Beach weddings are famous for their beauty, spontaneity, and casual feel. It is not easy to plan a beach wedding because there are many details to consider. Add the fact that your ceremony can be at the mercy of the elements. If you are set on Koh Samui as your wedding destination and it is a lovely ceremony at the beach you want, take the time to read these tips to make planning for your big day a lot easier.

Avoid the popular months.

This is for two reasons. It would be harder to book a venue around those times. In addition, wedding supplies are pricier around that period too. February and June are big wedding months on the island. If you can, schedule your big day some other time. Mid January is  good  because the weather is  cool and dry so there is little chance of rain and it is not unbearably hot. March is also favorable although the weather then is starting to get hot.

Hire a planner that specializes in beach weddings.

Detailed planning and reliable execution are a must if you want your Koh Samui beach wedding to be a success. Because you will be doing the event in an unpredictable environment (outdoors), planning is crucial. Everything from the set up to the sound system has to be ready for the beach. You may probably get away with planning your wedding yourself at your home country but a beach wedding overseas sounds like a job for a local wedding expert if you want things to go as stress free as possible.

Anticipate common beach woes.

There is no such thing as an absolutely perfect wedding venue. Even the beach with its picture perfect scenery has its challenges. The wind is one. Winds are considerably strong near the beach and while this is good for relaxation, kitesurfing, and outdoor exploration, it is an issue for an outdoor event. The gutsy breeze means it is a bit harder to put up lightweight decorations and accents. It also means that the bride will have to think twice about getting that antique veil and probably need to reconsider letting her hair down during the occasion.

Let the guests know that it it will be a beach wedding.

Your guests probably know that you are getting married in Koh Samui but it is important that they know that it will be right at the beach. This way they could dress appropriately and the ladies can ditch their heels and wear more beach ready footwear. Better yet, specify the dress code to be sure.

Stay updated with the latest weather forecast.

Weather conditions are a big player in how your wedding would turn out. If it is sunny and hot, your guests could be sweating and feel the heat getting on their nerves. Be ready with hand fans, sunnies, and some cooling refreshments to beat the heat and the glare. If it is predicted to rain, have a backup plan in case it becomes impossible to proceed with the outdoor ceremony. Have an indoor area prepped just in case.  A tent or a function room that can protect you and your guests from getting wet should be available.

Book a private beachfront wedding villa as your venue.

A private wedding venue, preferably a luxury villa with multiple rooms set at the beach, offers more space and flexibility than a commercial resort or another public venue. Most luxury villas have exclusive beach access and have secure perimeters meant to keep the outsiders away. Also if the weather suddenly becomes turbulent, you have a safe refuge just a few steps away—not something that you have to leave in a few hours in case it is hard to travel because of heavy rains. A private villa can also be booked for several days, covering the time prior to the wedding as well as days after that if that’s what you want. This makes advance preparation and sudden rearrangements possible. A venue that is booked for hours don’t give you that flexibility and that can get stressful for you and your guests.

Keep the ceremony solemn but quick.

A solemn but not draggy ceremony is the right one for a beach setting. Save the other details and exchanges for the reception.

Be ready with welcome presents.

Your guests travel miles to join you on your very special day. A welcome bag or swag with beach essentials like sunscreen, towels, flip flops, after sun gel, and beaded accessories will be much appreciated. These are not necessary but just a nice gesture.

Beach proof your hair and makeup.

Unless you want your face to look like a melting cake and your hair to be as poofy as cotton candy as you walk down the aisle, it is important to think about beach proofing your look if you are the bride. Loose wavy hair can look mermaid-y and very cool at the beach but if your mane reacts to humidity, letting it down may not be the best way to go about it. A loose chignon or a neat elegant ponytail will keep the hair off your face as the wind blows. Plus, it won’t mix up with the sweat in case it gets hot. A braided updo is another option as well as a “messy” bun. If you have short hair, dress it up by wearing a floral crown. Just make sure to secure it with bobby pins or risk it being blown by the breeze. As for your makeup, avoid greasy and heavy formulas. Airbrushed makeup is good if you want coverage while powder foundation is still best if your skin tends to get oily. Also, your eye makeup has to be waterproof. You will sweat, might get wet due to rains or could well up as you exchange vows with your future spouse. Unless the raccoon look is what you are going for, go waterproof. And if possible, have a test run of your bridal hair and makeup.

Ask friends who have done it.

Nothing can really prepare you for the things that might happen on a beach wedding like the the testimonials of people who have done it. So if you are set on this ask friends or read threads where people share their experiences. This will open your eyes and help you plan better.

Have fun and hope for the best.

The unpredictability of Koh Samui beach weddings is the reason why they are both appealing and challenging. For your peace of mind, avail of an insurance. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun and hope for the best. Sometimes the unexpected actually makes an event more memorable in a good way, so just try to enjoy and don’t focus too much on what might go wrong.

Best wishes.