koh Samui, don’t limit yourself to hotels and resorts. Take advantage of the island’s best villas and find the Koh Samui accommodation that best suits your needs.

Koh Samui Resorts and Island Holiday Villas for Honeymoon

The honeymoon is perhaps one of the holidays that you must really take some time to plan. It is a special event and is the first getaway you will embark as a married couple. More and more sweethearts are interested on the island as a honeymoon venue because it is naturally romantic, has some of the most beautiful beaches, and has a sultry weather commonly linked to exotic flowers and juicy tropical fruits. It is the perfect destination for love birds who want to spend their honeymoon in perfect bliss. Most couples prefer to stay in Koh Samui resorts because some of the top names in the resort business are on the island. The modern day island retreat Four Seasons Koh Samui and the very elegant W Retreat Koh Samui are consistent picks of newlyweds. The island really calls for luxurious and grand accommodations, especially if you are on a honeymoon. There are even better alternatives though—Koh Samui villas. If a cozy, private, and secluded love nest is what you prefer and you don’t care much about the hype surrounding fancy hotel names, the island villas are something you seriously need to consider. The island boasts some of the best holiday homes you will ever see. Not only are they a good way to save money, they also imbibe a true feeling of home. Here are some examples. Among the best ways that you can enjoy being on the island and having a blast on your honeymoon is to look for a good Koh Samui luxury accommodation. Don’t limit yourself to Koh Samui luxury resorts as there are many holiday rentals on the island that are equally good. One of them is PANU 2. This is a stunning beachfront property in Bophut and features 2 bedrooms. Because the size is not too big or too small, it is the ideal romantic nest for newlywed couples. The ambience is really very good and the fact that the beach is just a matter of steps away makes it even more appealing. The structure is duplex style so it is very modern. This has its own pool so you can swim no matter what time of the day you want to. The water views here are fantastic and absolutely add to the romance factor. The master bedroom has a Jacuzzi and a balcony to make it more luxurious. As for dining, you can have your meals cooked by a chef or you can dine in one of the nearby restaurants. Since it is a luxury accommodation in Koh Samui, you can only expect modern amenities that include a high speed internet access.

Villa Belle

Another property that can go head to head with the accommodations offered by the best resorts in Koh Samui is Villa Belle. This stunning 3-bedroom villa is the ideal honeymoon nest as well and is also a very popular family holiday villa. This is a good alternative to Koh Samui resorts, especially if you are after better privacy. Just 10 minutes away from airport and Chaweng, this is an accessible retreat that can elevate your honeymoon into an even better and more memorable event. Its special location provides guests with some of the most breathtaking views of the island. The mountains, the sea, and the sky, all create a soothing place that is perfect for the romantics. Plenty of greenery makes the place even more inviting and adds to the seclusion that most couples look for. Whether you are at the pool or at one of the balconies, you will be inspired and relaxed during your stay. Villa Belle has sophisticated interiors and boasts excellent service, making it a good option if you are willing to try something other than Koh Samui 5 star resorts and Koh Samui luxury hotels. The living area is uniquely furnished, fusing Western and Eastern elements together seamlessly. As what can be expected from the best resorts in Koh Samui, the bedrooms here are grand, spacious, and elegant. If you are looking for a honeymoon alternative to Koh Samui resorts, this place is IT without a doubt. These two villas are really good choices if you want to find the ideal luxury accommodation in Koh Samui for your first special getaway. Koh Samui resorts are known for their incomparable service and friendly staff. The good news is that you can get the same kind of dedicated service from villas at a fraction of the cost. For those who will be renting a villa for the first time, don’t fret. On the island, the villas are stunning and offer only Koh Samui luxury accommodation that is on par with those offered by Koh Samui luxury resorts and hotels. Here are other reasons why you should check out some of the island villas as your holiday home.


When you are on your honeymoon, privacy is really very important. This is why there are an increasing number of couples who are starting to be interested with local villa rentals. Villas provides guests with a more privacy as they are the only guests available.

Better value

Since most of the hotels on the island are prestigious names, the rates per room are somewhat higher than in other parts of Thailand. Villas give better value for money as you get an entire holiday home for the price of a Koh Samui hotel room!

Better views

While you can get rooms and suites with heavenly views from Koh Samui luxury hotels, more often than not, they are priced higher than rooms that don’t have that kind of view. In a villa, the setting is usually a primary consideration for the owner. A typical luxury villa on the island has great views that you can enjoy for a good price. Koh Samui resorts are undoubtedly very popular on the island. If you want a more special island accommodation for your honeymoon, try some of the villa rentals in Samui. Most of them are great and will even surpass your expectations. Having a holiday vacation in the tropics is more fun if you have the whole family with you. Without a doubt, the island of Samui in Thailand is one of the best places to visit if you can’t wait for a good dose of sunshine and you’re absolutely dying to see the beach. Among the things you can check are the island villas. Koh Samui is known for its luxurious villa rentals. In looking for a villa Koh Samui has, the size and the price both matter. For a medium sized family—meaning, mom, dad, and kids, here are best villas Koh Samui has for you.


Among the contemporary villas Koh Samui has for its guests is OSHO 1. Located in Bophut, this is a beachfront haven that is suitable for a small family or even for a honeymoon in the tropics. With three comfortable bedrooms and two spacious baths, OSHO 1 is a blissful villa meant for 6 people. Most luxury Koh Samui villa rentals are too big and it is rare to find a place that is intimate yet has everything guests might need for an impressive Koh Samui stay. The size is practical, making it an appealing option for guests who would like to skip the resorts which could be crowded at certain times of the year. Situated at the Fisherman’s Village, this is the most luxurious hideaway and is the ideal spot on the tropics to let your hair down and enjoy the island’s sunny weather. Dip your feet on the fine latte sand and admire the beauty of Koh Samui Thailand while here. The bedrooms are very modern, with lots of wood and comfortable beds to give you the best sleep. The living area is done in white and tan. Leather couches and white washed walls create a harmonious ambience that complements the beauty of the aquamarine colored water of the beach. The bathrooms are modern, spacious, and always have a supply of towels and bath products. First class service is the promise of OSHO 1, making it one of the most popular villas Koh Samui is known for.   Villas in Koh Samui are very popular among tourists and locals alike. Panu 1 is located in Mae Nam and is recommended for 4 guests. It also a possible honeymoon nest as it has only two bedrooms and is very intimate. This is another beachfront property that can be found at the Fishermans Village. The shoreline is only a few steps from the villa, making this a dream place to stay for those who want to be as close to the beach as possible. Its proximity to the beach makes it the perfect place to kayak and enjoy a romantic holiday in Thailand. Internet connection is available onsite, so you won’t have problems getting connected. This is a modern yet secluded place that is serviced by a reliable staff. This has a spacious living room that is done in neutral colors and is furnished with unique home pieces. From the living room, guests can be able to enjoy the cool breeze and the magnificent views of the sea. Tall coconut trees surround the area so there’s plenty of greenery to enhance the tropical feel of the place. Comfortable seats and a TV make up the living room. Nearby are the very cozy dining room and the chic kitchen. Air conditioning system and ceiling fans are installed all throughout to help cool the interiors. Panu 1 can be the perfect retreat for couples who are looking for a romantic accommodation. This property is very quiet, secure, and has a fully equipped kitchen, so preparing meals becomes convenient and easy. In addition, it has a state of the art entertainment system for you to be able to really enjoy your stay.

