Koh Samui has sealed its status as one of the most well loved places in Asia. It is a lovely island with so much to offer in terms of scenery, activities, food, accommodations, sports, and other lifestyle interests. If you are currently working on your travel bucket list and still have a few spots left, include this island. Many have been here and the bulk of these travelers are frequent visitors. Here are many reasons why Koh Samui should be your next destination.

Great culture + beautiful surroundings

Koh Samui is beautiful and that’s an understatement. Think lush jungles, diverse landscapes, magnificent beaches, majestic waterfalls, tall coconut trees, and sunny clear skies. That’s just the nature part of it. Combine it with traditional temples, luxurious hideaways, and friendly people and you have a winning setting meant to make any holiday memorable. It provides a good mix of visuals and substance, with its culture dotting every area of the locals’ day to day life.

Stunning secluded beaches

Samui’s most popular beach is Chaweng and this is a party beach which is known for its nightlife, beach clubs, restaurants, and shops. It is actually a hit among tourists who love to have fun and want the convenience of being in a commercial area. However, this is just one beach. There’s more. If you prefer the quiet, not so crowded beaches where there is only an endless stretch of sand and unadulterated nature to see, there are lots of those all around the island. There are family friendly beaches too where your kids can run around, build sandcastles, and soak up plenty of sunshine. Among our favorites are the Maenam Beach, Silver Beach, and Choeng Mon. These 3 are pretty peaceful  are good focal points for your island vacation.

Exciting party scene and nightlife

Your schedule will be packed with lots of fun happenings on your visit. Here you can relax over cocktails all day. If you came here to meet people, be with the hip crowd, and just party all night, you won’t be disappointed. You can visit a different bar every day, watch cabaret shows, and dance and drink at an exclusive beach party hub. Koh Samui does not expect anything less.

Can be luxurious and exclusive

If a luxurious holiday is what you prefer, Koh Samui will feel like a dream. You can stay at a 5 star resort or amp the experience even more by booking a luxury private villa for your place to stay. Some properties on the island combine the convenience and great service of top resorts with uncompromised privacy, exclusivity, and not to mention lots and lots of space. Another way to splurge on the island is to avail the services of exclusive spas. There are so many to choose from locally and we assure you, there are endless opportunities to spend here, get your money’s worth, and have a high-luxe vacation you have always wanted. If your budget is sky high, you can also think about getting a private charter and tour the island aboard a stylish yacht.

Can be budget friendly too

If you are backpackers, a solo traveller, or a couple wanting to have an affordable wedding or honeymoon venue, Koh Samui is also for you. Its flexibility is among its strengths. The island accommodates all kinds of travellers and any type of budget. In Koh Samui, it is possible to find lodgings at an affordable price. There are free attractions too such as the beaches and a number of the local temples. Food can also be pretty cheap if you play your cards well and make good dining choices or cook your own meals.

Happy weather

Weather can affect our mood and disposition. Luckily on the island of Samui, the weather is often sunny and bright. There’s lots of sunshine here and if it is snowing where you live or you have gloomy weather all year and you need to feel the heat, this is the place for you. The weather is warm, relaxing, and very conducive for outdoor activities and leisure tours. You will enjoy swimming, drinking coconut water, lounging in beach shorts, and playing a wide variety of games and sports.

Food paradise

World-class chefs, highly respected food critics, and casual foodies have nothing but praises for Thai cuisine. As one of the most distinct cuisines in the world, there is a lot to love about Koh Samui food. For one thing, most dishes are not that easy to prepare. They require skill. Another is that there is focus on the use of fresh and quality ingredients. Thai cuisine has a good balance of easy to like dishes and delicacies with complex flavor profiles. There is indeed something for everyone. Whether you love salads, hearty soup, seafood, spicy food, or desserts, there will be a local dish that will excite you. Food can be cheap too especially if you dine at small food stalls. Thai street food is mighty popular because for a small amount, you can have a filling meal that will keep your tummy happy for hours.

Enabler for shopping

Fan of retail therapy? Koh Samui will be your paradise here in earth. Locally you will have a great time shopping–be it for souvenirs, edible goodies, local art, handicrafts, and beauty products. There are lots of things you can purchase. If you are not brand conscious and keep your eye on quality local goods, you will have a blast spending some money here. Tip: visit as many walking streets as you can and shop with a local. It will also help if you turn your charm on and master the art of haggling.

Lots of learning opportunities

They say that learning something new on a regular basis will keep your brain sharp and ageless. In Koh Samui, you can enroll in all sorts of classes to acquire a new skill or try an activity or sport that is new to you. Among the popular lessons people book here are cooking lessons, fruit carving, Muay Thai, yoga, Thai language and kitesurfing.

Adventure portal

For adventure seekers, your visit to the island will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. There are so many opportunities for adventure here. You can snorkel, try your luck at big game fishing, hike, or tour the island riding a motorcycle or a 4×4. An extended stay will allow you plenty of time to pursue different interests. You can engage in different water sports. Among the popular ones are kayak, kitesurfing, stand up paddle board, and jet ski. You can also explore non water activities such as disc golf, golf, canopy rides, Muay Thai, paintball, and elephant rides.

Looking for extreme activities to feed your need for adrenaline rush? There are many such things here too. A favorite is flyboard. This takes watersports into a whole new level. With this you can move like a dolphin. Spring high up in the air then dive back underwater. It’s a one of a kind treat for those who are after some heart pumping action and fun too.  If you don’t have fear of heights, an activity you can also try is cliff diving. Climb at a height, take a deep breath, and jump into the water, with nothing to hold you for support. There is nothing more liberating and exhilarating than free fall so muster the courage and experience this adventure at least once. It’s amazing!