Here are even more reasons to stay longer in Koh Samui, Thailand.

You can meet new friends.

Human interactions make us grow and meeting new people, especially those who have a culture and way of life that is different from ours is always a good thing. Since you will be on the island for a while,now is the time to increase your social circle, make new friends, and enrich your life by meeting all kinds of people.

You won’t miss your normal life while here.

Your days of coffee on the go, skipping breakfast, going home exhausted, and office table filled with paperwork will seem so far away while in Koh Samui. We’ve all been there: beating the city traffic, the stress of maintaining a household, the daily grind of corporate life. This is your chance to escape these even for a while, so stay as long as you can.

It’s a chance to slow down and enjoy the fruits of years of hard work.

When was the last time you took a vacation for real? Business travels don’t count. If it’s been years then you more than deserve a break. Treat yourself and your family to some quality time. A holiday where you get to be with the people who matter and do something for yourself is a way to reap the rewards of years of repetitive work schedule and everyday grind. You know you deserve it so don’t think twice.

For a reasonable price you can live like royalty for a while.

For those who are dreaming of having a lavish residence with a private swimming pool, knockout beach views, state of the art kitchen ,a big yard, and beautiful bedrooms, you make that that dream possible when you spend some time on the island. You can rent your very own tropical mansion with the shoreline only a few steps away from your door. Locally, you can get great deals on luxury accommodations especially if you are planning to stay for weeks or months.

It could be the key to a new career path.

Some foreigners who visited Koh Samui have fallen in love with the beauty and culture of the island that they have decided to stay here for good and eventually found themselves giving in to their passion. There are a number who decided to put up restaurants. Others ventured into real estate and invested in luxury properties. Some opened their own spa or a yoga studio. If your calling is too strong to ignore maybe you’ll finally decide to make it happen on your extended stay in Samui.

It’s a chance to welcome new beliefs and revive your faith.

Our spiritual life is a key aspect of our personality. People may have different religious beliefs but faith in something bigger is one thing that most religions share. This faith carry a person through the toughest times and encourage him to do good things and establish meaningful relationships. A person whose faith is shaken or has no time for spirituality can get lost, feel stressed easily, and experience deep seated loneliness. Take the time to go on a spiritual journey. Sometimes a quiet place and a time with our thoughts can help us get in touch with our inner self. The island has numerous temples and sacred ground. While you may not share the beliefs of the locals, the serenity and peace you can get in their house of worship can quiet your mind and soothe your troubled soul.

You can the find the person you’ll end up marrying.

Love has a funny way of showing into our life and most often than not, it will find you at the most unexpected places. Many tourists have found their other half in foreign places while on vacation or a business venture. If you spend a considerable amount of time on the island, who knows what could happen. Aside from being able to form new friendships, you might even be able to find that one person you’d happily spend the rest of your life with. Hey, it could happen.

You’ll appreciate nature more.

When you wake up seeing the most incredible panoramic views and your holiday home has this lush garden with tall trees and colorful flowers, you will once again be awed by simple things such as the sheer beauty of nature. Koh Samui is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. It has amazing beaches, waterfalls tucked in thick jungles, caves, rock formations and many many more. If you have spent your life surrounded with concrete you know that time spent with nature and its gifts is time well spent. So dive underwater and explore the deep seas, go on a hike, and appreciate the fresh tropical air while your here. These are stuff you don’t get to do everyday.

You’ll want to come back for sure.

A lot of people who have visited Koh Samui went back again and again. This place has just this welcoming feel about it that it is not hard to feel right at home. So if you have been here and you feel that it was such a short stay, come back and this time make sure to stay to your heart’s content.