Here are more money saving tips for when you tie the knot on the island.

Stay in for the honeymoon.

Apart from the actual celebration, the honeymoon has to be factored in too in the wedding budget. You can save bucks by limiting the number of activities you do outside. This may sound extreme and not fun at all, but if you are creative enough, you can have a romantic honeymoon without ever leaving your villa. This tip may not work if you are staying at a hotel though.

For example if you have chosen a private luxury accommodation by the beach, you can have a nice breakfast picnic along the shoreline. You can rent a kayak too or perhaps sunbathe together. You can have a “camping” for two right in the yard. You can set up tents and have barbecue underneath the stars. Or if you have a private chef, you can arrange to have a romantic candlelight dinner. You can also have a day dedicated solely for spa treatments in your own honeymoon nest. The thing is if you really need to crunch numbers and you love each other’s company more than anything, even simple things can be romantic.

Limit the alcohol.

Before you even consider having an open bar, we need to warn you that alcoholic drinks can be truly expensive in Samui, particularly the imported brews. Some couples opt for a alcohol free wedding, with an exception of champagne for the wedding toast. If your guests are okay with it, maybe that’s something you can do on your wedding in koh samui. However if your crowd is the drinking type, stock up on local beer and spirits. You can buy them in bulk at Makro or Tesco. Or you can order from wholesaler if you can contact one. Another way to limit the alcoholic refreshments is to make mocktails (without spirits) or cocktails with a little kick of alcohol.

Make your own cake.

This suggestion is nuts if you have zero baking skills and you will be staying in a hotel or resort where you can’t cook and have no space to prepare anything. However if you will be staying in a luxury villa anyway and you have space plus the equipment you need, this is actually possible. This is assuming that you know how to bake and you have cake making experience. Many brides have done this so it actually isn’t so crazy at all.

Opt for wedding packages.

If you don’t care for a unique celebration and don’t mind having a wedding similar to other couples, you can avoid the hassle of it all by simply getting a wedding package. There are hotels, resorts, and some private villas that offer these, usually including a place to stay for the bride and groom. This has pros and cons of course. The main pro is that you need not think about a lot of stuff and avoid spending on things you won’t actually need. The main con is that privacy is not guaranteed especially if it is a commercial Koh Samui resort or hotel. Also, there is very little (if any) room for customization. Something to think about.

Tie the knot at home.

This may seem to defeat the purpose of a destination wedding but hear us out. You can have a wedding in your own country (not a lavish one where the whole town is invited) but a simple, legal one at your city hall (or a similar institution) with a couple of witnesses. Afterwards, you can have the symbolic wedding with all the trimmings here in Samui. This will save you from the hassles of fulfilling marital celebration requirements in a foreign country and the stress of the paperwork and added costs attached to them. It is easier to meet requirements at home where you speak the local language and you have very slim chance of being ripped off.

Let the guests’ paying for their own fare be their wedding gift.

For practical couples who want to save in every possible way, maybe you can consider getting no presents on your big day. Instead, explain to your guests that you want their presence to be their gift to you. Of course, they need to pay for their own ticket.

Drop the professional photography.

In this day and age of selfie and wacky photography, you actually have an excuse not to hire a professional wedding photographer for your event. Instead, let your guests take pictures. Or find disposable cameras (if they still make those) and distribute them before the ceremony so everyone can capture the moments and romantic highlights as you tie the knot. If you really want a formal photo with the good lighting and the props, then have photos taken before the wedding, maybe before you leave for Koh Samui.

Be wise about flowers.

Flowers are mainstay ornaments in weddings because they are beautiful and romantic. However, some them are costly and you can easily blow your budget on your bouquet alone if you are not careful. If you will be picking flowers for your big day, choose blooms that are in season and go for flowers that are big since they take up more volume than small ones. This means, you won’t be needing lots. Also, if you can, consider local flowers. They are more accessible and cheaper too. Think lotus, jasmine, frangipani, and roses. Jasmine are dainty flowers (we suggested big blooms) but they are popular in Thailand and they smell amazing so maybe you can consider them an exception.

Decorate the place yourself.

If you will be having an informal ceremony, say in your rented beachfront villa, skip the professional venue grooming and just prettify the place yourself. Of course this is not a one person job but if your guests are willing to help and you have a natural knack for decorating, then by all means do it. Click here for more information about koh samui villa wedding.

Photo credit to Danai Foto