You can increase your marital luck and happiness with local desserts.

In Thailand,it is a custom to include desserts that are believed to bring happiness, a lifetime of love, and infinite blessings to the couple. These are called auspicious desserts and most of them are golden in color. They taste pretty much the same but vary in form.  Among them are tong yip (flower shaped), tong yod (ball shaped), and foy tong (strands).

You can head straight to your honeymoon.

Nowadays, it is pretty common for the honeymoon to come days and even weeks after the wedding which kind of defeats its purpose. Honeymoon is supposed to be right after the ceremony and if you tie the knot in Samui, you can do that. After the reception, you can bid your guests goodnight and head straight to your love nest and spend real quality time with your new spouse.

Size doesn’t matter.

Here weddings can be intimate or extravagant. There is no norm. If you only want a simple, very quiet event—just family, it can be done. If you want your special day to be big, lavish, with all the luxurious details, that’s okay too. Here your preferences matter. There’s no pressure to have a big celebration if that’s not your thing. You can choose to invite only your closest friends and relatives. Since you are doing it far away, you automatically get away from the need to invite everyone and their dog.

You can hire a professional helping hand.

Planning isn’t your best asset? Then hire someone to help you. It is common practice for foreign couples to seek the help of a wedding coordinator to oversee every detail of the big day. A local expert will ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is quite challenging to plan a gathering abroad because of the language barrier and the lack of familiarity about local dealings. Someone who can speak Thai and has good history of planning is your best bet for the job. Of course hiring someone means added expense on your part but it also means less hassle for you and your partner.

Your beach wedding could be a public event.

It’s hard to keep an event at the beach absolutely private simply because it is a public area. Unless the resort owns the entire beachfront or you book for a gated property with exclusive beach access, expect some audience. This isn’t nothing to worry about. People are naturally curious about celebrations. They might actually be giving you silent best wishes. Besides, if you are walking down the aisle and locking eyes with your future spouse, nothing else really matters.

You can cut your expense by being wise about your venue.

Some couples will pick a separate venue for their accommodation prior to the wedding, actual celebration, and honeymoon. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but everything can be simplified by booking a flexible place that could be the setting for all three. A private luxury villa is the solution to this. Think about it, you pay for only one place and it’s yours for the duration of your stay. You’ll have a perfect wedding venue; you and your guests will have a nice accommodation; and you need not pick a separate honeymoon suite unless you badly need the privacy or you want an even more special place for your love nest. You can choose from a number of beautiful properties for rent across Koh Samui. You can have a hilltop getaway home, a beachfront bungalow, or a traditional style house with a huge garden where you can have the ceremony.

February, April and June are peak months.

These three are the popular months for a wedding on the island. In a way this could work against you because the supplies are in demand, meaning they are a little bit costly. Wedding venues could be a little tight too so if you are eyeing to get married around these times, book early and plan ahead of time. Or if you are not picky when it comes to dates and your schedule permits, just get married outside these months. Everything will be a bit easier if you do. Another thing. If you plan to tie the knot in April, be aware that it is the hottest month in Samui. Plan accordingly. Stock on ice, give your guests some hand fans, and don’t wear thick fabrics. Also, wear waterproof makeup if you are the bride. The heat is no joke.

Local food for the reception is best.

Want to save money? Tempting as it is to have a meal of filet mignon or salmon, don’t unless you have a high budget. Western style food involves imported ingredients so they are naturally pricey. Serve Thai food instead. Your guests will have a taste of local cuisine, you save money, so everyone is happy. Thai food is very festive and colorful, and very filling too. Don’t forget to serve local desserts and fresh fruits as well. Also, go easy on the European wines. A little too much can break the bank.

You are not the first and definitely not the last couple to tie the knot here.

As a popular destination for engaged couples, Koh Samui continues to rule as one of the best places to get married in Southeast Asia. Many happy brides and grooms tied the knot on the island and the number is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

We wish you a truly blissful married life and may you have the wedding ceremony you have always wanted.