Wedding favors or souvenirs are technically not a necessity but more of a gesture of appreciation from the bride and the groom for their guests who took the time to witness their marital union. Many couples do not make a lot of fuss with regards to these tokens but the thing is, these souvenirs can make a lot of difference to your celebration and will surely bring a smile to anyone who gets them.

They need not be expensive.

For your Koh Samui wedding, you need not blow your budget for the presents you will give to your guests. Actually, they can be anything. They can be practical, sentimental, edible, or in keeping with your chosen theme. They can be as cheap as postcards or as expensive as jewelry or rare parfum in a beautiful crystal bottle. Bottom line: you can always find wedding favors to match your budget.

Make them yourself.

If you are artsy or have a talent in creating crafts or you simply prefer one of a kind pieces to give to your guests, then by all means buy your supplies and DIY. Some brides may find this time consuming though while others actually find making wedding giveaways relaxing. If this sounds like you and you have people to help you, then making them yourself might be the best way to go about it. Some ideas: homemade soaps, aromatic candles, tea boxes, hand painted mugs, and knitted purses.

If you decide to DIY, plan ahead. If you only have a few guests, you can get away with making the presents at the last minute. However if you want everything to be perfect or if your guest list is long, say more than a hundred, start looking for materials early and gather people to ensure that you will finish in time.

Also if the thought to make your own gifts enter your mind, be very realistic about it. Are your materials easily available in Samui or can you transport the finished items easily if you make them at home? Things like that. Lastly, try making a few pieces first before you go all out with the materials. The craft you have in mind might be more complicated than you think. Creating a trial batch will help you gauge the amount of time you need to finish one piece and know if it can actually be replicated by the ones who will be giving you a hand.

Go local.

If you will be tying the knot in Koh Samui anyway, then take advantage of the many local items that you can hand to your guests. Buy sarongs in multiple colors if you are having a beach wedding. Organic massage oils with personalized labels can also work. If you want a Thai inspired wedding token, you can go for elephant figures or pillowcases made from Thai silk.

Edible stuff are good wedding favors too.

If your family and friends know you as a food loving couple, you have all the more excuse to go for edible giveaways. A no fail option is dried mangoes. You can also give a tote or a mini basket containing popular Thai snacks or condiments such as tamarind paste, ready made curries, sweet chili sauce, and chili paste.

Try before you buy in bulk.

Say you are walking at a Koh Samui night market and you see these seemingly amazing handmade soaps​ that are on sale. Please resist the urge to buy all of them right away. Buy a couple of pieces for you to try at home or buy all variants and use them to see which one you like the best. Same goes for edible souvenirs. Taste them first. If they are not something you would eat yourself, do not give them as parting gifts.

Use the season for inspiration.

The season is a good inspiration source when you are planning for souvenirs for your big day. If it is the height of summer,hand fans with their own names would be perfect so the guests can cool themselves as you proceed with the ceremony. Being in a tropical country, things like after sun gel, flip flops, sunscreen, and beach towels will all be amazing presents.

Ask a local for ideas.

For those who don’t have any ideas on what favors to get, it is best if you ask a local for advice. If you have a lady friend or if you can muster the courage to chat with local vendors, maybe you can ask them about items commonly given as gifts for wedding guests here in Thailand. Or better yet, inquire where to get the best deals on these items.

Yes to practical gifts.

Useful items never go out of style, so long as you don’t have your monograms or photos permanently placed on them. Some items that are useful and your guests will love are bath robes, eco bags, wooden salad spoon, coaster, and cookie jars.

Prettify your tokens.

Fine accents here and there can make your wedding souvenirs more presentable, making them a key element on your celebration. Ribbons and tags that represent your wedding colors are suitable accents. However, please limit your labels on the outer packaging or tags and not on the item itself. Mugs with your pictures or plates with your invitation engraved onto the surface are so out of style and guests secretly hate them.

Buy or make extras.

Plan for possible breakage or loses by buying extra pieces. There’s nothing worse than a guest leaving empty handed because there weren’t enough giveaways. Always get extra. You may even want to keep a few pieces as mementos anyway so nothing will be put to waste.

Hopefully these tips can help you find the best wedding favor. Good luck on your search.