Being an island destination, Koh Samui is definitely one hot watersports hub. There are a lot of activities here that you can perform in the water. There are fans of extreme, heart-pumping sports such as jet board, kitesurfing, and parasailing. However, not everyone can handle the rush that comes with those feats. If you want to take advantage of the clear waters of Koh Samui in a mellow, more relaxed manner, here are a few sports you can appreciate.

Big Game Fishing

One of the oldest past times known to man, fishing is always a hit in Samui. If you are looking for a way to have fun outside and you live for the familiar satisfaction of feeling something heavy tugging at the end of your fishing line, this is for you.

The richest waters of the island are located at the South so that’s where you’ll be taken by the captain when you go on a fishing tour. On board, the ambience​ is definitely relaxing and you’ll instantly feel at home with fellow enthusiasts. Most fishing tours also include lunch or snacks so you need not worry about getting hungry. Imagine feeling the sun and the tropical breeze against your face and knowing that underwater there are many exciting species of fish you could possibly catch. Are you ready to catch your first barracuda? Or what about snapper or cobia? A big game fishing tour in Samui will definitely liven up your fishing experience.


A relaxing way to explore the waters and scenery of Koh Samui is kayaking. Many resorts and private accommodations offer kayaks for rent so you can head off and paddle your way across the water at your own pace. Kayaking is soothing to the senses and is nice way to de-stress. It can be done solo or with someone and it will still be fun.

If you want to see more interesting sights and want to go a bit far, you can try booking for organized kayaking tours offshore. A trip to Angthong National Marine Park is very popular. Here you can see amazing land formations, hidden caves, and thick greenery. A tour here is bound to be memorable for anyone, especially those who love to be with nature. You may also want to schedule a tour of the nearby islands Koh Taen and Koh Mudsam if you want to pick a great spot for snorkelling or you just want to see what’s beyond Samui.


A not so physical sport, snorkelling is more of an activity for observation. This is another hit for nature lovers and is among the most relaxing water activities there is.

Snorkeling is a meditative thing because once you are underwater, no one will bother you and it’s just you and the fishes, corals, and other sea creatures. It is a soothing way to get away from the hustle and bustle and discover interesting life forms you don’t come across daily.

Because Koh Samui is rich in natural resources, you will be impressed by what you will see when you dive. It is a colorful and beautiful world down under and not everyone gets the chance to see it.

If snorkeling is what you came for, you can try Silver Beach, Coral Cove, and Ao Phang Ka. However, if you want to see more, head to Koh Tao or book for a snorkeling tour instead that will take you to the best spots in and out of the island.


Whether you are doing it freestyle or backstroke, in a private pool or at the beach, there is something about swimming that is relaxing to both mind and body. Maybe because when you swim, you become one with water, letting it take you in and wash your troubles away.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to swim too. Sometimes just being in the water of comfortable height, say at the swimming pool, is fun in itself. So take a dip, enjoy the sun, and allow the water to take off your worries. Or, you can seat on the shallow waters of the beach as you take in the beauty of your surroundings. That is satisfying too.

Stand-up Paddle Board

If you want to relax and workout at the same time (some are into this), you can give stand-up paddle board a try. This is currently among the hottest sports in Samui and is a good way to keep you in shape without overworking your body.

The beauty of SUP is that the intensity level can be varied. You can go slowly and leisurely, just floating across the water or you can catch the waves and let the current take you for some heart pumping action.

While doing stand up paddleboarding, you can get a good amount of sunlight and be able to breathe in the salty beach air that is believed to be good for the body. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried it before since it is easy to learn, is low impact, and is less risky than most water sports.

Jet Skiing

The steady sound of the engine as the jet ski cuts through the water is very soothing while the speed gives a sense of freedom, making jet ski a truly relaxing and fun sport. In Samui, this is probably among the coolest things you can do.

You can rent a jet ski and ride on your own or you can go on a tour, which is ideal if you want to see many key places. However, riding on your own is great too especially if you aren’t necessarily aiming for anything but a good ride and a moment of peace in the middle of the water. Jet ski rides are also perfect for couples who are on a date or newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Koh Samui indeed has something for everyone. Try any of these activities and have fun on your stay in the tropics.