Ugo Villa

A good garden and pool villa in Mae Nam is Ugo Villa. This is a luxurious place and is definitely something you should check out. This is perfect for 8 people and boasts 3 bedrooms and 4 baths. This showcases lush tropical greenery and eclectic décor that you will surely love. This is a spacious retreat and has all the facilities you might expect from a five star resort. The beautiful Mae Nam beach is just a short drive away so you can enjoy the white sand beach that made Koh Samui famous. Only 20 minutes from the airport and Chaweng, this is a good holiday place even for first timers. The bedrooms feature a spacious bed/s and colors that complement the setting. The walls are white washed and carefully selected art and home décor add a nice touch. The living room is very Asian—traditional furnishings, wooden floors, and warm colors are used to give a homey feel. The bathrooms boast contemporary fixtures and bath essentials. The landscape is done tastefully, creating an ideal environment for relaxation. With the al fresco dining area, guests will be able to enjoy their meals to the fullest. They can also have fun on the pool area and breathe fresh air while on the garden. Onsite, there is a sala and a Jacuzzi tub. There is also an internet connection for easy browsing. No matter what the weather, the villa is kept cool with the use of ceiling fans and air conditioning units. The living room showcases an entertainment center with a modern TV and DVD/CD player. Overall, this is a fine villa if you are looking for villas in Koh Samui that are not too big or too small. There is a golf course nearby. Fine dining restaurants and trendy bars are also within reach from this villa. Its accessibility makes it okay even for first timers. Choosing among the villas in Koh Samui is not difficult because you have amazing choices. If you are planning on bringing the whole family, make sure you check all these Koh Samui luxury villas. They are all good and offer the best service on the island. In Koh Samui, you can absolutely have the tropical vacation that you’ve always dreamed about. It is such as a mesmerizing island with plenty of stunning white sand beaches, fine dining restaurants, and historical sites. Here you can party at night, feast on seafood during the day, and have fun in the water during the afternoon. If you want your holiday to be fun and luxurious, the key is to spend some time choosing among the available Koh Samui resorts. Know that the outcome of your holiday will depend so much on your chosen Koh Samui accommodation. 5 star resorts like the very unique W Retreat Koh Samui and the kid-friendly Four Seasons Koh Samui are two very good Koh Samui 5 star resorts. So what makes 5 star establishments on the island truly well loved?

The views are awesome.

If anything, this is among the reasons why guests prefer 5 star hotels in Koh Samui. The scenery offered by these establishments is truly heavenly and blissful. Tranquil water views, lush tropical gardens, and breathtaking sunsets are some of the things you can look forward to when you stay in one of the 5 star resorts Koh Samui is famous for.
The accommodations are nothing short of blissful.
Comfortable living spaces that are designed to impress are always associated with luxury resorts. If you fancy a King size bed, a luxurious bath, and a suite with a spacious balcony, you need to check some of the 5 star resorts in Koh Samui for your vacation.
The food is fantastic.
Koh Samui 5 star resorts wouldn’t be without their restaurants. One of the reasons why guests often choose a luxury hotel is that you can count on it that the food is good. If you’re one who loves a great dining experience and have a fondness for wine and dine, you definitely should book for a 5 star retreat.
Guests are well taken care of.
Yes, at 5 star resorts in Koh Samui, guests are pampered to the fullest. The second you arrive, you will feel the warmth and friendliness of the staff. It depends on which hotel you’ll be staying of course, but most often than not, you won’t be disappointed with the way you will be doted on when you stay at a 5 star resort.
They have top notch services.
Luxury spa treatments, honeymoon packages, airport transfer services, holiday packages, and babysitting services—these are only some of the services you can expect from Koh Samui 5 star resorts. Valet parking, internet access, and 24 hour room service are also offered.
They can drill a hole in your pocket.
While you can feel like a royal while staying in one of the 5 star resorts in Koh Samui, be very prepared to spend a lot especially if you will be on an island holiday with the whole family. Hotels like Four Seasons and W Retreat Koh Samui have luxury amenities and high rates to match per room.
There are island villas that you can substitute for them at a good price.
The good news is that there are many very good holiday villas in Samui that you can choose as a substitute to Koh Samui 5 star resorts. There is a number of amazing luxury retreats on the island that can make you feel like a royalty as well. The even better news is that they are actually more affordable if you think about it since most of them have rates that are pretty close to the rates per room of some of the luxury Samui hotels and resorts. Check out these villas to give you an idea.   This is perhaps one of the most luxurious villas on the island. The design is a fusion of Japanese and Thai, which is very interesting. This is a 5-bedroom villa and can be found in Taling Ngam. Here you can spend your Samui vacation with better privacy. The villa is famous for its great food which is prepared by the very talented in-house chef. The place can accommodate up to 15 guests at one time and is manned by well trained staffs. At Villa Akatsuki, you can indulge in spa treatments and spend some time at the pool. It has an al fresco dining facilities and is set right at the beach for maximum indulgence. This has a parking space, a well maintained garden, and a nice quiet setting. It also features a spacious living room and a modern kitchen complete with state of the art kitchen appliances. It has an outdoor sala and a private spa too.

Hill Top Villa 2

In Choeng Mon, you can find the perfect alternative to Koh Samui 5 star resorts—Hill Top Villa 2. This has 4 lovely bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 people. The views from here are truly amazing, thanks to its hilltop location. You can see the long stretch of light blue water and the surrounding hills as well. It has spacious balconies and plenty of lounge areas to make the guests feel more comfortable. Of course, there is a swimming pool that features a built in Jacuzzi. Hill Top Villa 2 features a nice tropical garden and has a parking space for two vehicles. The bedrooms are beautifully designed and have amazing views as well. All of them are air conditioned and feature a comfortable King size bed. The dining room is air conditioned too and is designed for 8 guests. You can have a nap at the outdoor sala or work on your tan on one of the pool lounge chairs. While in Koh Samui, it is only natural to want to have the best accommodation that you can afford. There are many Koh Samui 5 star resorts that you can select from, but don’t limit your choices. Koh Samui villas are great alternative to these luxury resorts because you get to save some money and enjoy the amenities offered by 5 star accommodations as well.

Luxury Holidays: Koh Samui Accommodation 5 Star

Staying in the lush island of Samui for a few days or a few weeks will serve you well. The island is a modern day paradise that is all about laidback luxury living. People come to visit to experience its warm sunny weather and have as much fun at the beach. There is indeed no place like it and is a suitable destination for couples who are on their honeymoon or a family who wants to have fun in the tropics. Finding a Koh Samui accommodation should not be so hard. Aside from Koh Samui 5 star hotels, you can also consider holiday villas. A Samui villa can be a satisfactory Koh Samui accommodation. 5 star amenities and excellent service can be experienced in some of the best villa rentals on the island. Koh Samui 5 star resorts are very popular, but then again they can be mighty expensive especially for a big group. This is why most guests are looking for alternatives for their Samui holiday home. The thing is, villas are more practical choices when it comes to Koh Samui accommodation. 5 star hotels have really high rates for just 1 room. If you stay at a villa, you get to have 3 to 5 rooms for the same amount, depending on how luxurious the holiday villa rental is. There are many luxurious villa retreats in Koh Samui that you can try as an alternative to Koh Samui 5 star resorts. Here are some of them.

