Thailand is known to be the nightlife capital of Asia. Some of the trendiest bars and really hip clubs are in the country and most of them can be found in Koh Samui. However if partying with the crowd with a beer on hand is not how you want to spend your evenings while on a holiday, then we got some ideas for you. On the island, you can have fun while escaping the usual noisy nightlife. Here are a number of not-so-usual ways to spend your evenings in Koh Samui.

Enjoy the cold at Bar Ice.

For nights when you fancy a drink but want to see a place that is out of the ordinary, you will have a lot of fun at Bar Ice. This is a unique bar and if you get cold easily, better stay away. Imagine being able to enjoy subzero temperature at the tropics. This is exactly what Bar Ice is about. Here you will get to chill—literally and figuratively.

At Bar Ice the star is the ice. The interiors and decor are mostly made of ice, even the bar. The even better part is that even the glass that houses your drink is made of ice. Think of the Bar Ice experience as a museum tour only with an ice glass on hand and where all the displays are ice sculptures.

If your teeth are already gritting from the cold, you could step out to the beer garden and just enjoy your drinks and the tropical scenery at a more tolerable temperature. We won’t judge you for your cold feet.

Check out the night markets.

So maybe you are not in the mood to party and dance the night away. How about exploring the area and getting in touch with locals? Koh Samui has plenty of night markets where you can rub shoulders with both travellers and locals alike, learn more about the culture, and buy locally made items. The night markets also are a nice place to try delicious street food and wipe away boredom.

One of the places you should take note of is the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street. This is open from 5-11 pm every Friday and is a fitting venue to hang out with friends or go on a solitary shopping mission to buy local crafts, spices, and traditional clothing. Folks here are friendly and because of the busy ambience, you won’t get lonely even if you choose to go shopping alone. There are tons of merchandise waiting for you here from locally made bags, souvenir shirts, toys, and even Thai silk.

If you are famished after exploring every nook and cranny of the shopping stalls, you can take a break and sample some Thai food. For a low price, you can have yummy spring rolls, skewers, and even sweet treats.

Souvenirs can be bought here for a cheap price too. You can check out some art works, beaded jewelry, and figurines to give as travel tokens to friends when you get home.

Have a full body spa treatment.

We bet that you came to Koh Samui to relax and what better way to have some R&R than going to the spa? Instead of heading out, you can try the spa treatments offered by your resort and you can be sure to have a good night sleep later in the night.

Get a massage treatment to alleviate stress levels and try some exotic body scrubs. Koh Samui resorts take pride in their spa treatments and make use of local ingredients to provide more soothing tropical wellness treatments. One of the best on the island is the Luxsa Spa at Hansar Samui. Among their most popular offers is the Detoxifying Wrap which uses only quality natural ingredients.

Have a memorable food trip.

Definitely one of the satisfying ways to spend an evening in Thailand is to eat. The country is known for its diverse dining scene, which can also be observed in Samui. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to cafe and restaurants to please every kind of foodie. There are of course impressive Thai restaurants should you want to sample local dishes. Apart from those, almost every major cuisine in the world is represented on the island.

If Japanese food is your thing, there are lots of choices. There’s Koburi Japanese Restaurant in Maenam for authentic sushi; Zen Japanese Restaurant for Japanese offerings at a reasonable price; and Namu for the best green tea tiramisu. If Italian food is what you prefer, there are plenty of options waiting for you. Among the most notable ones are Pepenero, Da Bardo, and Casa Italia.

If you are adventurous and have a liking for exotic food, maybe you can skip the restaurants and try the street food stalls instead. These are considerably cheaper and offer the best selection as far as local food goes. Have a taste of locally seasoned chicken barbecue, sticky rice, and papaya salad. Also don’t miss out on shaved ice treats and a hot bowl of noodle soup. Local seafood and curry are also exceptional in Koh Samui. Central Lamai, Chaweng, and Fisherman’s Village are recommended stops for street food.

Solve mysteries at Escapade.

For geeks and wannabe detectives who can’t get enough of puzzles and mysteries, a superb way to have an evening blast in Koh Samui is to visit Escapade. In this unusual place, you can plot your escape with the help of clues that you’ll get as you proceed with your mission of choice. You have two mysteries to select from: Taken and Framed—both head scratchers. Price starts at THB 795 per person. Note that the bigger the group, the lesser is the price per head. For groups of 5 to 6, it is recommended that you book your chosen mission over the phone to avoid hassle.

Hate the ordinary nightlife? That should be no problem in Koh Samui. Here there are many ways to have a wonderful evening even if you are not a crazy party animal.