Koh Samui Wedding Destination Getaway

Can you have two ceremonies?

Wedding in Koh Samui, you can have the Western style wedding you have always wanted. In fact, most foreigners opt for this kind of ceremony. Thai Buddhist wedding performed by certified Monks from sacred Thai temple to sanctify your marriage. It’s actually a nice way to experience local culture first-hand. If you have the budget for it and you can’t decide which one to go for, they have both. A lot of couples have done this.

Getting married on a cruise ship.

For a more luxurious and special ceremony, you can get a private charter and exchange vows aboard a magnificent yacht. Saying your I Do’s in the middle of the sea at sunset doesn’t get any more romantic. Plus, your guests will always remember your Samui wedding for sure. You can even make it a theme wedding.

It is not as pricey as you think.

Some people think that it always involves an insane amount of money to have a wedding overseas. It’s not always expensive. Actually, it can even save you money. Sure you need to find a place, buy plane tickets, and factor in the cost of local food, wedding supplies, and venues. However, since you won’t have to invite everyone your expenses naturally drop. Plus here you can actually avail of wedding packages that give good value for money. If your tastes are simple and a solemn ceremony is what you care for ultimately, Koh Samui is a practical choice.

Wedding packages are readily available.

Probably among the top reasons why many engaged lovers pick the island for their wedding is that here tying the knot is more convenient. Assuming you are eligible to marry and have completed the necessary requirements, everything is easy. In fact, you can simplify the whole thing by just buying a wedding package. Everything is well-taking care off. The best part is that these bundles or deals take the hassle and stress off your shoulders, so long as you transact with a reputable company.

The requirements are reasonable.

You need a wedding legal expert based in Bangkok, need to pick you up from your hotel and bring you to your embassy, translation office and Thai Foreign Affairs Department for marriage certification, then OFF you go for shopping! The next thing you wait is the local registrar authority that will come on your wedding day to sign your marriage certificate with you. Your marriage certificate will be finally registered back in Bangkok and will be sent to your country if you already left Koh Samui. ALL DONE, and you are now officially and legally married on a tropical island of Koh Samui, which you have never thought possible because, with Samui Island Weddings, Island Wedding outside your country is not just a dream!

It need not be a beach wedding.

Not all Koh Samui weddings are set at the beach. If you want a different setting, you can go for that. Many couples have decided to have the ceremony at a beautiful garden or at a luxury villa set on top of a hill for the most stunning views as the backdrop. There are those who went for an indoor wedding at an exclusive hotel to totally wipe out the possibility of getting wet due to rain. The choice is yours.

It is not as stressful as having it on your own turf.

If you had a relative or a friend who got married recently you can ask them about the whole wedding preparations stuff and we bet that they will tell you one thing: the stress of it all. Because it is such a momentous event, there is pressure there, especially if the weddings in your home country are extravagant. If you decide to tie the knot in your hometown or say village, people can easily hear about the news and naturally expect to be invited. You may actually want them to be there or maybe not but budget constraints will make it impossible for them to all be there. It is easier to plan for a small event than a big one, that’s why many couples are coming here to get married.

It could rain.

Koh Samui, with its beautiful white sand beaches, is not sunny all year round. Since it is in the tropics, it has its share of rain. This is something you should consider when planning for the ceremony. If a beach wedding is your dream, know that there is a possibility of rain showers and thunderstorms so plan accordingly. September to November is the island’s wet season although know that part of being in a tropical country is its unpredictable weather conditions so even if it is dry season, there is still a chance of rain.

You and your entourage can opt to dress down for the occasion.

Because of the laid-back setting, you can ditch the formal wedding gown with layers and layers of silk fabric and the designer tuxedo that costs probably as much as your entire wedding. Most Samui brides choose dresses that are more casual, with light flowy fabrics that are suitable for the tropical climate. Some grooms go for a simple linen shirt and light colored pants or dress down further by choosing a tropical themed shirt and and khaki shorts. Of course you can dress to the nines if a formal European style ceremony is what you like. Ultimately it’s your call.