Seafood plays a big role in any holiday and it is no different when it comes to your Thai vacation. If you are headed to Koh Samui know that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to dining places. Seafood is very popular on the island and here you there are plenty of restaurants where you can get only the freshest catches of the sea. Check these out.

Sala Thai Restaurant

For those who are staying in Lamai, a seafood jewel is Sala Thai. This Samui restaurant combines succulent seafood dishes and a wonderful relaxing ambience for the most relaxing dining experience. Most restaurants in Samui that serve fish and crabs are not particularly known for impressive interiors and decor. However, the island also has really good scenic dining spots and Sala Thai is one of them.

Serving local, Asian, and International cuisine, you can expect to pay more if you plan to eat here. Then again, because of the service and the high quality dishes, every baht spent is worth it.

This is a recommended place to try not only seafood but also popular Thai dishes such as seafood curry, spring rolls, and tong yam. Their red snapper, lobster, roasted duck are also delectable. Don’t forget to seal your meal with a decadent dessert. For this the house’s chocolate is worth every calorie.

Som Restaurant

A low-key Koh Samui seafood place that is set away from the island’s busy part is Som Restaurant. This is a quiet venue and is great for people who just want to enjoy the tropical scenery and good food at a reasonable price. Everything on the menu is impressive and won’t rip your budget. Set in front of the beach, here you can simply relax, eat, and be with family and friends.

Som Restaurant is a bit hush-hush compared to other restaurants but it has a loyal market share—people who love their food and kept on coming back.

Among the guests’ favorites are the garlic prawns, fried snapper, and seafood fried rice. The overall atmosphere of this dining place is awesome and the staff are very accommodating too.

Som’s is not just about seafood. Other must-tries are their curry, coconut shake, and salad.

For its unassuming charm, excellent service, reasonable price, and comprehensive food selection, Som’s definitely deserves its quiet popularity among tourists and locals alike.

Dara Serene Restaurant

When you visit an island destination, sometimes you would want to dine at a seafood restaurant by default just to take advantage of the daily fresh catches. But what if a family member or a friend happens to be a vegetarian? A good option in this case is the Dara Serene Restaurant. This venue not only serves mouthwatering seafood dishes. It also offers vegetarian friendly meals as well. Located in Chaweng, this place lives up to its name as it is indeed serene and is one of the romantic restaurants in Koh Samui.

For couples or those who are dining with a friend, an excellent deal you can try is the seafood set. This is the best way to sample various kinds of seafood and get the most value for money. The set includes fish, shells, crab, and of course some really tasty lobster. This costs around 2800 Baht. Not bad for two people. The serving size for their meals is pretty decent and will leave you feeling satisfied.

When you visit Dara Serene in Koh Samui, don’t forget to try the shrimp rolls, Calypso pasta, and tiger prawns. They are all very good.

Mit Samui Restaurant

If you are craving for seriously yummy steamed crabs, shrimp tempura, and perfectly cooked fish, a Koh Samui restaurant worth stopping by is Mit Samui. This humble place serves quality seafood dishes at reasonable prices. The ambience is not really fancy but if what you came for is tasty food, this won’t disappoint.

Located at Chaweng Seafood Center, this is often packed on Tuesdays so we recommend skipping that and dining there on other days instead.

Because it is not a fancy food joint, one can expect the service to be quick. The food, though obviously not fine dining style, is well seasoned. Plus the seafood are guaranteed fresh.

Their crab is cooked just right and tastes incredible. Guests also cannot get enough of their curry dishes. The prawns cooked in ginger sauce is also amazing.

Samui Seafood Grill and Restaurant

For a taste of local food and freshly caught fish and seafood, Samui Seafood Grill and Restaurant should also be included in your list of restaurants to visit on your holiday.

This can be found at the Chaweng Beach Road and is well loved because of its nice ambience and pleasant live music that adds to the whole dining experience.

The stars here are the lobster and King prawns. Both are delicately seasoned and cooked just right so the meat is still tender and the flavors just pop with each bite.

The prawns cooked in red curry is superb and will get you addicted for sure. Their oysters and mussels are also yummy. As for sweets, try the Thai dessert called mango sticky rice. It is the perfect end for every meal.

Lanna Restaurant

Another Koh Samui restaurant with vegetarian options is Lanna. This is a nice spot for folks who want to enjoy seafood and get a taste of quality steak as well. This is located at Dara Samui Beach Resort and Spa and is known for its cozy ambience and impressive food selection.

Because of its accessible location, this is recommended even for first timers as it is easy to find plus here you can have good food and dine in comfort.

If you are a fan of grilled seafood, this is a must stop for you. Their grilled squid is awesome, so is their lobster. Those who are not into very spicy food can tell the waiter to go easy on the chillies and they will happily oblige.

Koh Samui, Thailand is a popular seafood turf. With these restaurants, you are sure to make your taste buds happy.