Pizza—there’s something about it that is so enticing. The smell of cheese, pepperoni, and freshly baked bread and a yummy hint of tomato sauce and herbs is among the best combination of aromas in the world. There is nothing like pizza that is hot from the oven although we won’t judge those who eat leftovers still cold from the fridge because we do it too. Cold pizza and TV on a weekend is simply the best.

Anyway, so you are in Koh Samui. Where do you go to get your pizza fix? We know excellent pizza places. Check these out.

Da Bardo

Address: 11/23 Moo 4 Mae Nam,Wat Na Phra Lan, Ko Samui 84330

Phone: 090 394 3134

A tropical themed dining place where you can get authentic Italian pizza is Da Bardo. Their signature offerings are made by an experienced Italian chef. Using only quality ingredients, their food is impressive and will instantly make you feel like you are dining in Italy.

There are plenty of interesting items on the menu. Their salami piccante is an explosion of mozzarella, tomatoes, and salami. It is among Da Bardo’s best sellers. They also have a vegetarian pizza and 4-cheese. If you are tired of the usual pizzas, try their calzone. This is like a giant folded pizza. It actually looks like a pie. Their Frutti de Mare is a true seafood treat and is a flavorful option for those who don’t like meat and cold cuts on their pizza.

Cibo e vino by Vecchia Napoli

Open: 12pm to 11:30pm

Address: Chaweng Rd. | Vicino Chaweng Stadium, Chaweng, Bophut, Ko Samui 84140, Thailand
Phone: 077 231 229

Wood fire oven pizzas. Anyone? Cibo e vino by Vecchia Napoli certainly knows how to impress when it comes to Italian food. This Chaweng restaurant is known for its authentic flavors, great service, and of course amazing pizza.

The price is a bit on the higher end, but with everything on the menu being so delicious, you will get your money’s worth. The ambiance is rustic and comfortable, adding to the whole Italian dining experience.

Their anti-pasti plate of cold cuts, olives, and bruschetta is a good starter. Also a good safe order is their lasagna. It is delicious and so rich. For their pizzas, we recommend their seafood and margherita.Both will get you hooked on Cibo e vino. Another must try: the crab ravioli. Don’t leave the place without ordering this.

Gusto Italiano

Open: 12pm to 11pm

Address: 73/3 Moo 1 Fisherman Village Bophut | Koh Samui, Suratthani, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 077 332 514

Pizza by the beach is a promise of this Italian restaurant in Bophut. Gusto Italiano allows you to enjoy your Italian favorites as you take in the beach views. If pizza and bruschetta are among your cravings then definitely visit this lovely place because their food is truly great tasting.

Gusto Italiano is an ideal setting for a casual romantic date or just the usual pizza night among friends. They have a comprehensive menu and you will enjoy picking a favorite on their list of cold cuts, anti-pasti, pasta, salads, and soups.

Their selection will delight pizza lovers. They have so many choices available! Their Bufalina pizza is amazing. It is cheesy and you can definitely taste the goodness of buffalo mozzarella. Their Quattro formaggi is a must try too. The combination of cheeses and the delightful taste and texture of their crust is simply addictive. We also are very fond of their salmon pizza. This is very unique and tasty, easily one of their best. If you like your pizza hot and fiery, we highly recommend that you try the Vulcano. Their menu says it: only for the brave.

If your pizza feast left you wanting something sweet, take time to explore their list of desserts. We love their tiramisu and their cannoli Siciliani and their ice cream on coffee. You may also want to try their cheese platter with honey. It is a classic Italian treat that is perfect with wine.

Casa Italia

Open: 7:30am to 11:30pm

Address: 108/11 Moo1 (Ring Road), Bophut | from BigC, direction Bophut on the right hand side, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 091 026 3576

Home of Italian comfort food in Bophut, you will easily satisfy your pizza desires at Casa Italia. This is a popular family cafe and is known for their yummy gelatos and quality coffee. This is a relaxing venue where you can eat solo or with your favorite food buddy.

Their starter platter is a good prelude to your pizza adventure. Their cold cuts and olives are beautifully presented with bread that you can feast on while waiting for your other orders. You should order the cheese and meat starter. It’s so good! Imagine a large plate of toasts, assorted cheeses,  olives, Italian ham and other cold cuts. It’s just unbeatable.

They have a wide variety of gelatos available. A must try from Casa Italia is the salted butter caramel. It is sweet, creamy, and perfect for Koh Samui’s weather. Their cookies and cream gelato is another hit especially among kids.

Their pizzas while a bit overpowered by the popularity of their gelatos, are very good. We love their seafood pizza and their simple ham & cheese certainly hits the spot.

Other stars of Casa Italia are the espresso, seafood pasta, and Ferrero Rocher gelato. Overall, this is an impressive stop if you want a break from Thai food and you want something where you can eat good pizza and get great tasting sweets.