If you are the type to stay up all night while on vacation, Chaweng is the perfect Koh Samui destination for you. The island’s party central is basically awake till dawn, keeping everyone entertained with its beach clubs, live music, and night food stops. For those who are too excited to sleep and would rather head out and party than curl up in bed, head out and visit these late night attractions in Chaweng.

Gringos Cantina Mexican Restaurant

Care for some snack? A Mexican dining place that is open til midnight is Gringos Cantina Mexican Restaurant. Located in Chaweng Center, here you can drink lots of margaritas and indulge in Mexican food. The service is really good and fast. Plus, the items on the menu are all affordable. A recommended dish is their chicken burrito. This is a filling and yummy late night snack that will ensure all the alcohol you drink won’t get in your head. Their nachos comes in huge servings and is big enough to share. It has loads of toppings and has a generous amount of salsa. Another winning dish is the chicken taco. Crunchy, spicy,with plenty of meat, veggies, and cheese, we won’t judge you if you wouldn’t want to share as it is so delicious. Gringos has a nice tropical inspired setting with lots of Mexican themed decor. They even have giant hats that you can wear while inside and use for cute selfies. Gringos serve great food and unique refreshing cocktails, you’ll be glad you stayed up late.

Solo Bar

Open til 2 am, Bar Solo is another venue you can visit if you are in the mood for some late night fun. Located at the Chaweng Beach Road, here you can dance and drink your troubles away or watch the DJ put up a storm and tickle the crowd’s fancy. The concept of Bar Solo is inspired by Ibiza club parties so everything here is current, modern, and hip. The music is great and the cocktails they serve are noteworthy too.

Bar Solo boasts multiple plasma screens, a pool table, and a huge dance floor. If you want to get deals on drinks, take advantage of the half price promo that you can avail from 2 to 8 pm. If you are looking for a drink that will knock you out, we recommend their vodka bucket. Also, if you are into flavored smoke, you can try the house’s shisha.

On Street Bar

A small venue where you can drink all night and beyond is On Street Bar. This is a unique late night attraction in Chaweng. The place was created using old materials put together artistically so there isn’t anything like it. The size of the place and the friendly regulars will make you enjoy your time here. Though not fancy, the casual vibe of On Street Bar has a certain charm to it, making people glued to the place.

The owner of this bar will welcome you with a smile. His amicable personality and artistic genius helped this venue become a cozy hangout in Chaweng. Here you can drink good cocktails for only 100 baht. A must try for an unforgettable night of drinking is their rainbow shots. This beverage is full of color and is fun to drink. It sure is very popular here at On Street Bar.

Tropical Murphy’s Irish Pub

A cool place to have great beers is Tropical Murphy’s. This is an Irish pub and is where you can get your Guinness fix. This pub has an impressive selection of your favorite Irish drinks. Also, they serve amazing comfort food in huge portions. If you are really hungry, go for their ribs. It is crazy big and will surely satisfy your meat cravings. A real filling treat form the house is the chicken and mushroom pie. This is baked to perfection and has a delicious yummy meaty filling and flaky crust—highly recommended. Tropical Murphy’s is open til 2 am so in case you feel like eating post midnight, you can stop by and try their specials. You can find them at the Chaweng Beach Road.


Late night barbecue anyone? At Zico’s you can order your favorite grilled dishes and even try their all you can eat promo. Zico’s is a Brazilian themed restaurant and combines great meals with entertaining live performances. Here gorgeously glammed up Brazilian dancers will delight you with their graceful moves. Watch them as they dance sumba and salsa or you can simply listen to the house’s special live music. Their buffet promo gives you access to their wide selection of freshly made dishes. There are plenty of salads, seafood, and meat dishes. Fruits and desserts are also included.

The interior of Zico’s is a feast for the eyes as it features unique Brazilian inspired street art. Aside from this, the menu is comprehensive and you have amazing choices when it comes to cocktails as well.

Djouns. Lounge and Shisha

A relaxing hookah bar where you can cozy up with some shisha is Djouns. This is a nice alternative to conventional beach clubs and lounges Here you can be with people and bask in the laid back vibe til 2 am. Whether you prefer a cocktail or a soothing cup of Moroccan tea, you will surely have a wonderful time at Djouns.


Open until 12 am, Stacked is a recommended venue for night owls. This restaurant serves top notch food and drinks and has a fun, cozy atmosphere that will appeal to the whole family. For those who can’t get enough of comfort food like burgers, hotdogs, and tacos, this is the place for you. Stacked also serves the best steaks. We love their Prime Strip Loin. It is perfection in every bite. Stacked is also a home to some of Chaweng’s best cocktails. Among our favorites are Mai Tai, The Sand, and Bacon Stacked Bloody Mary. A nice late night snack is their creamy clam chowder served in a bread bowl. Make sure you try it.