Indeed one of the dreamiest places in Southeast Asia, Koh Samui is a faraway paradise of cerulean blue waters, tall coconut trees, and soft light colored sand. To include it in your travel bucket list won’t be so surprising. Many have already heard of its beauty and are booking their tickets to come visit. If you are planning to go to this lovely island, make sure you avoid these mistakes to have a truly memorable and amazing time off in the tropics.

Packing the wrong stuff

There are many first timers who head straight to Koh Samui bringing all the wrong things. This isn’t the time to pack your trendy leather jacket or crushed velvet gown, and expensive diamonds. Koh Samui isn’t the place for those. The weather is mostly sunny but it can drizzle from time to time depending on the season. When you pack for this destination think beach. Light colored clothing in breathable fabrics like soft linen and cotton are good stuff. Flowy sundresses are in for the ladies while shirts in cool colors like white, baby blue, off white, soft gray are recommended for the gents. Bringing plenty of swimwear and sunblock is also recommended. Buying sunscreen in Samui may cost you an arm and leg (it is pricey here). Plus the brand you prefer may not be available locally. Leave your fancy jewels at home. On the island, handmade beach accessories and flip flops are in fashion.

Impulse buying

When shopping on the island, particularly in the walking streets,take your time. Don’t buy the first thing that you see (at least until you see other stalls). If you are shopping for souvenirs, be at the small stores near the beach or at local bazaars, it is a good idea to walk around and window shop for a while. Chances are you might see a similar or an even better item at a lower price than the the first one you saw. Also, work on your haggling skills. This is one of the great things about the local shopping scene. You can get good bargains if you know how to haggle. It might also be a good idea to shop with a native or someone who knows the language. Observe how your local friend makes an offer and practise til you get the hang of it.

Riding the cheap jeepneys for a tour

Don’t. Do. It. Unless your taste for adventure is that high,we suggest you don’t do it. Sure they are cheap but they are not the most comfortable way to go around. Renting a car is still the best and the safest way to travel within the island if you wish to skip those organized tours with itineraries. A jeepney ride may sound like fun and it could be but it is not recommended if a stress free smooth ride is what you prefer.

Wearing inappropriate outfit when you visit the temples

Sure Koh Samui is a beach destination but  it is not the place to walk around in your cropped daisy Duke shorts and bikini top. This isn’t Los Angeles. People here are still conservative and you are expected to dress accordingly. Save your sexy outfits for when you take a dip on the pool or when you are inside your private villa or hotel room. When you visit the temples, the ladies should cover their shoulders. Bring a pashmina with you when you head out so you’d have something to use when you stop by these sacred places.

Not waking up in time for the sunrise

When people go to Samui, they can’t stop stop raving about the island’s golden sunset and we can’t blame them because it is truly breathtaking. However equally mesmerizing is the Samui sunrise but it is way underrated probably because most tourists are asleep til noon especially after partying till dawn. If you want to see an amazing phenomenon, wake up early and head out to the beach or one of the island’s viewpoints and wait for the sun to rise. It is worth it. Anyway, you can doze off after if you really need more sleep.

Not drinking enough fluids

The warm weather of Samui will make you want to spend most of your time outdoors—be it at the beach, touring all around the island, restaurant hopping or even walking from stall to stall looking for souvenirs. If you spend a great time under the sun know that you may easily become dehydrated. Drink up. Water, pure coconut juice, smoothies, or even sodas can help cool you down and replace your lost fluids especially if you are sweating profusely. If you are feeling lightheaded, stop by the nearest convenience store and get yourself some sports drink. Nausea, exhaustion, and feeling faint are all signs of dehydration.

Missing out on the local seafood

Unless you have seafood allergies, when you visit Koh Samui is the perfect time to indulge on fish and other catches from the sea such as lobster, prawns, crabs, scallops, and squid. Nothing beats grilled seafood but on the island, you can have them steamed, stir-fried, cooked in curry or even deep fried. Local seafood is good since you are at a destination surrounded with water. You can get good seafood dishes at affordable prices at small diners near the beach. These places are usually pretty basic, open air, and nothing fancy but oh do they serve quality food.

Not eating enough Thai food

There are many restaurants in Koh Samui. There are impressive Japanese, Mediterranean, Swedish, Chinese, and Italian restaurants scattered on the island and it is tempting to try a different cuisine whenever you look for something to eat. But the thing is the real star here is Thai food. Eat like the locals do and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, you are sure to get your money’s worth since local food is cheaper than international offerings. So eat plenty of rice, go crazy over curry, feast on spring rolls, and try every version on pad Thai you can find. You won’t regret it and we bet that this could be the start of your long love affair with Thai cuisine.