Koh Samui is a tropical paradise with a promise of modern comforts, stylish accommodations, great food, and lots of fun and activities. Anyone can feel right at home in this island and you can have an amazing stay no matter what your budget is. Here you will never get bored because there are so many things waiting for you regardless of your interests. Check these out.

Learn how to cook Thai.

In Koh Samui you can indulge in a whole lot of Thai food. Actually the local cuisine is an acquired taste. It is not unusual to not like it the very first time but the more your taste buds are exposed to the flavors, the better it gets. If you are a fan, you will surely miss Thai food when you return home. Why not learn how to recreate your favorite dishes while in Samui? You need not be a master chef to get the hang of preparing and cooking local dishes. Sign up for a cooking class—there are plenty of private instructors, commercial resorts, and restaurants offering this service. Join a class of 2 to 4 so you can really be hands on and focused on the cooking techniques being shown. The best part about cooking classes in Samui is that you get to eat your masterpiece after. Pressured yet?

Master the art of fruit and vegetable carving.

The Thai people have long practiced the art of fruit and vegetable carving. It is a noble skill that was taught to the female members of the Royal family. Nowadays, anyone can enroll in a fruit and vegetable carving class and learn how to make unique designs and ornate patterns using local and imported produce. You can make a pineapple serving dish or a turtle out of a watermelon. As you master this discipline, you can add a unique touch when presenting your meals at home. You can make them look more enticing and festive. Everyone will be proud of you for sure.

Ride the Go-Kart.

There is something about go karts that bring out the child in everyone. If you want to have fun with friends and family and have had enough of watersports already, a good pastime on the island is go-kart. The local facilities are not the best you can find in the world but they sure are fun nonetheless. There’s one in Bophut called Samui Go-Kart.

Samui Go-Kart

Address: Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

Go crazy with frisbee golf.

Another activity you can do when boredom starts to set in is frisbee golf or disc golf. This is currently popular among tourists as it is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors as you play with family and friends. It is also reasonably priced. The setting is at a jungle so there’s plenty of shade and greenery and an overall relaxing yet fun atmosphere. The course has 9 holes and the game is great enough to appeal to kids and adults alike. If you happen to be in Maenam, be sure to check out Samui Disc Golf. You might become hooked.

Samui Disc Golf

Address: 62/5 Moo 3, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand

Chill in the tropics at Bar Ice.

The local weather can throw you off balance especially if you are used to a cold environment. To help you beat the heat or if it’s too humid for you to stay out anyway, just visit Bar Ice. This is among Samui’s unique venues. Here the temperature is below zero and there is ice everywhere. It’s actually heaven on earth for those who can’t take the heat too well or for those who simply want to experience something different while on the island. Here you can enjoy beer and cocktails and see ice sculptures. This is an ideal party venue and is often chosen as a setting for stag and hen parties because of its novelty.

Bar Ice Samui

Address: 147/6 Moo 2, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

Go ziplining.

Zipline or canopy rides can be experienced in a lot of destinations​ already so why do it in Samui? Well for one thing Samui can be experienced in many ways and among the best ones is to see it mid air where you can breathe in the most breathtaking vistas, see the jungles, and be swept away by the endless water views. While you hold on for dear life (with a safety harness of course you can get the chance to see endless greenery—basically Samui in all its glory. Imagine being suspended at about 2000 meters of height. Now that’s a lot of fun. Isn’t it? A company you should check if you want to zipline your way across the island’s top spots is Canopy Adventures Secret Falls. With them you can have a memorable ride.

Canopy Adventures Secret Falls

Address: Canopy Adventures Secret Falls, Soi 5, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

Get a photo-op with a crocodile.

Koh Samui is blessed with natural resources and if you visit the zoo, you can see plenty of interesting species and who knows, you can even have cute photos with them.

Practice your sun salutations and other yoga moves.

Yoga is a common practice in Samui. In fact. There are many yoga studios scattered all around the island. Yoga is a form of meditation, workout, and stress reliever. It has a lot of amazing benefits from increased flexibility, better mental functions, emotional release, and a leaner healthier body. If you have been doing yoga for a while you can further improve your form while on your vacation or if you haven’t tried it yet, do so on your holiday. You might get hooked on it like millions of yogis worldwide.