What is The Squires Loft?

The Squires Loft Steakhouse in the romantic Fishermen’s Village of Bophut recently opened its doors and became an instant hit with both visitors and residents. The Squires Loft was established in 1995 and presents high-quality cuts of pasture and grain fed beef sourced from the lush pastures of Gippsland in Victoria Australia.

Aside from the prized meat, the Squires Loft provides an equally impressive dining environment. Space is certainly not at a premium here and even when the restaurant is almost full there is still plenty of space available for those wishing to enjoy an un-cramped dining experience!

Who are the owners and when did they start?

Owners, and passionate foodies, Troy and Michael have ticked every box when it comes to attention to detail, and have led their team on a culinary journey, sharing their fast experience of hospitality with willing hands and minds.

Troy started his journey with the Squires Loft back in 1998 as a bartender, since then he has opened four stores and is as passionate about the brand today as he was when he discovered it. Michael may not have spent his career with the Squires Loft but he has been enjoying dining at the popular venues in Australia for years and is delighted and excited to be part of their continued success on the island of Koh Samui.

Chef George’s passion for cooking started when he was just a young man watching his parents and grandparents cook at home. By age sixteen he was in an apprenticeship scheme and since graduation has worked in many types of restaurants and like Troy has opened steakhouses back in Melbourne. When his long-time friend Michael opened the Squires Loft in Samui Michael was a perfect choice and he leaped on the opportunity to join the team.

What does Squires Loft offer?

The menu at the Squires Loft Steakhouse is pretty outstanding and it may take a class or two of cold beer, wine or a cocktail to help with the burden of choice. The Baked Mushrooms & Fetta with either garlic or herb butter come highly recommended on the starter choices, as do the delectable Grilled Wagyu Sausages.

Things certainly do not get any easier on the main menu, then again you are literally spoiled for choice, will it be Eye Fillet, Rib Eye, Rump, Poterhouse, Scotch Fillet, Black Angus Porterhouse, T-bone? They are all cooked to perfection after being bathed in a secret recipe marinade! Many restaurants profess their steak is so tender a butter knife will do, well here you will not require a knife or a toothpick for that matter, meat does not get more tender!

Dinner at the Squires Loft anybody?

Spare ribs, Chicken, Tiger Prawns, Salmon, salads and a vegetable platter are also available if a member of your party does not fancy steak. Of course, dishes like Double Chocolate Hot Fudge Cake and Warm Sticky Date pudding available if you have any room left to indulge and the drinks and wine list will not fail to please. Parking is easy with the Wharf just around the corner so what are you waiting for?