Planning for a wedding can be daunting and stressful, which is why you have to allot some time to figure out what you want and do some thorough research in order to make sure that no detail will be taken for granted. If you are planning for a Thai Sea view wedding in Koh Samui, take a moment to consider these factors.

Wedding Planner

With all the wedding apps available nowadays and idea sites like Pinterest, it seems that many bride are considering on planning the wedding themselves. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is not easy especially if you are getting married in a foreign country. Wedding planning DIY is easier when you are in your home country where you speak the language and you are familiar with everything. It is a different story for a destination wedding. Having a wedding planner will cut some of the stress out for you because they have the network, the suppliers, and know their way around the island. Remember you only have one shot to have the perfect wedding ceremony and since you will be walking down the aisle, you need someone, a professional, to oversee things so you can get married without fuss.

The Venue

Think of the venue as primary focal point of your wedding planning. Second only to the budget in terms of importance, this will influence a lot of the details on your wedding day. A sea view wedding calls for stunning beach views and for this, the location of the venue will play a role. Think about what you want. Does it have to be a beachfront venue or will panoramic views suffice? If you are content with panoramic sea views on the background, this means that you don’t necessarily have to book a beachfront villa, just one that is strategically designed to highlight the scenery.

Also, the venue must be designed for comfort. There should be enough ventilation to combat the heat and amenities such as changing rooms and showers should be enough for your guests. The space should also be big enough to allow some room for preparations on your actual wedding day. Remember, you will be doing your makeup, your hair, etc. Plus, your entourage will be putting on their outfits too. There could be a major traffic of people coming and going so you need a place that has space for all of that. There should also be plenty of seats and lounge areas where guests can hang out while getting ready.

The Beach

In case a sea view wedding means a ceremony right at the beach for you, then you need to book a beachfront location. The beach then should be according to your preferences. If you don’t mind the crowd, then maybe you can consider venues in Chaweng or Lamai. However if you want a really secluded beach, we recommend booking a place in one of the island’s low key beaches like Lipa Noi and Bang Po. To help you, we suggest stopping by a number of Koh Samui’s beaches. Being actually there will give you an idea about the overall vibe in the area. Take pictures and note the scenery so you can grasp what your wedding could be like.

The Ceremony

The beauty of getting married in Koh Samui is that you can have a conventional Western wedding if that’s what you prefer. If you are open minded, you may choose to get married the way locals do, in the traditional Thai manner. You can even have both. Great thing is that almost every sea view wedding venue includes both as options so you can pick which one is right for you.

The Reception

In many cultures, the reception is as important as the wedding ceremony itself so you need to plan for it too. It is imperative that the place is spacious enough for the celebration you have in mind. Consider not only the number of guests but also the activities you have lined up. Will it just be a simple dinner and toasting? Then you won’t need a lot of space. If there will be dancing, games, and an all out party after the ceremony then maybe you need a bigger place for the reception. Inquire about miscellaneous stuff like dance floor, sound system, wash rooms, and electric outlets. Never assume that they are all available or that there is enough of them. Ask and know for sure.

The Weather

If you pick a tropical wedding destination, know that the sunny, clear blue skies, and soothing breeze kind of weather has an evil twin—the rainy, muddy, and even stormy weather that islands get from a certain period in a year. Even though the weather is perfect during your visit, know that it could be the opposite on your big day. To be safe, plan the wedding to happen indoors especially during the island’s rainy season. If you insist on having an outdoor wedding, have a contingency plan ready in case it rains. It doesn’t matter if it is summer. Always have a plan B.

The Budget

The kind of wedding that you can have will be majorly affected by the budget. It is necessary to establish the wedding budget for your sea view wedding before you plan anything else. Many brides have fallen into the trap of being carried away by the early planning stage only for them to be disappointed when they realize that their savings won’t allow for the details they have included. Setting the budget early on allows you to make realistic choices and avoid overspending mistakes. Wedding experts advise that you make major payments when your currency is strong (high value) since exchange rates can more or less affect your payments. Your wedding bill can be actually more expensive or less depending on the forex so make sure you factor that in.

