Your holiday accommodation is a big factor to how good your stay will be. In Koh Samui, you have different options for your temporary abode. There are resorts, hotels, and private rentals available for you. Obviously, accommodations are cheaper off season but year round, it is possible to find great deals if you know where to look and you book in advance. Know that discounted offers are not necessarily good deals. People usually make the mistake of picking a room or private home just because it is currently discounted. Later they realize that there are cheaper places that are actually better than what they booked.

A good accommodation is something that is the right fit to your lifestyle and needs and at the same time one you will be happy to pay for at its given price.


A primary consideration when picking a hotel, resort, or private villa in Koh Samui is the location. For some people, this means being at the center of all the happenings—bars, clubs, famous landmarks, restaurants, and shopping establishments. For others, the perfect location could be quite the opposite—quiet, away from other tourists, and exclusive, meaning accessible only to a few privileged set. The perfect location is relative but generally, this means safe, beautiful, and conveniently in proximity to your places of interest. For the hip crowd and those who want fun, island entertainment and lots of drinking venues, this could mean Chaweng. For those looking for a balance between fun and seclusion, this could be Bophut. For the nature driven and who want something picturesque, it might be Choeng Mon. Before finding a place, choose a location on the island that works for you and choose among the accommodations available in the area.


The budget is also a factor to consider when picking an island accommodation. Obviously, the more luxurious the place, the pricier it is. Depending on your needs, there are many options available for you, from budget rooms, mid-priced accommodations, and 5-star suites and private villas. If you know you will be going out a lot and you are in Samui mainly for the outdoors, a budget room with basic amenities could work for you. If you are a practical couple who wants something comfortable yet at the same time won’t break the bank, you can go for a regular or mid-priced accommodation. If you are travelling with kids and you want to be able to cook your meals while here and have the budget anyway, you can try a suite or maybe go for a private villa.


Accommodations also come in a variety of sizes and naturally, the bigger it is, the more expensive it will be. If you are a lone traveller or again a couple who would be spending the bulk of your time outdoors anyway, you may not need that much space and could do with a small basic room. But if you have kids who need more room to move about or you are on your honeymoon where you are prepared to splurge a bit, then a bigger, more luxurious room or resort villa could be what you are looking for.

For families with little children, a private accommodation with multiple rooms will ensure more comfort and a better sleep as compared to a hotel room. In addition, it is easier to establish a feeling of home with a private rental.


While this may not be as major as the location and price, the visual aspects of your accommodation also matters. Some people only want the best when it comes to furnishings, decor, and the view. Luxury accommodations usually boast impressive aesthetics, stylish interiors, and top notch views. In addition, couples who are on their honeymoon find that a visually appealing accommodation and surroundings add to the romance factor.

Amenities and Services

Commercial hotels and resorts are known for having standard or luxurious amenities depending on their price range. Swimming pools, fitness center, business center, spa, and internet connectivity are some of the common amenities you can expect from them. In addition, you may want to consider the services that they offer such as laundry, vehicle rentals, booking services, and spa. The perfect accommodation has your needs covered. If you are looking for a private villa accommodation, you might want to look closely into the bathroom facilities, internet connection, kitchen essentials, and telephones since your convenience will depend on them. If you will be having a party in your private rental, you may want to consider one that has an outdoor grill, swimming pool, and a reliable sound system so that you can have all the fun you want in your own space.


Another possible factor to take into is privacy. Again, this is relative. There are guests who don’t really care about privacy so much. In this case, a resort or an accommodation that has a common area such as a hostel is okay. However, there are guests who only want a vacation setting that offers optimum privacy and seclusion. If you are the latter, you may want to book for private rentals or stand alone villas since these provide better privacy than hotels and resorts.


This is a concern for everyone for sure. Most commercial hotels and resorts have standard security measures so guests feel at ease with them. If you are booking a private rental, be sure to look for one that is in a generally safe neighborhood and one that is gated. Also, you may want to check those that have CCTV cameras installed outside for added protection.


Food is another major factor in choosing a place to stay in Samui. Hotels and resorts have room service and some of them have a signature cafe and/or restaurant/s. Some villas offer chef services, which is great if you don’t want to worry about your meals. If you love to cook, look for a room or a private property that has a workable kitchen and dining facilities. A stove, oven, and a spacious counter will make food preps easy. A barbecue grill will allow you to create your favorite food such as burgers, kebabs, and grilled seafood so it is nice if your place has one. For those who love to eat out a lot, an accommodation that is near plenty of restaurants and is accessible to public transport should be your pick so you can head out to eat and return to your place with no worries.

Remember that where you stay in Koh Samui is important for having a wonderful stay on the island. When choosing your accommodations, remember these criteria to ensure that you find the perfect one for you.