Here are many more reasons to include Koh Samui in your travel bucket list.


Why put Koh Samui in your travel bucket list! With a number of enchanting white sand beaches, Samui is a popular choice for a wedding or honeymoon. The tropical setting is very romantic, making it a top option among foreign couples who are looking for a blissful holiday venue. If you are celebrating an anniversary, are going on a romantic tour, are thinking of tying the knot overseas, this tropical paradise should be a candidate. You and your beloved can sail together, watch the sunset, have a candlelight beach dinner, and visit all the local attractions that tickle your fancy, spend the day at the beach just the two of you and the pure goodness of nature, or you can also take your pick from a wide range of romantic villas to be your love nest. Want breathtaking views? A beautiful private panoramic villa in Choeng Mon is what you need. Want to live by the beach while here? Then a nice beachfront property for rent in Samui should do the trick.

Wellness den

Most of us live a fast paced life and stress can sometimes take its toll without us knowing. In addition, with the convenience of fast food and ready to eat meals,  the quality of the food we eat is often compromised. Also, our health takes a backseat due to our busy schedules. On your stay here, invest in your health and wellbeing. Relax, enjoy the scenery, and eat lots of fruits. Get a massage and do a detox cleansing if you have the time. You only have one body so don’t take it for granted. Other good for you activities you can engage on while here are snorkelling, yoga, pilates, raw diet, walking tours, swimming, and so much more.

Source of cheap fashion finds

Many women who have been to Thailand before know that there are cheap thrills, a lot of actually, locally. This is particularly true for women’s ready to wear outfits. If you are not after the brand but appreciate good quality, new designs, and nice fit, local clothing is something you should explore. Get sexy dresses at affordable prices, cute swimwear, unique tops, and flattering pants for only a few baht. They may not bear the logo of your favorite high end brands but if you have a good eye, we can assure you that you can spot items you would want to incorporate in your wardrobe. Some women even carry an extra bag, meant solely for the stuff they will be buying when they get here. So learn from them and carry an extra bag or at least have plenty of room in your luggage. Believe us, you would need a lot of space.

Yoga hub

One can learn new things while on vacation and it won’t hurt if you can learn to practice yoga on your stay. Yoga has proven benefits to the body. It is a stress reliever and a discipline to put the mind at ease and be in the present. Yoga is good for people who want a low impact workout and a way to workout muscles without using weights. As you learn more about this, you will improve your breathing, correct your posture, and have a deeper connection with your mind and body. There are a number of good yoga studios on the island. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience or if you think you are not flexible enough. The only requirement to yoga is your willingness to go. You will be more flexible as you practice more.

Jaw dropping vistas

The scenery in Koh Samui never gets old. It is always beautiful. You want to see the best panoramic views of the island? What​ you need to visit are the viewpoints. A good place to head to is the Big Buddha. Also known​ as Wat Phra Yai, this is without a doubt the most popular temple in Samui. The atmosphere is here is very peaceful and gives you a glimpse of the people’s culture and religion. If you head to the platform, you will be amazed by the magnificent sea views. Definitely worth checking out.

Kid friendly

Koh Samui is also popular among families because kids will love it here. There are peaceful beaches, with shallow waters where children can enjoy. Most restaurants have an affordable kid’s menu too. Need someone to look over your kids while you attend to something? Most resorts and island accommodations will provide you with a babysitter for an extra cost. The sunny weather on the island is great for kids too. They get to be outdoors all the time, get a dose of sunshine, and be in awe of nature. Experiences like these are good for them.