Logistics and Actual Number of Guests

Because you will getting married in a foreign country, it could be quite hard to figure out your actual number of guests. Some may promise to come but cancel at the last minute while others may decline at the beginning only to show up hours before the ceremony like some sort of miracle. Others may surprise you for drama (yes people do that). You have to plan your wedding in such as way that there’s room for the unexpected. Make sure that you talk to your wedding planner about the possibility of getting additional plates or seats so you know what to do when the need arises.

Also since people will be coming at different schedules from different locations, you also have to consider the logistics of your entourage and your wedding supplies. Who will pick up what or whom? Is your venue easy to get to? How far or near are you from the airport? How about the accommodations of the guests? These questions have to be considered too.

Honeymoon Activities

Your wedding planning should not stop with the ceremony and the reception. You also have to think of your honeymoon. Most wedding packages include champagne, flowers, and accommodation for the newlyweds for their wedding night. However if you really want to get the most of your destination wedding and you have the time to stay longer anyway, take the chance to do something together post wedding. You may book for a private island tour, candlelight dinner by the beach, a cooking lesson, or even a couple of watersports lessons. The kind of honeymoon that you have should also be considered. Are you planning to have lots of bar hopping afterwards? Then Chaweng might be your best bet. If you want a more nature oriented honeymoon and you just want great scenery, there’s Choeng Mon and Maenam for you. You also have the option to get out of Samui and explore other islands. Whatever you have in mind, make sure to include the honeymoon on the budget since fees here and there can all add up.

Legal Requirements

Since you are getting married in Koh Samui, you need to meet the requirements of the Thai government before you can get tie the knot. Both parties must secure a declaration and proof that they are eligible to marry. Make sure to coordinate with your respective embassies if you are both foreigners.

Wedding Tokens

Wedding souvenirs or tokens are not compulsory. However, they are a thoughtful gesture and a simple way to say thank you to your guests for joining you as you take your special union. The tokens need not be pricey and are something you can cater to your personalities and even have customized. Some really good ones are sand bottles, miniature starfish replicas, sand dollars, handmade fans, Koh Samui postcards, personalized toiletries, and flip flops.


The wedding videos and photos are of great importance because they will be concrete reminders of your once in a lifetime sea view wedding. While on the island, ask your wedding planner to book you with an experienced wedding videographer and photographer to ensure that your ceremony will be beautifully preserved on film and print. Professional wedding photographers who speak your language are a must especially if your photos need to have a certain theme. Avoid having issues later by shooting any possible communication barriers on the foot.

Wedding Attire

Maybe you and your beloved have always wanted to get married dressed to the nines, the bride in this beaded long sleeves floor length cascading silk gown and the groom in his custom made Tom Ford tux. Not to be a party pooper but the sweltering heat in the tropics may not be the best for those kinds of outfit, especially at the height of summer by the sea. If your heart is set on a ball gown or formal coat, then maybe you might consider an indoor wedding or maybe schedule the ceremony at night or late afternoon, when the sun is no longer that high.


An open bar may cost you a lot of money. For those who want to save, you might want to buy your beverages in bulk from a wholesaler. This is particularly helpful if there would be heavy drinking long after the wedding is over, which commonly happens if the wedding doubles as a family reunion.

The Menu

The food usually depends on the theme. If you are planning a rustic Italian feast, then Italian and Mediterranean items are to be expected. Then again you can always bend the rules, after all it is your wedding. As a rule, notify the caterer if there are special considerations such as foods to avoid, kiddie meals, vegan options etc. If you have guests with serious allergies, say with seafood or nuts, have an alternative menu for them if your dishes have ingredients that might pose a problem. If you will be serving Thai food also advise on the spice levels so your guests won’t be shocked or overwhelmed. If possible keep the chili on the minimum.

Other Details

Weddings are all about details and as you progress with planning for your sea view wedding, you’ll realize that they seem to multiply and add up. There’s the cake, the flower arrangements, the entourage’s outfits, music etc. To ensure that you have everything covered, make a spreadsheet or a manual list so you can update and monitor regularly. It’s nice if you have a wedding planner to take care of everything but still you need to be able to have a good picture of how things are doing. It is better to resolve an issue while still minor than deal with a pile of issues that already got serious because you weren’t paying attention.

Koh Samui is a prime location for a romantic sea view wedding. Hopefully these tips can help you have a stress free and more blissful tropical wedding.