Villa Mia 5 star accommodation koh samui

A good substitute for a typical hotel Koh Samui accommodation (5 star) is Villa Mia. This can be found in Chaweng and is a beachfront property. This is a fabulous vacation home and is designed for 12 people. It is manned by 4 staffs that are all trained to deliver only the best kind of service. This is a luxury villa and fans of the beach will surely be enchanted by the beauty and serenity of the place. Villa Mia is a gated property and is secure, so you can relax without worrying about anything. Like most villas in Samui, the structure is open and spacious—with most of the rooms having an easy access to the pool. Here, it is like spending your vacation in a 5 star accommodation Koh Samui has to offer, only much better. Style, comfort, and luxury are the best words that can be associated with Villa Mia. Here, every living space was designed to perfection. Nothing is spared. The bedrooms feature luxe beds and unique home accents. China blue and white is the main color scheme that is used, creating an atmosphere that is elegant yet dainty. The swimming pool makes Villa Mia a good substitute to Koh Samui 5 star resorts. You and your group can use the pool exclusively and need not share it with other guests unlike when you stay at hotels. Near the pool is the very nice sunken sala, which is a good place to relax, have some tea, or read a book. The villa is ideal for a family reunion or for a celebration. There are 5 double bedrooms so you and your company can bask in maximum comfort. Here you won’t feel cramped and be able to enjoy everything Koh Samui has to offer. The beach is tranquil and the scenery is nothing short of beautiful.

Villa Kalyana

Your stay on the island can be made more memorable by being wise about your Koh Samui accommodation. 5 star hotels and resorts are known for their luxurious amenities. If you want to try something new, then you may want to try villa rentals like Villa Kalyana. Located in Laem Sor, this is a 10-bedroom villa that could be perfect for a grand holiday or a fabulous island wedding. This can accommodate up to 18 adults plus 4 kids, so it is pretty spacious. This has its own garden, which is dominated by tall coconut trees. This makes the property most suitable for relaxation. Also if you are looking for a good beachfront 5 star accommodation in Koh Samui, this is highly recommended. Set right at the beach, this is a dream holiday retreat that you should not miss. This has a large pool and an impressive spacious layout, making it a perfect setting for a one of a kind party or celebration. The landscaping is good and the outdoor furnishings are carefully selected to create a unique tropical inspired ambience that you will love to experience again and again. The amenities at Villa Kalyana make it a good place to hang out while in Samui. It has a reliable internet connection, luxurious baths, and air conditioning units. It even has an outdoor grill and a large parking space. There are hammocks on site where you can lay back and relax. In addition, there are also facilities for different kinds of sports such as kayak, beach volleyball, and badminton. Beach and swimming pool toys are also available. The swimming pool is accessible from most of the rooms and it features a spacious deck where one can simply relax and get a good dose of sunshine. The design of the villa is more rustic and traditional, so it is very inviting and pretty much complements its beach setting. The bedrooms are exquisite and spacious. The furnishings are well conceptualized. Your sleep will be as dreamy as the rest of your stay. All the bedrooms have a TV and are air conditioned as well. The game room also makes this a favorite Koh Samui accommodation. Guests can play pool and other games. This part of the villa can also be converted to a conference room if the need arises. These two lovely villas are great alternatives to hotel accommodations. If you are looking for a satisfactory Koh Samui accommodation and 5 star service and amenities are what you prefer, check these two villas and enjoy luxury island living without spending too much money. Have fun in Samui. The island of Samui is a dream place to visit for a number of travelers. It has an allure that is all its own. Like most places in the tropics, the weather is dreamy and sunny. In addition, the food is interesting too. There is an abundance of luscious fruits, sea food, and plenty of exotic flavors such as coconut and ginger. Every holiday here starts with a good place to stay. If you have been planning for your vacation for a long time, then not just any hotel will do. On the island, there are impressive 5 star Koh Samui hotels, gorgeous island resorts, and secluded villas that you can choose from. While one of the best hotels in Koh Samui is a safe choice, know that you will be missing a lot if you haven’t tried any of the local villas. Koh Samui hotels and villas both have their strengths and weakness. For your holiday, know that there are other options besides Koh Samui luxury hotels. Read this comparison of local hotels and villas.

Villas VS Hotels

1. Easy to find reliable information.

Since most of the hotels in Koh Samui Thailand are tied up with the most popular hotel names, it is easy to get information about them. Whether you want to check the restaurant’s menu, the wedding packages available, or the kid’s program that they have, a click or two online will give you what you are looking for. From their website you can easily see the map leading to the hotel as well as their rates.

2. Accessible location.

Among the features that the best hotels in Koh Samui strive for is accessibility. They have to be visible and as much as possible be at the part of the island that are highly commercialized and developed. W Hotel Koh Samui and Four Seasons Hotel Koh Samui both take pride on their location.

3. High level of entertainment.

Among the great things about staying at the best hotel in Koh Samui is that everything is within reach. The breakfast comes to you, there is a spa onsite, there are recreational facilities, and on site bars as well. 4. Plenty of extras. If you need handicap facilities, baby cots, and elevator facilities, a hotel usually has them.

Hotels in Koh Samui: The Cons

1. Some of them are not okay with pets.

There are only a few hotels that allow dogs and cats. So if you are planning on bringing your fury pal, check with the hotel first if they would allow it.

2. The rooms are not that spacious.

Unless you are willing to pay for the best suite in a hotel, you can’t expect too much space. Some hotels like Four Seasons Hotel Koh Samui, are known for their spacious and comfortable rooms so it really depends on the hotel and your budget.

3. You can’t be too loud.

If you know you’ll be making lots of noise, it is not recommended that you stay in one of the Koh Samui hotels. 5 star hotels usually try to observe certain rules, especially about noise, for the benefit of other guests.

Koh Samui Villas: The Pros

1. You won’t be bored with the design.

The thing with staying in hotel rooms is that it gets old sometimes. Standard rooms especially, can seem pretty boring and dull, no matter how much you paid for them. Unless you will be staying in a fancy place such as W Hotel Koh Samui and you are willing to pay the price for their best suite, you can’t expect so much. With villas though, you will be rewarded with fancier living spaces, inspired designs, and unique furnishings.

2. You can party the way you want to party.

If dancing to your favorite beat while at the pool is your idea of fun, you can’t do that even in the best hotels in Koh Samui unless you get the penthouse. If you stay at a villa, you’d feel like you’re actually in a penthouse, except better since you get the whole place for yourself.

3. You get more for the same rates.

One fancy room at the best hotel in Koh Samui or an entire 3-bedroom villa with a pool? You pick.A

4. More space is available.

Koh Samui villas offer more space for you and the whole gang. You have your own swimming pool, a cozy al fresco dining area, huge balconies, and supersized baths. At a hotel, you won’t necessarily get those unless you are willing to burn so much money.

5. You get to bring your pet.

There are villas that are okay with pets. But you still have to check with the owner or the manager, just to be sure.

Koh Samui Villas: The Cons

1. Some of the villas are not easily found online.

In order to get to know the best local villas, you need to double your time spent on research or just find a reliable real estate agent or a villa provider.

