Shopping in Koh Samui is a pleasurable activity. Local goods are cheap, of high quality, and are fun to explore. If you don’t have anything to do or are somewhat bored in your hotel room, grab your purse or wallet and head to the nearest supermarket, convenience store or department store. There is nothing like a lazy afternoon market raid where you can get to know products you won’t find in your home country. There are so many amazing Thai goods waiting for you. Curious? Check these out.

Royal Chitralada Honey

High quality local honey, this golden stuff in a tube is pure goodness. You can use it to sweeten your tea and coffee or add a drizzle to your vanilla ice cream. It can also be used as a topping for bread or a sweetener when cooking. Royal Chitralada Honey is also amazing as a face mask and a topical remedy for pimples. For something so versatile and easy to use, it is quite affordable at about 70 baht.

Snake Brand Powder for Prickly Heat

If you have been to any part of Thailand before, you know that sometimes the heat can be too much and the humidity will make you sweat more than usual. The same is true in Koh Samui. A good way to stay fresh and dry is to apply some kind of powder. A good collection is by Snake Brand. Locals use their powders everyday to neutralize sweat and to keep smelling fresh all year long. Their lavender variant is a crowd favorite because of its soothing aroma. The cool pink is a favorite among women because it smells very feminine and sweet. Snake Brand powders have a cooling sensation, which is perfect to beat the island heat. Their classic and anti-bacterial variants sell like pancakes too since they are effective in keeping the skin dry and free from rashes.

Mama Instant Noodles

Everyone loves instant noodles. There is nothing like it. You can find it everywhere, is cheap, and is easy to prepare. In Koh Samui you absolutely have to stock up on Mama Instant Noodles. This is a well known brand and has been loved by locals for many years. It has plenty of flavors available and believe us when we say that you will love all of them. One of our best bets from the brand is the creamy tom yum flavor. This is simply amazing—tasty, creamy, rich, and with a genuine seafood taste. Their green curry noodle soup is also delicious, with distinct green curry taste and just the right amount of heat.

Koh Kae Peanuts

A popular local snack, Koh Kae is a brand of peanuts. Because these flavored coated peanuts are delicious and incredibly satisfying, they make a great post workout snack and are also perfect when eaten with beer. Koh Kae use only high quality peanuts and comes in different interesting flavors like coconut cream and wasabi. They also have nori, Sriracha, chicken, BBQ, and green curry variants. However, our pick is their tom yum peanuts. They are distinctly Thai and are truly addictive.

Smooth E Babyface Foam

Smooth E is an outstanding brand of skincare products and among their best items is the Smooth E Babyface foam. This is a mild cleansing product specially designed for the delicate facial skin. It is made from natural plant extracts and is really gentle even for those with sensitive skin. This can easily be found in any 7-11, Watsons and major supermarkets in Koh Samui. If you ever run out of your usual cleanser, give this a try. You might find a new love.

Dried Durian Snack

We are hoping that you already have tried durian the first day you are in Koh Samui. If you are too chicken to try the actual fruit thinking you won’t be able to take the smell, try the dried version. This still has the yummy taste of durian without the too overwhelming aroma. This is a really yummy snack that you can include in your morning cereal, use as a topping for ice cream or eat on its own.

Royal Chitralada Milk Candy

When your sweet tooth starts to kick in, it’s time to try the most famous and the most delicious candy in the island and the whole of Thailand— Royal Chitralada Milk Candy. This comes in two kinds: original and chocolate. The original is yummy—milky, cheesy, just really good. The chocolate version is great too.

Dried Mangoes

A true hit, these dried sweet mango treats will definitely have you hooked. This tastes like ripe mangoes—sweet, a little tangy, and very tropical. It has a nice chewy bite too. It’s like a chunky fruit leather and is a popular souvenir for any Samui trip.

Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

If you love roasted laver or nori sheets, you must try Tao Kae Noi Seaweed. This snack is made of well, seaweeds but the interesting bit is their unusual flavors. They have seafood, wasabi, and tom yum. These are beautifully savory and tasty and are nice to tote around in your beach bag and stock in your pantry to serve to guests and kids when you have a beach party. We absolutely love their hot & spicy flavor. If you love chilli, this will hit the spot. The best thing about Tao Kae Noi Seaweed is that it is low in calories—only 70 calories per serving.

Thai Herbal Balm

A nice product you can find in Koh Samui stores is Thai Herbal Balm. This is a healing balm that can be used for many sorts of ailments like headache, insect bites, skin itch, muscle pain, travel sickness, and even colds. This is a good massage balm and is an effective cure for back aches, joint pain, and overall fatigue. The smell is soothing and the warming sensation really feels good. If you are looking for something to give your loved ones at home, Thai Herbal Balm is highly recommended.

These products are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to local products you will discover on your holiday. Happy shopping!