What used to be accommodations only the rich and famous can afford, private villas are now within your reach right here in Koh Samui. For those who want to vacation in style and save on your stay in the long run, maybe you should look beyond hotels and resorts when looking for a place to stay. On the island, many travellers are now into luxury villas more than ever. Find out why.

Undeniable luxurious feel.

When it comes to accommodations,nothing beats the feel of luxury offered by private luxury homes. Aside from the optimum security and the incomparable amount of space provided by these properties, most of them boast the most spectacular views and grandest aesthetics. Whether you are sitting at the lavish living room or having a hot stone treatment at the outdoor sala, an exclusive retreat in Koh Samui can amp up your experience exponentially.

Wide range of options in terms of size and aesthetics.

Local private villas undoubtedly offers more space than hotels. Even so, you can choose the size of the accommodation most suitable for you and your family. You can go for a single bedroom or a 2 bedroom home for honeymoon purposes or opt for a 7 bedroom hacienda if your group is bigger or if your purpose is to use it for a big event.

In Koh Samui, there are many options in terms of size and design inspiration. There are traditional style homes and edgy living spaces showcasing modern works of art and ultra modern design.

All the convenience of a hotel and more.

The main reason why some travellers still choose hotels is convenience. However, Koh Samui luxury retreats can beat commercial accommodations in that area. Everything from airport transfers to concierge services to driving services are now commonly facilitated by villa rentals. Now you have all the more reason to skip small and boring hotel rooms.

Blissful privacy.

If there is one avenue where commercial accommodations simply can’t win, it is privacy. The beauty of staying at an exclusive grand island home is that it is yours for the duration of your stay—just yours. You don’t have to share your hall, you need not bump into a stranger inside the elevator, and the only people you have to interact with all the time are within your group unless you choose to avail of special services like cooking and babysitting, in which case an entrusted staff will assist you with your needs.

Maximum fun.

A hotel room can only offer you a place to stay the night, unless you have a very high boredom threshold and can survive in a small space. If you want to make the most of your island holiday, villas are your best bet. You need not worry about waking up the guests in the next room or across the hall and you can party and laugh til your drop even at the crack of dawn.

Also if you frequently travel your kids, you know that your vacation can only be as good as their mood. So basically, happy kids, great stay. There are plenty of kid-friendly villa accommodations on the island that you can easily spot the best getaway home for your family—the one that will make your kids content from Day 1 till you leave.

At home spa.

Island holidays are now primarily about relaxation and if that means spa treatments for you, then you have another reason why you must consider booking a luxury rental. In your home away from home, you can have your favorite spa indulgences without leaving the property. Have a nourishing body wrap, an after sun facial, or get a pedicure at the time convenient for you.

The beach could be right at your doorsteps.

Imagine waking up with the beach just a few steps away from your bedroom terrace. You can have that if you book an exclusive beachfront Koh Samui crib. There are lots of great villas set at the beach which can give you a chance to make your ultimate dream holiday come true.

Home/ event venue.

If the reason why you are on the island is because you are planning an event or celebrating an important occasion with friends, a villa accommodation will give better value for money. Think about it. If you stay at a stylish private property that is spacious enough to be an event venue, you can have the perfect setting for your celebration. At the same time you and your guests have a comfortable place to stay.

You can pick a hideaway at the most secluded spots in Koh Samui.

Commercial accommodations are usually located on touristy parts of the island and if you want to stay in beautiful areas of Samui that are under the radar, your best bet is to rent a private luxury villa.

You can do your own stuff.

If you are the type of holiday goer who is not used to being doted on and you prefer to do your own stuff anyway, Koh Samui villas are the right fit because in any of them you can cook your own food, do your own laundry, and wake up and come to bed when you wish to. You are not bound to any schedule. Plus, the holiday dynamics and daily routine can all be up to you.

Romantic setting and spectacular scenery.

For those who long for a romantic and nice ambience for their honeymoon, you can book a nice secluded villa on top of a hill or a stylish retreat set at the beach. With so many properties for rent to choose from, it won’t be too hard to find the perfect honeymoon nest.

Luxury villa rentals are kicking it in terms of amenities and services.

From swimming pools to jacuzzis to cozy home theatres and gaming consoles, a number of villa accommodations in Koh Samui are created to impress and sweep you off your feet. The only thing you need to do is to book one that calls out to you.