When you are a parent, picking a holiday destination is tricky. You need to consider your little ones and how they would feel being in a new place. Are there plenty of things for them to see? Won’t they get bored? There is also the question of convenience of toting the kids around, as well as the availability of dining places that will appeal to your children. The availability of accommodations that will suit your needs as a family also has to be factored in. All things considered, Koh Samui is an excellent destination for families. If you want to know, here is why you should take the kids to this lovely island.

They’ll have a chance to appreciate nature.

Modern families have busy lives and it’s a rare occasion that they are able to see outdoors and take the moment to appreciate the beauty of nature. It is believed that awareness of one’s surroundings and concern for the environment develop at an early stage. So the more you take the kids to green space, the more they will be outdoor-oriented and have appreciation for the beauty around them and for the other creatures that live in this planet. When in Koh Samui, take your little ones to the nature parks and the beaches. Let them explore and wonder. It will be good for them.

Being at the beach has multiple benefits for kids.

The beach is one of nature’s best schools. There is so much to see, touch, feel, hear, and smell. Allowing them to play at the shoreline encourages them to develop and be aware of their 5 senses. Let them play on the sand, watch them giggle as the waves chase them, and watch proudly as they soak up some sunshine. Fond memories of the beach will be with your children forever. Also, you will give them something to look forward to every vacation.
The beach is also believed to be the cure for a lot of issues. Children with eczema and respiratory problem will benefit from the salty beach air and water so bringing them here actually has more to it than just play and fun. It is a chance to heal and learn as well.

Children need some sunshine.

For sure you heard about sunshine vitamins. Right? Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D that is needed for stronger bones. Sunshine is also a cure for depression, pale and lifeless skin, and lethargy. Letting them play outside in Koh Samui will provide their bodies with enough sunshine. Just make sure they are drinking enough water and other fluids to compensate for excessive sweating.

They can try some water activities.

Unless they are really young, encourage your kids to take part in local water activities if they show interest. There are so many options on the island. There is surfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, and jetboard. If you see that they are interested, enroll them in a formal lesson. This is safer than letting them learn the sport on their own. At least with some training with a professional, they will be briefed with safety measures and can avoid accidents.

There are non-water fun and games too.

If your little ones are not too fond of the water, Koh Samui has a lot in store for them too. They can play go-kart, join cooking lessons with you (or watch if they are still young), go to the cinema, try escape games, or visit some of the island’s zoos.

You expand their horizons.

Taking your kids to Koh Samui will help their social, mental, and emotional development and allow them to expand their horizons. Letting them see many different places while they are still young will widen their universe, make them more curious, and eager to see what else is out there. It is the best way to give them a drive in life and help them find their full potential. Bringing them to a foreign place also is a chance for cultural immersion, improving their sense of humanity and opening their mind to various ways of life. This is something they can’t really learn in school and is fully honed by life experiences.

Local food is cheap.

A family holiday means a huge food expense but fortunately, you can eat on a budget in Koh Samui. Local food is cheap and delicious. Don’t be too intimidated by spicy food as most dining places will adjust hotness levels to suit the preferences of diners. Exposing them to Thai food while young will make them fans of Thai cuisine for life, especially if their holiday is laced with plenty of fun and excitement. Growing up, when they eat Thai dishes, they will always be reminded of their stay in the tropics, no matter how short.

Restaurants have kid-friendly menus.

If your kiddos are picky eaters and will only try familiar foods, they will have plenty to eat in Koh Samui. There are many Western dining places that serve kiddie favorites like spaghetti, pizza, chips, club sandwiches, and fried chicken. Rest assured that the children won’t get hungry here. If you want healthy snacks for them, you can introduce them to local fruits or maybe head to the supermarkets and try some Thai snacks. They might find a new favorite munchy.

Koh Samui offers a change of scenery.

If your children are so used to
their routine of school and videogames or you rarely see them since they stay holed up inside their rooms, it is time to break the pattern. The sunny weather will instantly relax your kids and the change of scenery will refresh them and you as well. Instead of spending hours in front of the computer you can take them outdoors and have fun together as a family.

Kids are welcome in Koh Samui.

While it may not seem so at first glance, Koh Samui is actually a kid-friendly place and is a good destination for families. Here you all can enjoy the island’s theme parks, restaurants, and the sand of course.