Time to Relax at the Renaissance

Our bodies have been itching to relax after the busy holiday season. When you work in the customer service industry, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. We still need to get the job done despite the holidays. Peak season is over and now is the chance for our team to re-inspect our villas after the back-to-back bookings.

It was about 2:00 PM when we all got to the villa renaissance. At the entrance, we were greeted by the super-friendly staff along with a refreshing Pandan juice to quench our thirst and wet towels to refresh us from the hot weather, followed by a fresh fruit platter as soon as we were settled.

Food that was served

We checked all four rooms, common areas, furniture, swimming pool and everything is still in superb condition. We got busy and didn’t take notice of the amazing sunset. Everything went fast and didn’t realize the time until the sky went dark! And you know what’s next? It’s dinnertime! The villa staff took dining to a deeper meaning. Lights were dimmed, chandeliers on, candles were lit and the dinner was served!

I felt like Belle of Beauty and the Beast being led to the dining table.

Only we’re not dressed up. Nevertheless, we were treated like prince and princesses. The staff filling and refilling our glasses with drinks, serving and making sure we get the finest dining experience. The Massaman Curry, Garlic Shrimp, and Black Pepper, Laab Moo (Pork salad), Stir-fried vegetable reflected quality and authenticity of Thai flavors.

The food was amazing but my mind is still telling me that there’s something missing… Dessert! It’s a good thing that I left some space for the delicious mango with sticky rice!

Spending the night here at the villa makes me forget about the stress of a busy city life.

No traffic, no loud music from the bars and restaurants, it’s like staying in your private island! After dinner, I decided to relax and try my room’s outdoor bathtub. No need for music as the soothing sound of the waves and water rippling from the garden waterfalls is enough to set the mood.

Sunrise and Breakfast experience at villa renaissance is worth waking up for.

But before filling our tummies, we decided to have a little walk on the beach. Witnessing the break of dawn is one of the great experiences at the villa. Though the view of the sunrise is not that great on this side of the island, I still get to see the clouds touching the tip of the hills and the combination of yellow and orange is slowly showing up on the horizon.

Here comes the time for the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

We were served with fresh bread, croissants and muffins, jams, fresh fruits and with coffee to die for. Definitely, not your ordinary continental breakfast! We also requested the night before for an additional cheese platter, ham, sausage, bacon, and eggs to be served.

I would say that the best thing in staying at the villa renaissance is sharing a unique and intimate experience with your family and friends with unrestricted relaxation – in this case with my lovely team. It is like staying in the comfort of your own home while on holiday. I work in the villa industry but still, I’m ecstatic on the service. Kudos to the housekeepers, chef and holiday planners. This is definitely one of the best hospitality experiences I have had! So, if you are looking for a perfect holiday experience, you definitely need to try staying in private villas!