Feel like shopping for random stuff in Koh Samui? Check these shops.

Amazonas Beachwear

We bet that you packed enough bathing suits for your stay in Koh Samui but if you need more or are just curious about local swim wear, you can stop by Amazonas Beachwear Koh Samui. This brand carries a wide range of sizes–from XS to XL. They have assorted styles of bathing suits from the popular bikini to tankinis and Brazilian inspired swimsuits. They really have something for every woman. If you prefer a one piece in a solid color, they sell those. If you want a bathing suit with bold prints and patterns, they have those too. They even sell colorful dresses and cover ups, as well as bags and flip flops.

Blue Vanilla Samui

Home of lovely things and delicious sweets, Blue Vanilla Samui is another shop you should not miss. This is a charming stop if you are looking for cute yet unique items for yourself or for others. They have a wide array of products here from door signs, key chains, engraved chopping boards, mugs, and wooden spoons.

They also have handcrafted hanging ornaments, usually with a fish or starfish design. Apart from these, Blue Vanilla also sells ready to use cooking mixes such as curries, marinades, and soup bases.

If you love baked goods, you can also find them at Blue Vanilla. They have homemade cookies and brownies. Sometimes, they also have delicious cakes too.

This is a good stop if you love crafts or are looking for adorable items you can give away as wedding favors since they sell really visually appealing wares.

Samui Health Shop by Lamphu

Stuff that’s good for you is the promise of Samui Health Shop by Lamphu. This is a must visit for those who are living green and are fans of organic products. Body wellness products, skin care items, and spa essentials are some of the things being sold here. They also have coconut oil and healthy food staples such as bread and cheese. Everything from kitchen products to household items to superfoods are right here as long as they are good for you.

Among the things that we consider great finds from Samui Health Shop are their homemade Nama chocolate, organic eggs, yummy Yogi Tea, and wild honey. Aromatherapy enthusiasts should also try their ayurvedic incense. This is oddly relaxing and grounding at the same time. Totally worth the money. Their slow pressed juices are also amazing. These cut the cravings and are effective in increasing one’s energy.

Samui Trendy

A stay in Koh Samui means a great deal of water fun and to help you maximize your time at the beach, you need fun inflatables. Enter Samui Trendy. This shop sells giant floaters in many fun designs. You can buy a giant floating duck, a pool poker set, and a lovely clam shaped water balloon. Their designs are colorful and fun. Kids and those who are young at heart will surely love them.

Il Tempio Italian Food Supply

Home of amazing European wines and Italian staples, shop here and feel as if you were actually in Italy with their superb collection of Italian food items such as cheese, salami, pastrami, and crusty breads. They carry the biggest food brands such as Agnesi pasta, Del Casaro cheese, Casa Modena, Divella, Dodoni, and Grozette among many others. They also sell ice creams, salads, sandwiches, and gourmet delicatessen items. If you are craving for home cooked Italian style pasta and cold cuts, this is where you can get your supplies.


Spa treatments are popular in Koh Samui and if you want to take the experience at home or in your hotel room, then just stock up on really good spa products like scrubs, masks, and massage oils. A store on the island that sells exotic body care products is La’-veng. They have a nice line of herbal products that you can purchase for personal use or as presents to friends and family. They sell organic coconut oil—which is actually one of their popular products.

Among the best from the brand is the coffee body scrub. This is nicely granulated and has ingredients that are beneficial to the skin such as honey, rosewater, and apricot seeds extract. We also love their tamarind gel scrub. This smells great and will make your skin smooth after application. If you are prone to sunburn but you love to swim anyway, we recommend their aloe vera gel. This comes in a huge tube which will last you for a long time. For soap fans try La’-veng’s handmade soaps. With nice lather and amazing scent, they are worth a shot. Also sample their essential oils and herbal teas.

Expat Food Shop

Want to buy all kinds of imported goodies particularly from the UK and Australia? Then come visit the Expat Food Shop. This is a dream if you are craving for a particular treat or you need special supplies for your recipes. Here you can buy popular international finds such as marmite, Aussie Pies, and European style corned beef. Rare variants from Cadbury such as flake, caramel nibbles, and crunchie rocks are fortunately in the shelves too. They also have Walkers chips. Craving for a bag of the salt and vinegar? They have that too. Household international names like Chivers and Heinz are right here as well. Branston pickles? Yes, this little shop has some for you. Hurry though because that seems to be in demand.