2. Some facilities may not be available.

Unlike in Koh Samui hotels where facilities for the handicapped and elevators are always available, villas don’t always have them.

3. Some Koh Samui villas would need a car to be reached.

There are properties that are too secluded, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences.

4. You might actually need to cook your own food.

Unlike when you stay at W Hotel Koh Samui, at a villa you may have to prepare your own meals. The best substitutes for the best hotels in Koh Samui are villas with a chef, so look for them.

5. You can’t check in anytime.

Unlike when you stay in a hotel, you can’t come in the middle of the night with all Koh Samui villas. In Koh Samui, Thailand, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to your accommodation. Know that Koh Samui hotels are not your only options. Try some of the villas too and have an even more pleasant stay. If you’ve been to Samui before, chances are you have fallen in love with one of its secluded beaches and have been addicted to local food. Also, if you have been on the island before, you know that there are a number of Koh Samui hotels (5 star) that you can pick from for your Koh Samui accommodation. On the island, there are a number of places where you can stay. 5 star hotels in Koh Samui such as W Hotel Koh Samui, while pricey, are still very popular. For those who want a better feeling of home however, Koh Samui hotels and resorts are not the only options. Koh Samui villa rentals are becoming more popular too. There are many impressive properties on the island that you can use for your honeymoon, wedding, family reunion, and holiday with friends. Since most of them are just the same price as an accommodation in say, Four Seasons Hotel Koh Samui, they make really practical choices for group holidays.

Here are some of the best villas in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Panorama Summit

This villa is a good option if you don’t want to stay in Koh Samui hotels. 5 star views and excellent services await you in this lovely retreat. This has 5 stylish bedrooms and is ideal for 10 guests. It is located in Choeng Mon. If you are a fan of golden island sunsets, you will surely love it here. Koh Samui hotels 5 star, while known for their excellent services and amenities usually don’t have very spacious rooms, with the exception of their luxury suites and executive rooms. At Panorama Summit, you have a spacious island retreat for you and your company. Among the many perks of staying here are the mesmerizing vistas. You will be rewarded with the most relaxing views, whether you are in one of the bedrooms or at the pool. Because of its romantic scenery and its modern design, Panorama Summit is the ideal place to celebrate some of your life’s most important events. It could be your 10 year anniversary, a new baby, or a promotion you have long been waiting for. Only 10 minutes away from Chaweng—which is Samui’s most popular area—this place is accessible, but its setting makes it quite secluded as well. The pool area is the best spot at the villa to unwind. Unlike in Koh Samui hotels 5 star where you have to share the pool with other guests, here you won’t have to. When you are in the pool, it’s like being on top of the world, seeing the mountains and the sea without effort. Most villas on the island have an open lay out. Panorama Summit has an open design too, to allow natural light and fresh air inside. The bedrooms are air conditioned and are all very spacious. This place is luxurious, modern, and very comfortable. It is the ideal Samui retreat.

Villa Frangipani

For those who are crazy about Koh Samui 5 star hotels, but don’t want to spend that much money for a single room, a good option is Villa Frangipani. This is a beachfront property in Maenam and features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. For guests who want to have plenty of time spent in the water, this is a good choice. Among the many features of this villa is a fully equipped kitchen. This part of the villa is air conditioned and has top of the line cooking equipment. Villa Frangipani also features a gas grill for those who want to have a BBQ party outside. Sometimes, it is not very practical to spend money on 5 star hotels in Koh Samui especially if there are more affordable places such as this villa. Wi-Fi connection is available on site. In addition, the place has its own private pool as well. The villa complex has a well maintained garden and features plenty of coconut trees to provide shade and plenty of cooling breezes. The interiors of the villa are very homey. The dining table is perfect for 10 people. All the cutlery and dinnerware that you might need are onsite as well. Villa Frangipani also features a spacious lounge area. This has a comfortable couch, is air conditioned, and has an entertainment system. Villa Frangipani is a part of a secure estate so you can spend your holiday worry free and have all the fun that you want.

Villa Belle

Koh Samui hotels 5 star are known for their elegance and classy surroundings. However, sometimes they can be a bit too formal. For guests who want to stay in a more casual place that feels more homey and comfortable, a good recommendation is Villa Belle. This has 3 stunning bedrooms and is suitable for 6 guests. Nestled amidst dense greenery, this has an old country vibe but made even better with stunning views of the sea. The place is well thought out and is very modern. Asian touches provide a more grounded feel to the place so the atmosphere is harmonious and balanced. The bedrooms are designed to wow. Unique home accents and an open design combined with plush furnishings make the rooms standout design wise. Sleeping in one of these will definitely feel like sleeping in one of the best hotel rooms in Koh Samui, Thailand.

w hotel koh samui

The living /dining area combines contemporary accents with country style accents to create a soothing ambience. Light colored woods act as perfect contrast to dark wall accents. The whole atmosphere is pretty inviting and will totally make you feel right at home. Here you can watch TV, browse online, or simply sit back and enjoy the view. Villa Belle has its own swimming pool so guests can still enjoy the warm weather even when not at the beach. For those who want to save on their accommodations and would want to try something else aside from Koh Samui hotels 5 star, Villa Belle is certainly a good retreat to consider.

Where to Stay in Samui besides Koh Samui Luxury Hotels?

Koh Samui is known for its upscale ambience. It is a really beautiful place to visit for guests who like to mix it up and be able to do a lot of things in one location. If you are looking for a luxury accommodation in Koh Samui, you have great choices. Of course there are the famous Koh Samui luxury hotels. There are also plenty of luxury resorts in Koh Samui. For those who are looking for more variety and would want to be able to try something out of the usual, you may want to consider Koh Samui luxury villas. Luxury hotels in Koh Samui are popular because of their amenities, excellent service, and packages. What you may not know is that some of the local villas can top those and even more. Here are some of the notable villas on the island.

Avasara Residence

Looking for an alternative to luxury hotels? Koh Samui has some of the finest holiday villas you will ever lay eyes on. One of them is Avasara Residence. Located in Bophut, this is a panoramic sea view villa and is a spacious holiday home that is perfect for your dream vacation. It has 5 luxurious bedrooms and 5 baths and is big enough for 10 people. This villa is all about stunning vistas—lots of greens and blues, and a scenery that is all about the elements. This has competent staffs that will cater to your needs and concerns. At Avasara Residence, you can enjoy some privacy. It has its own swimming pool. It also features cozy beach chairs and sun beds where you can lay back before and after enjoying the cooling water of the pool. Greenery surrounds the villa complex so there is an abundance of fresh air. The ambience in the property is very relaxing. Whether you are outside or inside, you will feel soothed and at home while here. Very pricey Koh Samui luxury hotels like, W Hotel Koh Samui have higher rates than other hotels on the island. If it is your honeymoon, it may be a great idea to splurge for a single room. It is a different story though when you are with a great number of people. As much as possible, you want to save on your stay, right? Avasara Residence is a good alternative in cases like this. Here you get to stay in a private haven that has multiple rooms. It is actually more practical than booking a stay in Four Seasons Hotel Koh Samui, for example. The bedrooms are stylish but not overboard with accents. The villa also features spacious baths and an air conditioned living room with a cozy sofa and a TV. The kitchen is contemporary with a rustic touch and features only the best kitchen appliances. It also has a coffee maker. Avasara Residence also boasts a pool bar, an internet connection, and a parking slot. Guests can avail of their favorite wines at the cellar and avail of relaxing spa treatments on site as well. If you want to go beyond Koh Samui luxury hotels, this private villa is a must try. Good news for health buffs. The villa also has a fitness area and would be happy to serve healthy snacks, energy bars, and refreshing smoothies to complement your workout plan. With 5 bedrooms, this is a spacious retreat that is worth shelling out some money for.

