Chaweng has earned its right as one of the best stops in Koh Samui. Being the island’s commercial center and party hub, it remains to be an attractive beach town. Tourists flock to this part of Samui because it is such a lively charming place and no matter what kind of traveller you are, you are sure to find plenty of good reasons to visit. So what kinds of people are actually drawn to sunny Chaweng? Read on.

Fun Seekers

There are individuals who head on to a vacation with only one goal in mind: to have fun and in Chaweng, there are so many exciting things to do that fun seekers will never run out of options. The beach, with its long stretch of sand and endless line of bars and lounges has a lively fun atmosphere from day to night. You can go for a swim, surf, or make new friends. Or perhaps you can skip the beach and go for a go kart ride, indoor skydiving, or perhaps see a cabaret show. If that isn’t enough, you can see a comedy show or dance your heart out at a disco.

Hip and Young

Chaweng is also a magnet for the hip and young crowd because the vibe here is very current. Home to some of Koh Samui’s trendiest bars and dining places, in Chaweng, you will never go out of style. Whether your thing is to have a chic dinner by the beach or you fancy modern bars with sleek high tech interiors, you can have all that here. The sci-fi chic theme of Bar Solo makes it a favorite hangout place in Chaweng. Known for its impressive music and amazing drinks, it is definitely a must stop if you long to be surrounded with the fun crowd.

Bar Solo

Address: 166/5 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach, Bophut, Ko Samui, Thailand
Phone: 0066774140125

Convenience Savvy

If you want your stay in Koh Samui to be hassle free, then definitely pick Chaweng. If you stay here, you are near everything that is relevant to your holiday. There are local shops nearby, lots of dining places, cool bars, and other commercial establishments of interest. Of course the beach is just in the vicinity too, as well as many spas and wellness centers. This part of Samui also offers a wide range of accommodations that will suit all kinds of budget. You can get a basic room for less than 500 Baht or you can splurge and get a luxurious suite that goes for about 20,000 baht or more.

The Socializer

Chaweng is definitely not the place if you are looking for seclusion and lots of quiet moments. Probably this is what makes this party beach a favorite of the younger set. Here you can be with your group or take a chance and meet new people. The merry vibe and the relaxed setting of Chaweng is very much conducive for social interactions. Whether you are looking for just a casual acquaintance or maybe hoping to spark your romantic life in Thailand, Chaweng is a good place to start looking for a possible love interest. See best bar in Chaweng here.

The Beach Babe

If the beach is what floats your boat and you are all for the clear water and the feel of the warm sand against your feet, then you will feel so at home in Chaweng. The beach can be accessed through the major resorts in the area. It is beautiful. The water is jewel toned blue and the sand has a delicate creamy hue. Just being at the shoreline is bliss and while it is not exactly a secluded beach, it is still oddly peaceful. It is fun just walking along the shore and seeing people of all ages play and do their thing.

The Adventurer

Chaweng is a portal to a holiday filled with adventure. There are so many wonderful things you can do here that you can cross off your bucket list. Are you a fan of the thrilling and scary? You can head to Pirate Adventure Horror House to get your fix. Have you tried stand up paddle board? If not then try it on your holiday. It’s a fun sport and can be made challenging if that’s your thing. Maybe you love mysteries and want to see if you have enough skills to work your way out of one of Koh Samui’s famous escape rooms. If you are interested, you can visit Escapade Samui. For less than 800 baht, you can have an unforgettable escape adventure that you can tell all your friends when you return home.

The Shopaholic

Oh shopping. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Thailand is a shopper’s paradise and if you want to find out for yourself if that’s actually true, a great place to start is in Chaweng. Start at the Beach Road where you can find all sorts of merchandise from beach wear to jewelry and local crafts. This shopping area is long and it would take a number of days to really dig into the goods thoroughly. Practice your haggling skills and make sure you look around for a bit before you buy anything. Yes, impulse shopping is exciting but it is more fun if you buy your stuff at the best possible price you can get.

If you miss the air conditioned malls in your home country, you can stop by Central Festival Samui for some good old lifestyle shopping. Here there are known brands that you can checkout as well as a number of dining places and coffee shops you can explore.

The Eclectic Foodie

Food and vacation are forever linked. You might not remember every detail of every holiday you have ever had but surely you can recall the food very well. If you are a food lover, have eclectic tastes, and are willing to try a wide variety of cuisines, Chaweng will feel like Disneyland for your taste buds. Here there are all kinds of restaurants representing the major cuisines on the world map. There are impressive Italian restaurants such as Pepenero and Duomo; Indian restaurants like Tandoori Nights and Noori India; and a bunch of really good seafood restaurants. Of course, Chaweng also has plenty of venues where you can try Thai food. One such place is Chaweng Walking Street. Here local food is good and cheap. The variety is really impressive too. Here you can feast on grilled seafood, pad Thai, rice cakes, and refresh with a cooling tropical shake or perhaps a cup of mango sorbet. If you would like to search for villas accommodation in Chaweng, please visit our home page.