It is not surprising that engaged couples choose the island of Samui to tie the knot. Destination weddings are a big thing nowadays since they are more affordable and allow for a less stressful wedding planning. With many Koh Samui beaches to choose from, finding the perfect venue for your marital celebration should be easy. As one of Thailand’s major islands, here is an abundance of lovely tranquil beaches that can be the backdrop for when you finally walk down the aisle.

Lipa Noi

A quiet beach known for its beautiful golden sunset, Lipa Noi is recommended for those who want a romantic and idyllic wedding ceremony venue. Set on the west part of the island, the water is great for swimming and while it is not as developed and popular as Chaweng, Lipa Noi Beach is a huge hit for backpackers and lone travellers because the atmosphere is peaceful and life takes a slower pace.


Home to some of the best luxury villas in Koh Samui, Maenam amps the romance factor in any wedding. This beach is chosen by many betrothed lovers because it offers many options in terms of the setting for the ceremony as well as honeymoon nests for the newlyweds.

Most wedding venues located at Maenam Beach boast magnificent views of Koh Phangan, making them a stunner and effortlessly captivate every couple’s fancy.

The water of the beach is gloriously blue so you can expect your wedding photos to be absolutely phenomenal.

Also a great thing about this area is that it is far away from the noisy part of the island. In addition, while it is known for many luxury properties, there are also wallet friendly options for those who are on a small budget.

Coral Cove

A beach that is quite close to Chaweng is Coral Cove Beach. This is one of Koh Samui’s smaller beaches and is great for folks who want a more intimate venue for a celebration. Because of its size, the crowd is thinner than in other beaches. What makes it interesting are the rock formations that add something extra to the tropical scenery. The rock formations give the beach a raw rugged look also.

Probably an issue of Coral Cove Beach is it’s unpredictable weather which could be quite a risk if the wedding is outdoors. However, the rest is good.

Bang Po

Another favorite among couples because of its local island charm is Bang Po Beach. The strength of this beach is its length so you can enjoy the tropical beach vibes before, during, and after your wedding. Depending on the time of the year, you can even be lucky to find the beach empty of visitors so you can have the beach to yourself and have an intimate wedding as you dreamed it to be.


A good balance between Chaweng and other smaller beaches on the island, Lamai could be your best bet if you like a variety of wedding venue options but don’t like the busy air of a party beach. Here the overall feel of the beach is pretty laid back, which is good if you came to the island to unwind and have some peace.

In Lamai Beach, the nature is spectacular so the newlyweds can take advantage of the romantic air for their honeymoon. The latte colored sand, ever clear sky, and breathtaking blue water are just everything you need for a poster perfect wedding by the beach.


A stunning beach also ideal for a tropical beach wedding is Bophut. Here you can easily find the most suitable ceremony and reception venue, what with its many luxury and mid-priced hotels and villas. This is the home to the famous Fisherman’s Village where you can visit local shops, take diving lessons, and buy souvenirs. The nightlife scene is impressive and so are the restaurants.


If accessibility is important for you and you don’t mind the hustle and bustle and the palpable party energy, then you may consider the Chaweng Beach for your Thai wedding. This beach is the heart of many happenings in Koh Samui. There are many bars nearby, restaurants are everywhere, and the area seems to be even more alive at night.

While it may not be the most ideal option if you came to the island looking for some seclusion and privacy, Chaweng still provides the charming tropical ambience that you are looking for in a far off wedding destination. On the plus side, here you have many ideas on how to spend your honeymoon. Also, your guests won’t be bored since there are plenty of sights to visit and activities to do.

Silver Beach

Also known as Haad Thong Ta-khian, this is among the less popular beaches in Koh Samui. Because it is low key, couples can expect a quiet very tropical environment—that is very removed from the noise and energy of Chaweng. The water of Silver Beach is peaceful and tranquil. However, you have limited choices when it comes to wedding venues and honeymoon activities as the place is not fully developed. Then again, if you just want the raw beauty of the beach and nature, this is perfect.

Koh Samui lives up to its reputation as one of Asia’s best wedding destinations. Tropical weddings are known to be exciting, memorable, and romantic. For couples who dream of taking their vows barefoot on the sand, with just the blue sky and stunning white shoreline as focal point, then any of these Koh Samui beaches should be on your list of choices. Whether you prefer a busy fun beach or a tranquil, more secluded spot for your big day, we are sure that one of these beaches is for you. Good luck to finding your wedding venue.