Rock Water Villa 1

Also one of the options aside from Koh Samui luxury resorts and hotels is Rock Water Villa 1. This 5-bedroom residence is located in Chaweng. This is a panoramic view villa and is known for its breathtaking scenery and unique location. This is a great choice for a holiday with friends and family as it can accommodate up to 10 guests. What makes this place so special is its vantage point. Here, you can admire the amazing vistas that only Koh Samui can provide. Because it has its own pool and has impressive indoors and stunning views, it can be a reasonable option if you want to do away with Koh Samui luxury hotels. Here, you can have a generous space and a comfortable holiday retreat for the price you’d normally pay for a suite in Koh Samui hotels 5 star. The place is a part of a secure community and it features a reliable internet connection. Onsite is a well maintained garden where you can meditate, breathe some fresh air, and get to know the local flora. Rock Water Villa 1 has an outdoor lounge area and a sala so you will never run out of places where you can sit back and relax in comfort. There is a grill equipment too so you can make roasted chicken, grill some hotdogs, and make some herbed skewers. The ambience at the villa is beautiful whether during the day or during the evening. The interior of the villa is air conditioned and the open design helps in maintaining the temperature to a pleasant level as well. The living area is eclectic, combining modern accents with traditional items to create some harmony. This part of the house is not too edgy or too old fashioned. It’s just right. The dining table is nearby and it features seats for 8 people. The bedrooms are well prepared and feature a luxurious bed and a neutral palette that is pleasing to the eyes. All the rooms have an entertainment system that includes an LCD TV and a DVD player. Safes for your valuables are also available. The baths are spacious, just like the rest of the villa. Your stay here will be really amazing. Staying in one of the Koh Samui luxury hotels is a pleasant treat for many. If you want a more practical place to stay however, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some of the best villas on the island. Some of them are even more luxurious than local fancy hotels at a price you can’t beat.

Getting Cozy with Koh Samui Luxury Resorts and Villas

A tropical holiday with the people you love is truly something to look forward to. If you’ve had enough of the cold and can’t wait to wear your latest swimwear and have lots of playtime at the beach, Koh Samui should be on your list of top places to visit. What could be better than staying in one of the fabulous Koh Samui luxury resorts or indulging in one of the island’s secluded villas? Probably nothing. The weather on the island is warm and breezy and definitely calls for a one of a kind Koh Samui luxury accommodation. Check these top notch places where you can spend your Samui holiday. When it comes to Koh Samui resorts and hotels, Four Seasons is without a doubt one of the most raved ones. Known for its excellent service and 5 star amenities, this resort can truly make your island stay a blissful experience. It might be a good option if you are bringing kids with you since Four Seasons hotels have always been known to be family friendly and versatile. Here you bask in the beauty of the beach and enjoy gorgeous accommodations. You can also have some of the best spa treatments on the island and try one of its restaurants. You can have dinner at the beach or enjoy views of the Gulf of Thailand as you dine at Pla Pla. Their Samui rock lobster is simply phenomenal.

Koh Samui 5 Star Resorts: W Retreat Koh Samui

W Retreat Koh Samui has been making waves ever since it opened. This is among the best Koh Samui luxury resorts and is famous for its edgy and modern style. This is one of the most luxurious Koh Samui 5 star resorts and one of the priciest too. If you love to indulge while on a holiday, this is a good place to try. As what you can expect from Koh Samui luxury resorts, the accommodations here are highly coveted and the setting is absolutely gorgeous. Their Extreme Wow Ocean Haven is truly amazing and is one of the most talked about accommodations on the island. It features a balcony where one can breathe in some fresh air and take in the magnificent views.

Villas in Koh Samui: Villa Riva

For those who want to explore other accommodations aside from luxury hotels in Koh Samui, there is a beachfront villa in Bang Por that could be a possible option for you. Villa Riva has 7 bedrooms and could be used for a family holiday or a corporate event. The place is very private and boasts some of the most stunning beach views you will ever see. This is a kid-friendly villa and will give more mileage to your money. It has a direct beach access so you can luxuriate on the white sand and dip your toes in the refreshing blue water. This is the ultimate vacation home especially if you have always wanted to stay at a gorgeous tropical retreat. Here even the kids will have an amazing time. Views of the sea and the garden will make you feel relaxed and at home. Villa Riva offers spa treatments so you can enjoy massages, herbal baths, and facials. It also has its own fitness center where guests can keep up with their physical routines. Wine enthusiasts will also be glad to know that the villa has a wine cellar as well. It even has a game room with a pool table and facilities for table tennis. Villa Riva also has a beautiful pool where one can enjoy the island’s inviting weather. Guests will love to make skewers at the outdoor grill. In addition, if you fancy eating al fresco, you can do so at the outdoor dining area. The interiors are air conditioned so even if the weather becomes extremely hot outside, you can still keep your cool.

Amazing Samui Villa: Baan Haad Sai

A secluded villa can be a good alternative to luxury resorts in Koh Samui. One of the best family resorts that you should check is Baan Haad Sai. This is situated in Bophut and is a stunning beachfront haven with 7 bedrooms and 7 baths. Asian accents can be seen all throughout the property—both inside and out. Well maintained landscapes and plenty of tropical trees add a refreshing touch to the villa. Its abundance of greenery makes it a very relaxing place to unwind and be with your favorite people. It is a joy to stay on one of the lounge chairs while you bask in the scenery or you chill with a glass of tropical smoothie. Special events often happen here as the villa is spacious and has enough rooms for multiple guests. If you are thinking of celebrating your wedding or anniversary with loved ones here in Samui, this villa is a recommended venue. The beach is very tranquil, with light colored sand and refreshing light blue water that will surely take your stress away. Dark woods are used to complement the light walls and this scheme can be observed in most parts of the villa. The living room is well decorated and features cushioned sofa and plenty of wooden accents. The main dining area is near the living room and has a wooden dining table plus matching chairs. The bedrooms are even bigger and better than what you’d usually get from Koh Samui luxury resorts. At this villa, you can enjoy more space and a cozier environment. Not all luxury resorts in Koh Samui can promise that level of comfort. Here, there is a parking space that is perfect for 3 vehicles. Wi-Fi connection is available too. Like in some of the best Koh Samui villas, you can find an outdoor grill and an al fresco dining area at Baan Haad Sai. Staying in Samui is probably one of the most exciting things that you can do while on vacation. Aside from Koh Samui luxury resorts, be sure to check out the local villa rentals for your island holiday haven. Koh Samui is one of the most raved about places in Thailand and is very popular as a wedding and honeymoon venue. Its white sand beaches are famous all over the world and its indulgent lifestyle makes it a magnet for tourists who like to splurge and go all out while on a holiday. When it comes to luxury accommodation in Koh Samui, you have a good variety of choices. There are 5 star Koh Samui luxury hotels. There are also really impressive Koh Samui luxury resorts. A typical Koh Samui accommodation is upscale, modern, and almost always leaves nothing to be desired. There are alternatives to hotels and resorts on the island as well like private villa rentals. While a 5 star resort is a safe choice for the discerning traveler, a villa offers guests a more practical holiday haven. Most of these villas are very private too and are furnished to impress. Also, as compared to the rates of luxury hotels on the island, you get more with private villas for the same amount. Hotels such as Four Seasons and W will definitely dig a huge hole in your pocket for one luxury room. With a private villa, you get multiple rooms for that amount, making you save more on your Samui stay. Some of the best luxury villas in Thailand are scattered on the island of Samui. You can find a spacious beachfront villa Koh Samui accommodation just as easily as you’d find a secluded hilltop villa accommodation. Koh Samui has some of the most amazing holiday retreats you can ever imagine so if you are looking for alternatives to Koh Samui luxury hotels, villas are your best bet. The great thing about villas in Samui is that they combine the exemplary service you get in Koh Samui luxury resorts with good rates and better privacy. Villas are also more practical for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and company events as they usually feature spacious outdoors and living spaces. The secret to getting the most out of your stay on the island is to choose a villa that complements your style, budget, and preferences. Check out these useful tips.

