Oh weddings—such  romantic and momentous events to think and talk about. If you just got engaged and dream of saying your I do’s in an exotic place that is thousand of miles away from home, you should consider Koh Samui. Sure you hear that many people get married in Thailand but Koh Samui is more than just a typical Thai wedding destination. It is a modern paradise and everything about it can make your special day truly an event to remember.

The island is postcard worthy.

This Asian destination can go head to head with Ibiza, Maui, and Mauritius in its beauty. Tall coconut trees, endless stretch of gorgeous jewel toned waters, sand that feels warm and soft to touch, and thick lush greenery that will delight any nature lover—all these are just a glimpse of the Koh Samui promise. Unlike other islands that are beautiful yet unforgivably expensive (looking at you Maldives), Koh Samui is easy to get to, more tourist friendly, and has so much to offer in terms of accommodation, dining, fun, and leisure. Plus, it is just breathtaking. Your wedding deserves a destination that is spectacular and Koh Samui is that and more.

The weather is invigorating.

In Koh Samui there’s plenty of sunshine to recharge you and give you a great deal of energy. The warm tropical weather also does a lot to improve one’s disposition which is a biggie especially if you are up to your toes planning all the details of your chosen wedding day. The sunny weather means that there’s a lot of things you can look forward too including amazing photos of your ceremony, colorful tropical flowers, and clear skies as you take your vows.

The whole shindig becomes a vacation.

If you choose such a blissful paradise for your special event, it becomes less stressful because the minute you set foot on the island you are technically away from your normal life and are officially on vacation. If you are the bride to be, you can wear colorful sundresses, trade your high heels for comfy sandals, and literally and metaphorically let your hair down. If you are the would be groom, you can ditch your corporate suits for your favorite summer outfits and avoid the four walls of your office cubicle that can feel suffocating at times.

There is no time gap between the wedding and honeymoon.

It is common nowadays to have the honeymoon days or weeks after the wedding. While there is nothing wrong with that and is sometimes unavoidable due to issues in travel or schedule, it is way better going from the wedding reception to your honeymoon right away. This way the wedding night is made more romantic because you won’t be spending it at home or a hotel in the middle of the business district in your home country. If you wed in Koh Samui, you can look forward to a one of a kind wedding night and the rest of your post-wedding holiday. You won’t​ be stressed packing your bags and worried about making it in time for your flight at the airport because you are already on your honeymoon venue.

You can filter your guest list.

Many couples, especially the bride, will tell you that finalizing the guest list is among the most stressful details of any wedding. This is because the length of the guest list is proportional to the expenses. The more guests, the bigger your wedding, and thus more expensive. In addition, it’s hard to make up your mind as to who will be invited. A lot of couples want to limit it to family and friends but because of social pressures and cultural norms, they are “forced” to include those they don’t actually want to be there because of fear of leaving out anyone and to just be polite. Being human has its curse and this is one of them—-the lack of ability to say no when it is all you want to do.

The solution to this guest list problem is to not get married in your turf where neighbors, friends, and distant family members might sniff a celebration and get disappointed when they realize that they are not invited. This is the reason why destination weddings are the practical choice these days. You can get married in peace because people are more forgiving since they know that it is not realistic to take everyone with you. You literally have an excuse to “block” unwanted or not-so-wanted people from your big day.

You can cut costs.

Simplest way to lessen your wedding costs? Get married far from home. Announce that you are getting married in your city and everyone in your Facebook account and acquaintances from your childhood suddenly want to be a part of it. On the contrary when people find out you are going out of the country to tie the knot, suddenly they are busy on THAT day and all smiles as they explain how badly they feel that they can’t be there to witness you walk down the aisle. Distance will automatically cut your guest list to put it bluntly. You’d actually have to beg people to come. Short version: the people who are there to see you tie the knot really matter. Also, since only a limited number will be there, your wedding can happen without burning a lot of money.

Aside from that, weddings are cheaper in Thailand than in most destinations of the same kind (tropical and beachy). Get married in the Caribbean and prepare to spend double or triple of what you will shell out should you push your wedding in Koh Samui.

Everyone gets to have real fun.

