Couples who are planning their wedding take a lot of time to think about the wedding venue. After all, the chosen setting can make or break your big day so you have to be really wise with your decision and cover all the bases before you book a place. Private venues such as a luxury wedding villa above the hill or one set at the beach are among the popular options because they are at par with commercial venues like hotels and resorts, if not better. If you are looking into the possibility of renting your very own luxury wedding villa in Koh Samui but haven’t made up your mind yet we can help you. Basically you should definitely sign up for a villa if:

Privacy is of utmost importance.

A luxury wedding villa can meet your requirements in terms of privacy since most properties on the island are stand alone and gated. Knowing that your wedding team, family and friends are the only ones in the vicinity allows you to relax and not worry about the crowd. Resorts can offer privacy too in terms of accommodations but since they host several ceremonies and events in a day, it is most likely that your crowd will get lost in another couple’s entourage. If you hate someone stealing your thunder and you want your wedding to be the only special event that day, book a villa as your venue.

You want to save money.

If you do the math and considering the number of possible villas available on the island, you will realize that a private venue could be a lot cheaper than a resort. In addition, you can book the villa for only when you need it. There are resorts that will require you to stay a minimum number of days to be able to avail of their wedding promo and oftentimes stipulate that some of your entourage stay at the hotel as well as part of the package. In this case, villas are more flexible and less constricting.

Your wedding is not that big.

A resort is your best bet if you have guests that hit about 100 in number but if your entire wedding party is like 20 people or less, a private luxury wedding villa is better.

You want an intimate setting.

For a wedding to be intimate, the environment has to be controlled and you can’t do that at a resort as there are other guests there. A villa can make the ceremony intimate because the crowd is kept outside by default.

You want to give guests the option to choose where to stay.

A wedding held at a private villa prompts the guests to stay at an accommodation they prefer after the wedding ceremony and reception. Since it is sort of a given that the newlyweds would stay at the villa for the honeymoon, most likely your guests would want to stay elsewhere unless you insist that you all stay together at the venue long after the party is over.

Some resorts would oblige a portion of your wedding team to stay at an accommodation they offer and in turn might prompt you to pay for their stay yourself. This will be more expensive on your part. To avoid this awkward situation, just consider a villa.

You prefer a special secluded setting.

You can find spectacular luxury wedding villas in various parts of the island like Lipa Noi, Maenam, and Lamai. A good number of them take pride on a secluded setting that is far from the noise and away from the thick crowd.

You want your wedding to be one of a kind.

Koh Samui wedding resorts offer wedding packages and they are great deals since you no longer need to micromanage a lot of details. However if you want your ceremony to be one of a kind or tailored according to your preferences, a resort can only do so much. You can only tweak minor details but in the end you will probably have a template wedding.

You have found a villa that swept you off your feet.

The moment you set your thoughts on planning for your big day, you may likely started visiting different venues. If during your visit you found a private property that calls out to you maybe because it has the most gorgeous views or maybe because you love the overall feel of the place, maybe you should pick that particular venue. Sometimes you pick the place, but it feels awesome to know that the place picked you too.

Or say you managed to stay at a property on one of your holidays pre engagement and you fell in love with it. In this case, book that particular luxury retreat even for just sentiment alone. You will regret it if you don’t.

You found a private venue that can double as a honeymoon nest.

Another edge of a luxury wedding villa is that it gives a feeling of home. Many luxury villas in Koh Samui are so romantic they make an ideal place for a honeymoon. If you happen to found such a mesmerizing property, definitely get it for your big day and have a memorable wedding night you will remember for a lifetime.

You only want the best for you and your guests.

Koh Samui luxury villas are made to impress and have impressive architecture, state of the art facilities, a private pool, and a picture perfect location. Many of them also offer cooking services, laundry, and even have spa facilities. So if you prefer a cozy, homely, private haven then you deserve nothing less than a luxury wedding retreat.