1. Size is important.

The size of a luxury accommodation Koh Samui has to offer matters especially if you are on the island for a special gathering such as your wedding or anniversary. With a villa, you get a spacious haven that can accommodate your entire group. Make sure that everyone is comfortable.

2. Great views make any holiday a better experience.

In choosing a luxury accommodation in Koh Samui, make the scenery a priority. Breathtaking scenery adds to the pleasure factor and is a recommended way to add a bit of romance to gatherings such as weddings.

3. The outdoor ambience is equally important as the indoor atmosphere.

Take note of the setting when choosing a luxury accommodation. Koh Samui has plenty of villas that are situated in the most fabulous settings. Whether you like the idea of waking up to the beauty of the beach or you want a bit of elevation to enjoy the wonderful island vistas, you won’t run out of options.

4. Consider everyone’s comfort.

If you are travelling with kids or with the grandparents, it is advisable to pick a place that is not so much of a torture to reach. Also, make sure that the villa has something for the children in case you are travelling with a bunch of kiddos. Some Koh Samui villas have their own game room and bunk style bedroom for the kids, which is great news for parents.

5. Always compare prices.

If you are too set on finding a Koh Samui luxury accommodation for your family and you have a specific resort in mind, find some time to compare the rates with some of the island villas. You might actually be surprised with how much you can save by renting a private villa.

6. Always check client feedback.

The best villas on the island can be found online. If you are interested in a luxury accommodation in Koh Samui, and the pictures look amazing and you are on the verge of actually booking it, take some time to read former client feedbacks first so there won’t be any surprises on your stay.

7. Go for a beachfront accommodation if you love the beach.

For hardcore beach lovers, a beachfront luxury villa accommodation in Koh Samui is worth spending for. There is nothing like waking up to the refreshing sea breeze and the experience of dining al fresco while the blue water is just a few meters away. While a typical Koh Samui luxury accommodation has a private pool—which is fine—the pool can’t substitute for the refreshing waters of the sea.

8. Check the nearby dining places.

Holiday and food go hand in hand so in looking for a Koh Samui luxury accommodation, you should also consider where you’ll eat. A villa that is near commercial establishments will most likely be near a number of restaurants. The good news is that the island’s top villas have state of the art kitchen—which is great if you or one of your family members of friends will be happy to be the holiday chef. If not, you shouldn’t stress as plenty of villas have an in-house chef that could prepare your food for you so you need not lift a finger while on vacation.

9. Reserve early.

Samui is a tourist den and there are months when even the private holiday rentals are fully booked. To make sure that you’ll have a really nice place to stay on your island holiday, make sure that you make your reservations early, especially during peak season.

10. Better service means better Samui experience.

There are so many really impressive villas on the island in terms of architecture and furnishings. However, what actually separate the best villas from the mediocre ones are the services they offer. There is nothing like spending an island holiday in a luxury accommodation. Koh Samui has the best collection of amazing villa retreats that can add some oomph on your stay.

Most Amazing Koh Samui Villa Rentals: Bophut

Planning for a vacation in a foreign country might be quite challenging yet exciting. To be able to have the most memorable holiday, your planning has to start with the place to stay. Depending on your needs, you can choose among the wide variety of Koh Samui villa rentals on the island. If you prefer to stay in Bophut, here are some Koh Samui villas that you can check.

Avasara Residence V1

When it comes to villa rentals Koh Samui has so much to offer. Bophut is certainly a good focal point for your island stay and among the places you might want to consider is Avasara Residence V1. This is among the most spacious havens you can ever find on the island. This is perfect for 10 people and has 5 lovely bedrooms and 5 stylish bathrooms as well. Among the highlights of this property is the view. No matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy the most dramatic island views unlike anything you have seen before. Dense greenery complements the blueness of the water, melting away stress and allowing the guests to be able to indulge with the best island lifestyle. When it comes to luxury villas, Koh Samui never disappoints. Avasara Residence V1 is a proof of that. There are so many nice things to be said about Avasara Residence V1. First of all, it is located in a peaceful neighborhood and is very secluded. Second, the structure is designed so as to maximize the beauty of the surroundings. The ceilings are high so as to allow the cool breeze to waft in and out of the rooms. In addition, there is a balance of natural elements and modern home furnishings to create an atmosphere that is unique to the villa. If you are looking for luxury villas in Koh Samui for rent where everyone can be comfortable and won’t feel cramped at all, this is the place to book. This is perfect for two families or for a group of friends who are looking forward to having a great time in Samui.

Baan Ling Noi

Koh Samui villas for rent are famous for being luxurious. A good example is this lovely retreat in Bophut— Baan Ling Noi. Located on the hillside portion of the island, this is a spacious holiday villa that boasts 4 bedrooms. With 2 well trained staffs, this place guarantees that you’ll have a hassle free stay. The pool area is perhaps the most relaxing spot in this property. Imagine being able to swim any time of the day while being surrounded by tropical plants and enjoying the views offered by the villa. There is nothing like it. All the bedrooms are done in good taste, making it one of the most satisfying Koh Samui villa rentals you can ever find. Beach inspired colors such as cream and turquoise are used as accents, while the walls are done in the white to complement the woods used for the structure. The beds are spacious and comfortable and are prepared using the finest sheets. A vanity table is also provided, as well as a charming coffee table. Spacious wooden closets and stylish seating areas can be found in each of the rooms as well. Like most villa rentals Koh Samui is famous for, the place features a BBQ area and a charming al fresco dining area so guests can enjoy eating outdoors while taking in the beauty of the surroundings. The balconies provide additional space for the guests and allow them to enjoy the cool breeze and the water views. The infinity pool features a well designed deck and sun beds for getting that unbeatable golden tan. Ergonomic furnishings are used at the living room, while traditional art hang on the walls and key areas of the room for a nice Thai touch. The main dining area is perfect for 10 and showcases an elegant table. From here, views of the sea can be observed.