Obviously all weddings are special but if you get married in your village clubhouse or a hotel near your office, your guests will come to your wedding feeling like it’s just any social gathering. Most of them have seen too many weddings to count, probably in the very same place you are having it so it feels nothing but a routine.

However if you get married in the tropics, far, far from home, every single one of you will get to be in the moment 100 percent because it is so different from what you all usually do. Guests will get to really enjoy the event without thinking of other things because destination weddings don’t happen everyday (at least for most people).

You can hire a pro to take care of everything for you.

Everyone who have planned their wedding themselves will talk you out of ever thinking of having a DIY wedding planning. Ceremonies that are a considered to be  hallmarks are stressful to plan and such is a wedding. In Koh Samui, you can hire a professional to have your back as you wait for the big day. Leave the planning and stressful details to the pros and enjoy your single days to the fullest as they are definitely numbered. So have lots of spa treatments, beauty rests, and food adventures while you wait and relax on the knowledge that everything is being taken care of.

Your wedding will stand out.

Getting married in a foreign country is pretty common these days but we bet that despite of its popularity, you know very few people who have actually done it. Leaving the country to tie the knot is still several steps ahead of being conservative so naturally, it takes a unique couple to sign up for it. If you like your wedding to be unlike any other you have seen among your friends or colleagues, saying your vows in the beautiful island of Samui might just be what you need.

You can handpick your souvenirs.

Among the best things of having your special day in Thailand is that you can personally choose the tokens you will give to your guests as souvenirs. There are so many lovely items you can find on the street markets and souvenir shops here and most of them are pretty cheap. If you want unique and more expensive gifts you can find a lot of those too. Some suggestions: Thai figurines, Thai silk, sarongs, beaded jewelry, starfish figures, handmade soaps, sunscreen with personalized labels, keychain, coconut oil products, dried mangoes, and elephant items.

The reception food is bound to be phenomenal.

A wedding in an exotic venue calls for a menu of exotic island dishes and you will never run out of options in Koh Samui. From flavorful curries to the best tasting seafood to crowd favorites like spring rolls and pad Thai, you will surely have a blast choosing the food you will serve to your friends and loved ones. Of course don’t forget sweets like mango sticky rice. For the best of luck on your marital journey, you can also include the famous Thai auspicious desserts that are thought of to bring good luck, abundance, and everlasting love.

You can also personalize your reception to suit your budget and preferences. You can have a buffet, a formal sit-down, multi-course meal, or an outdoor, luau style party where there are lots of grilled stuff. You can have an open bar, fireworks, and even a cotton candy machine to please your guests. No matter how simple or eclectic your taste in food is, in Koh Samui it could all happen.

You can keep the wedding a secret for a while.


It is normal for newlyweds to want to shout their newly blessed union to the whole world and show off their wedding rings and the thing that started it all—the RING given during engagement. However there are some couples who care more about their privacy, not because they are hiding anything, but just because being married is ultimately just about them, not others.

If you want to keep your marriage a secret for a while—say you are a celebrity or a big figure who would do anything to keep your life private or you just want to savor the essence of being married with only the most special people in your life—then a far off place like Samui is perfect.

The honeymoon is guaranteed to be romantic.

Koh Samui, with its turquoise beaches and gorgeous tropical vibe, is naturally romantic. Here your wedding holiday will be nothing but sweet and special. You can take a cruise or ride a private yacht heading to a secluded beach house right after the party. You can have a sunset dinner and a nice picnic brunch the morning after. If you want something different, you may also book for a cooking lesson for two or a couple spa-rty.

If adventure is synonymous to romance, then chase the adrenaline high by trying a number of exciting island activities such as parasailing, fly board, indoor skydiving, or bungee jumping. You can even ride the jet ski or try one of Samui’s famous escape rooms.

Your married life will start with a smile.

There are so many reasons to smile about in Koh Samui. There’s beauty everywhere and the sky is always clear. Also, it is brimming with culture and has truly nice people. Being in a place that can instantly bring a smile to your face is the best way to set forth to married life. Start your journey with a smile and maybe your married life will always be filled with happiness.

There’s another reason to go back to Koh Samui again and again.

The place where you exchange vows will always be special. If you were in love with Koh Samui even before you got married, then you are sure to love it even more if you seal your union here. Then for sure, you would want to come back whenever you have the chance.