Every bride wants to look picture perfect on her wedding day. It is possible to do your own bridal hair and makeup. In fact, many brides do that. But if you feel like you need professional help or you just don’t want to think about a lot of stuff before you walk down the aisle, then getting the help of a talented makeup artist is the way to go. A notable bridal makeup studio in Koh Samui is Polina Pak Studio. They have an impressive portfolio and every woman who has availed of their services are happy and satisfied.


Owned by renowned makeup artist and hair stylist Polina Pak, the studio is comprised of a team of talented ladies who specialize in professionally put together makeup, hair, and nails. Among their most popular services is the tempu airbrush makeup— a type of makeup that makes the skin look incredibly flawless and smooth without looking heavy or cakey. They also offer tattoo cover up, spray tan, and services for non-wedding events.


Your wedding makeup should suit your features and complement your style. At Polina Pak Studio Samui, the artists take into consideration the features that are your best and enhance them to your advantage. Their airbrush makeup is a leading edge technology and is a good choice for Koh Samui’s tropical weather. On your big day, your makeup needs to be able to withstand heat and humidity, especially if you will be doing the ceremony at the beach. Airbrushed makeup stays put for hours, getting you through long photo shoots, ceremony, and reception.

If you have issues with blemishes and sunspots and you wish to have them covered, the makeup artist will help conceal them for you. No matter what your skin type or issues, they will be addressed to reveal your best face as you walk down the aisle. The shades used for the lips, eyes, and face will be chosen to go well with your natural coloring. Also, your favorite shades will be incorporated into the look if possible to ensure that you are happy with the final look.


The hair is definitely your crowning glory so it is as important as the makeup. Polina Pak Studio knows that women have different needs and preferences when it comes to the wedding day hairstyle. You can have a sleek straight do to go with your elegant dress if that’s what you want. You can also have natural beach waves or fine curls if that’s the look you are aiming for. The hairstylist is also an expert in a beautiful up do’s and side-swept styles. Want a dainty braid as an accent? That can work too. You can also choose a special hair piece to complete your look. Be it a boho floral crown or a fancy tiara or glitzy hair jewels, the stylist can help create your dream bridal hairstyle.

Spray Tan

Do you dream of a sun-kissed glowing complexion for your wedding but burn easily when you sunbathe? At Polina Pak’s you can get a natural looking spray on tan. Thanks to Dinair’s Air tan. This is what they use at the studio—a safer way to get a smoldering golden glow. Unlike most tanning solutions, this is derived from sugar and has no foul smell. It also fades evenly–not in blotches, which is good news.


For a complete bridal look, do not forget your hands and nails. Beautiful hands can be achieved by exfoliation and use of creams. For your nails, you can get them manicured at the studio. The nail expert can help you pick your ideal wedding nail lacquer for delicate looking hands.

Tattoo Cover

Some brides to have ink done on their body. Most are proud of this body art but would want to cover them for the wedding day. If this sounds like you fret not. The girls at Polina Pak will help you hide these marks with their special concealing technique.

Treat the Girls

As the bride, it is expected that you want to look your best. It would be nice if you can enjoy the pampering and beautifying services with your bridesmaids as well as the other female members of the family. Get your hair and makeup done together and take glamour shots with your favorite gal pals. For sure they will love you for it.

Non-wedding Services

If you want to have your makeup done for your engagement party, prenuptial photos, or for your invitation, Polina Pak will be happy to prettify you for whatever purpose you need.

Tips to Get Your Perfect Wedding Look

Find Inspiration

Many women have a vision in mind as to how they want to look on their wedding day. However, some are kind of lost and are basically clueless about what will look great on them. Once you have gotten engaged, it is time to look at bridal magazines, makeup portfolios, and Pinterest boards to give you an idea of possible hairstyles and makeup. Cut out pictures of looks that you like or grab screenshots for your vision board.


Sure you can hire a wedding professional for your bridal look but only you know what you want. Make sure you communicate your preferences so they can be considered for your makeover.

Use the right makeup and hair products.

If you will be heading the DIY route and ditching professional help, know that the trustee products you use at home (your favorite foundation, bronzer, and styling products for example) may not be compatible with the weather in Samui. It is hot on the island and can be humid at times. If you have never worn waterproof makeup before or have always used BB creams, it is time to open your mind to the possibility that you may need to use different products. Start exploring the cosmetic counters and find out which ones are tropical weatherproof.

Polina Pak Studio can help any bride feel like a princess on her wedding. Book your appointment now to be sure that you’d have the staff with you on your big day.

Best wishes to all Koh Samui brides.