Another impressive retreat in Bophut is Panu 02. This is among the recommended Koh Samui villa rentals if you are after a beachfront location. The great thing about this place is its unique style and very modern take on a villa. Because it is at the beach, the fine light colored sand that makes Samui popular is just a few steps away from your doorsteps. Here, you can definitely enjoy cozy island living all throughout your stay. This has 2 bedrooms and is a part of a duplex structure that can be rented as a whole if needed. The rooms are simple yet comfortable and showcase relaxing beach views. This villa is suitable for the whole family and is kid-friendly so you can take the little ones with you with no worries. On site, there is an internet connection and an entertainment centre as well. Panu O2 is one of the top Koh Samui villa rentals on the Fisherman’s Village. Just a short drive away is a shopping mall, and further more is a golf course. The property is also just about ten minutes away from the airport so it is pretty accessible. Panu O2 has a spacious living room that houses the entertainment facilities. This room has a balcony that offers tranquil views of the sea. Beside the living room is the elegant dining area, which has enough seats for 4 people. Nearby is the modern and fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast counter. The furnishings and décor used in Panu O2 are carefully selected so the whole place is unique and definitely stands out among other Koh Samui villas for rent. This property is a popular choice among couples who are on the island for their honeymoon. The beachfront location means that it is very romantic and allows some peace and quiet. Also, with its two bedrooms, it is not too big and too grand. The first thing you need to consider in planning for your Samui holiday is the place to stay. Check these amazing Koh Samui villas for rent and have a memorable vacation.

Luxury Island Accommodations: Best Resorts in Koh Samui and More

If you love posh destinations that are all about the beach and exotic scenery, you will love Koh Samui. This is among the best places to visit in the tropics and is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination. There is more to Samui than its lovely beaches though. It has an abundance of temples, a great number of national parks, and plenty of impressive restaurants. One of the things you need to consider in planning for a Samui vacation is where to stay. You can choose to stay in one of the best Koh Samui resorts like W Retreat Koh Samui or Four Seasons Koh Samui. These two are considered to be some of the best resorts Koh Samui has to offer and have their own long list of fans. Here are some guidelines to help you pick Koh Samui’s best accommodation for you. Check the website of the best resorts in Koh Samui. If it is your first time on the island, a good way to get to know more about the top Koh Samui resorts and the best hotels in Koh Samui is to spend some time online and browse through their individual sites. Doing so will help you get an idea about the rates, the food, and the accommodations that they have. Always book early. Whether you are interested in one of the best resorts Koh Samui has to offer or you have your heart set on one of the finest Koh Samui luxury resorts, always make sure that you book early. Don’t leave things to chance, especially during tourist season. Booking early also allows you to take advantage of money saving promos and room upgrades. Location is important. If you are planning on staying in one place while on the island, location won’t be so much of an issue. If you are planning to sight see however, you need to choose among the best Koh Samui resorts that will take you closer to the places that you want to visit. If partying is a priority, you may want to pick among Koh Samui luxury resorts in Chaweng since this is the island’s party center. Explore new names. We are creatures of habit and will most likely stay in hotels that are more popular than others. Or if you get in the habit of staying in Marriott in various cities, then you may favor Renaissance Koh Samui by Marriott than other hotels or resorts on the island. Well, it is great to explore something new every once in a while. Don’t be limited by familiarity. Explore other names as well and try those that are considered to be one of the best resorts in Koh Samui. Family friendly resorts are recommended. If you have kids with you, definitely check family friendly Koh Samui resorts. These establishments think of ways on how to make your stay more convenient for you. Also, family friendly Koh Samui hotels usually have a kid’s menu and other amenities that children will enjoy. If you’re a parent, you know full well that if the kids are happy, you’re happy. Also, if you are bringing your favorite pet with you, check if the hotel’s pet policy before booking. Check some of the island’s private villas for rent. There are times when the best resorts in Koh Samui are fully booked. In this case you may want to look for other options other than Koh Samui resorts. There are plenty of really nice villas in Koh Samui. Best accommodation on the island is not limited to hotels and resorts. You may want to check some of the top Koh Samui villas for your holiday home.

Koh Samui Villas: Alternative to Koh Samui Hotels

Many guests want to stay in hotels because they are familiar. If you want to try something new, you can book a stay at Kalya Residence, which is one of the finest retreats on the island. This is located in Bophut and boasts some of the best views on the island. The villa has 4 bedrooms and is perfect for 8 people. This is just 10 minutes away from the beach and is 15 minutes away from the airport. The villa has a parking space and is secure—so your safety won’t be compromised while on a holiday. The Kalya Residence is the perfect holiday home. It is rustic, has high ceilings, stylish interiors, and great views. It has a spacious living area that features cozy seats and fabulous mountain views. It has a very high ceiling too that makes the interiors more refreshing and breezy. It has a charming indoor dining area and a fully equipped kitchen so you can cook your meals if you are in the mood for it. A full time chef is also on site so if you want to feel spoiled with mouthwatering dishes, you can just have your meals cooked for you. Anyway, people are usually not in the mood to do a lot of things while on a holiday so this might be a good idea. Staying at the villa is a lot different than staying in one of the Koh Samui resorts because here, it’s like having your own vacation home. Since it has its own pool, it really amplifies the holiday experience. You can swim as much as you want while enjoying the views being offered by the villa’s location. Relaxing lounge chairs are placed strategically near the swimming pool so you and your guests can just sit back after a swim and enjoy the ambience. The bedrooms are very comfortable and feature relaxing mountain views as well. Being wise about your choice of accommodation can make your holiday twice memorable and fun. While the best resorts in Koh Samui are good choices, it wouldn’t hurt to have other options under your sleeve. The villas on the island are some of the best you will ever see. Try one of them when you visit Samui. This is why a beach holiday every now and then is a must if you want to recharge your batteries. In Koh Samui Thailand, the surefire way to have a holiday of a lifetime is to book one of its luxury beach villas. Koh Samui has a huge collection of impressive holiday residences where you can enjoy the laidback vacation you have always wanted to have. In looking for Koh Samui beach villas, among the things you should consider is the size of your group. If you are only travelling with a couple of friends, probably one of Koh Samui villas that have two rooms is more than enough. However, if you are going to be on the island for your wedding, you definitely need to check out bigger villas in Koh Samui. If you’re ready, get to know some of the most popular Koh Samui beach villas.

Baan Mika

Perhaps one of the most interesting spots in Thailand is Koh Samui. Villas on the beach are definitely the best accommodations you can find for yourself to ensure that you get the most of your stay. Baan Mika, which is located in Bophut, will surely live up to your standards if you need a medium sized place. This has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and is cozy enough for 12 guests. On site are 3 reliable staffs to attend to the guests’ concerns. Stylish be it on the outside or the inside, Baan Mika deserves to be called one of the best Koh Samui beach villas because it is grand, spacious, and decorated using the most lavish home furnishings on the island. The wheat and oat color scheme—harmonious blend of cream and golden browns—is observed all throughout the structure. This makes it visually appealing since the colors beautifully make the island colors stand out. Tropical Fun: Check Out These Koh Samui Beach Villas Thailand is known for its tropical weather, making it a hotspot for travelers who can’t get enough of the sunny weather. There is something about being in the beach that gets rid of stress and makes us think of fun happy times. Among its best spots is the rustic but very elegant outdoor dining area that faces that sea. This is a wonderful place to enjoy dinner at sunset or have a brunch with the whole family. It is also a wonderful area to have your afternoon tea or coffee as it offers some of the most breathtaking views in the property. Baan Mika has an office, an internet connection, and a fully equipped kitchen. It even has its own wine cellar, which is definitely a plus.

