Being in a tropical region, rainy days are normal occurrences in Koh Samui. In fact, they are to be expected. That’s the deal in the tropics. So while you may be getting used to the heat and loving the natural tan you are getting, drops and drops of rain may start to put a halt on your scheduled tours and the day at the beach you have been looking forward to. If you woke up and you realize that you have a wet weather ahead, don’t worry. Rainy days are still fun in Koh Samui. These activities may not be included in your bucket list but they should keep you occupied and happy until the sun shines again.

Relax in bed all day.

Okay so we promised you fun but trust us when we say that even simple things like laying in bed wide awake can be relaxing when it is raining. In fact, the steady sound of water dripping may feel too soothing that you’d feel sleepy anyway. So put your activities on hold for a while and bask in the comfort of your King sized bed and snuggly pillows and listen to one of the best nature sounds there is—the sound of rain.

Have a hearty local meal.

It is interesting how a place’s cuisine reflects its culture and its climate too. While most Thai dishes are spicy, which is actually a trend in tropical countries because they are believed to be cooling since you sweat more when you eat them, a number of local dishes seem to be created for rainy days. Thai food such as curries, Tom Yam, and mango sticky rice are even more appealing when the weather is wet. Of course, don’t forget Thai noodle soup. A warm cup with the right balance of tasty broth, noodles, slivers of meat, and herbs is just what you need in times like this.

Get a spray on tan.

If a sun kissed complexion or a gorgeous tan is your ultimate goal in visiting Samui, don’t let the gloomy weather take away from your holiday. You can still get a good looking tan without doing it the natural way. Polina Pak Studio offers spray on tan services. After your session, you can parade around and show off your glowing skin with a fake tan that looks so real. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Have an in-house spa treatment.

If it’s pouring heavy outside and you are in dire need of a makeover, a pedicure, or a massage, you can schedule an in-house spa treatment and nail service. A lot of luxury villas offer this so you need not head out to get your much needed body indulgences. Have a relaxing facial, a body scrub, or a Thai massage right in your own turf. Get your nails done and have a foot spa too.

Catch up on your favorite Netflix shows.

A Koh Samui rainy day is a good excuse to watch reruns of your favorite shows. A fan of Netflix series like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and Stranger Things? Then get ready to catch up to the latest episodes or watch past episodes if you can’t get enough. You will be killing some time and be entertained for hours. It will cost you nothing too.

Play hide & seek.

Remember when you were kids and you are crazy about this game? Feel like a 6-year old again and invite everyone to a grown up version of hide & seek. Of course this would be fun if you are staying in a spacious private accommodation like a villa rental. Don’t do this at a resort or hotel though. It won’t be that fun plus the other guests might not appreciate the commotion.

Stay in and get drunk.

Hopefully you have stocked up on alcohol because you have plenty of time to catch up with everyone and get drunk. It is raining anyway so why not bond with your family and friends. Talk to them, play indoor games, and enjoy some beer. The weather may be down but if you spend it with your favorite people, it is still bound to be fun and memorable.


The smell of baking cake or cookies will liven up everyone’s mood. If you have superb baking skills and your villa has a spacious kitchen and a working oven as well as baking tools like mixing bowls and trays, then spend the day making delicious treats for everyone. The smell of ingredients such as vanilla,butter, sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon as they cook in the oven will fill your holiday nest with deliciousness.

Have a storytelling session with the kids.

If it is your first time in Koh Samui and your kids are not used to this kind of weather, make their holiday memorable by engaging them in story books. Read to them, tell stories. They will love you for it.

Book a stay in a detox retreat.

If the weather report project days of rain ahead and you want to do something worthwhile in Koh Samui, you can book a stay in a detox facility. Detox, cleansing, and raw diet are big locally. They are pretty popular. Want to invest on your health, improve your energy, or start a healthy lifestyle? This is your chance. At a detox retreat, you will undergo a cleansing program and do other healthy activities such as breathing meditation, yoga, pilates, and chakra balancing. There are a number of good detox centers on the island but we are partial to The Source Samui. They use organic ingredients for their recipes and their facilities are good. If you are interested on their regimen but don’t want to stay there, you can purchase their programs online. Everything you need will be delivered to your resort or hotel.

The Source Samui

Address: , 179/12 Moo 4, Lamai, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 843

Go shopping at Central Festival Samui

If you really want to get out but at the same time want to be in a place where there is a lot to see, then go to Central Festival Samui. This is a lifestyle shopping center and has so many boutiques and dining stalls you can visit. This is located in Chaweng.