Chaweng may have swept many tourists off their feet with its white sand beach that is the very image of tropical fun. Lined up with posh nightclubs, bars with neon lights, and trendy restaurants, it is has the kind of upbeat party aura that just won’t quit, even during the early hours of the morning. If this kind of energy don’t appeal to you and you prefer to enjoy the tropics with a little privacy and seclusion, there are beaches in Koh Samui that will meet your needs. Check out these low key beaches on the island.

Silver Beach

Located on the north of Lamai, this small beach is also named as Haad Thong Ta-khian. This is a charming spot for sunbathing, romantic beach walks, and just nature sightseeing. The great thing about this is that you need not be staying in one of the nearby hotels and accommodations to be able to admire its beauty. You can simply visit here and have some quality beach time for free. If you are planning to stay here all throughout your vacation, you only have a limited set of choices in terms of accommodations since the area is pretty small. To be safe, book your rooms in advance for a guaranteed place to stay once you get here. Its proximity to Lamai and Chaweng makes it accessible too so if you happen to be an any of these two locations and want to explore a bit, you can stop by the Silver Beach for a little change of scenery.

Coral Cove

Another Koh Samui beach that is not high up on the radar is Coral Cove. This is a beautiful quiet beach perfect for a lazy tropical day. Here everything is quiet and peaceful and you can get rooms and accommodations at a good price. This is a home to a lot of corals and has a spectacular picture perfect beauty. The rock formations surrounding the water make it a unique spot to have a moment with nature. The water is clear and mesmerizing, while the breeze helps cool down the heat. A number of guests stop by this part of Samui for a day of snorkeling. The marine life at Coral Cove is one of the finest on the island which is why it is an attractive option for underwater discovery.

Lipa Noi

This beach is hailed by seasoned travellers as among the best beaches in Thailand. Here the surroundings are breathtaking and will translate to the most gorgeous pictures. Lipa Noi is a nice family beach and is perfect for kids since the water is not deep and has a more predictable temperament. The sand is white, soft, and smooth and the beach has no rocks and corals, so it is great and safe for swimming.

Bang Po

Found on the northern section of Koh Samui, Bang Po is also one amazing beach for quiet holidays. This is a spot to capture the most stunning sunsets on camera and is a home to some of the country’s luxurious properties and villas. Only about 10 minutes from the island capital, this peaceful beach is accessible to shopping establishments, dining places, and spas. If you want plenty of peace and quiet but still be able to conveniently visit your places of interest, then you should stay in Bang Po. Some of the nearby attractions are the Hin Lat Waterfall, the Secret Buddha Garden, and the one of a kind eight headed coconut tree.

Taling Ngam

If you want to get away from your fast paced life, you need a location that is far from the noise and city crowd. Known for its thick jungles and serene atmosphere, Taling Ngam has its share of fans. Couples who are looking for a quiet haven for their honeymoon that will get them close to nature should visit this beach. Here you can stay at the beach doing nothing, just simply breathing in the salty tropical air.

Choeng Mon

Its chic and quiet vibe makes Choeng Mon the chosen destination of European travellers. The type of tourists that visit here belong to the older set, as opposed to the younger crowd that seems to be hooked on Chaweng. Here, time progresses slowly and the relaxed demeanor of the people is in keeping with the image of Choeng Mon. This is also one of our recommended beaches for honeymoon or wedding. Accommodations here are often mid-priced to upscale, catering to the needs of its mature, tasteful market. Because of its European dominated clientele, even the restaurants here are geared towards French and Mediterranean flavors. Thai food that use chili are often flavored with minimal heat, unlike those that are served on the other parts of the island.

If you are in the mood to party or be at a more commercial area, Chaweng is just a few minutes away. Some of the popular Choeng Mon attractions are the Imperial Spa, Art Samui, and Cocktail King. For visitors who want top notch accommodations, luxury villas and resorts are plenty in this area.