Panu 1

If one of the smaller Koh Samui beach villas are what you like, you might want to check Panu 1. This is a contemporary style villa that has a couple of bedrooms and is often chosen by couple wanting to spend a romantic holiday in Thailand. It is set right at the beach and you can actually feel the cool breeze moving all around the place. The living room is smartly decorated, using a contrast of light and dark colors, as well as sharp and curvy elements. From here, you can enjoy the lovely views of the sea. The couch is comfortable and carefully chosen home décor are used to complete the look. Panu 1 has a gorgeous pool, with a deck furnished with unique chairs. On site, there is an air conditioning system, a Wi-Fi access, and telephones. With its two bedrooms, it is most suitable for a group of 4. Because it is secluded, it is great as a honeymoon haven for couples who want something intimate, close to the beach, and offers quality service.

Villa Kalyana

For Koh Samui villas on the beach for celebrations, space is of the essence especially if you and your guests will be coming from other countries. A holiday villa that can accommodate everyone is just what you need. At Villa Kalayana, you can worry no more as the place can accommodate up to 22 people. It has 15 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms. You can be sure that there will be plenty of space for everyone. All the 8 staffs are well trained and will be able to address your concerns. The place is secure and has a beautiful tropical garden with an abundance of slender coconut trees. There is a parking area that is big enough for 5 vehicles. A library with an impressive collection of reading materials is in the master bedroom. Of course, there is also a gym and facilities for a number of activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, beach volleyball, and even badminton. While here, you won’t get bored as the beach is so beautiful and there are a lot of activities you can do. There is a full time chef on site so food can be prepared without lifting a finger. Should there be a problem, you can easily reach the manager that can speak English. The place combines a Thai inspired structure and traditional décor with modern amenities that can go head to head with the amenities of any five star resort in the area. It has a game room that includes a billiard table, an internet connection, and a Western style kitchen. Lounge chairs, sun beds, and hammocks are also placed in key areas of the house. If you are planning on bringing kids with you, Villa Kilyana is among the villas on the island that has its own fully air conditioned children’s room. All the kids can stay here as it is complete with bunk beds, gaming console, and a TV. Enjoying the tropics is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Koh Samui is definitely a tropical paradise with unparalleled beauty and a high standard of living. For your enjoyment, check out these recommended Koh Samui beach villas and have a holiday that your colleagues will surely envy. Also, remember to book ahead if you find a villa that interests you or regret it later on.

Villa Accommodation in Koh Samui: Family Holidays

No matter who you are, you deserve to have a nice holiday with your loved ones. In Thailand, there are actually plenty of destinations you can pick from. Koh Samui has always been a consistent favorite. Its stunning ambience, friendly weather, and picture perfect beaches make it one of the most relaxing places to visit on earth. In choosing a Koh Samui accommodation, don’t limit yourself to Koh Samui hotels and Koh Samui resorts. Nowadays, more people are opting for a luxury villa accommodation. Koh Samui is the place to indulge a bit and staying at a fabulous villa retreat is the best way to do that.

Is a typical villa accommodation in Koh Samui pricey?

Because they are luxurious and grand, some people are under the impression that Koh Samui villas are way more expensive than Koh Samui resorts. Well the upfront rates will make you think so, but a closer comparison and the fact that you’ll get to stay in an entire villa as opposed to a single room in a luxury hotel or resort make renting villas more practical. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for several 5 star hotel accommodations, you’ll only need to spend about half of that for an entire villa. In choosing the best accommodation in Koh Samui, look beyond the rates and make a point by point comparison. You won’t believe how much you’ll save if you stay in one of the island’s private retreats. I’m spoiled by 5 star hotel services and amenities. Will I be satisfied with a Koh Samui villa accommodation? The great thing about staying at a Koh Samui villa accommodation is that guests will be able to enjoy the same kind of service that they enjoy from top hotels. To keep up with the competition, villa owners make sure that their amenities are equal or even greater than the amenities guests love about luxury resorts and hotels. So if it is comfort and amenities you seek, you can find them in a luxury Koh Samui villa. Is it safe to stay at a villa accommodation in Koh Samui? Yes. Usually, a villa accommodation Koh Samui has to offer is situated in a secure neighborhood, has a perimeter fence, and is equipped with CCTV cameras. Security guards are also employed to make sure that holiday goers can spend their vacation with peace of mind. Family vacations are what makes of us really happy and excited. Just the thought of being able to spend some quality time with your loved ones is exciting. On the island, you can choose from a wide range of family villas if you are looking for a practical place to stay or you want some privacy. Check this villa.

Villa Akasha

There are so many things to do in Koh Samui. You can head to the spa, go on a safari tour, visit the temples, and swim at the beach. Before anything else though, you need to find a good place to stay. An alternative to hotels is Villa Akasha. This is among the finest rentals on the island and can be found in Choeng Mon. It is a modern haven that can accommodate up to 8 guests. It has 3 bedrooms—all stylish and features a nice swimming pool for laps. This is just minutes away from Chaweng, so if restaurant and bar hopping are some of your Koh Samui things to do, this place is perfect. Villa Akasha is a pristine dream haven. Mostly done in white, the façade and the interiors give an elegant feeling that is well accented by Asian home décor. This has a charming kitchen equipped with top of the line cooking appliances. You can choose to make your own meals or have the chef do the job for you. The place has its own relaxing garden and a sala, so you have plenty of good spots where you can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. While here, you have the choice to have your meals at the main dining area. Or if you want, you can also dine al fresco and enjoy the view. Art lovers will surely love it here at Villa Akasha. Fine art is a big part of the design scheme and is used in key parts of the villa. Unique wooden furnishings provide some warmth and comfort so you’ll instantly feel right at home. The best accommodation in Koh Samui for you is the one that suits your style. Every inch of Villa Akasha is impressive. The living area can be found near the dining area and features cozy furnishings and a sound system. Just like the rest of the interiors, this part of the house has a ceiling fan and an air conditioning unit. All the bedrooms are spacious and can be opened fully during the day. Like most villa accommodations, Villa Akasha also observes an open design scheme that allows plenty of air and sunshine in. The bathrooms are equally impressive and have modern fixtures that are all working perfectly. If your list of things to do in Koh Samui is quite long, you need a good focal point for your stay. The accessibility of Villa Akasha makes it appealing for guests who want to be busy with exciting ventures while on the island. This retreat is near a golf course and is also less than a kilometer away from the beach. If you are looking forward to enjoying one of the island’s best beaches, you can choose to stay here. At the villa, you can only expect the best amenities. There is a high speed internet connection for easy browsing as well. Here you can also avail of massages and spa treatments, in case you don’t have the energy to drive to a spa. Villa Akasha is a villa accommodation in Koh Samui that is worth checking out. It is big, modern, and is known for its excellent service. The rates are reasonable too. Enjoy Samui.