Hands up if you love steaks! Lucky for you there are honest to goodness steaks in Koh Samui and here is a list of Samui restaurants where you can find them:

The Seaside Steakhouse

Address: Fisherman’s village | 54/2 Moo 1 Bophut, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

At the heart of the Fisherman’s Village overlooking the beach you can find The Seaside Steakhouse. Aside from its breathtaking views, this restaurant is highly talked about because of its diverse menu of comfort foods, including its succulent steaks and ribs.

Its casual setting and portion sizes make it a hit among the hip crowd and large groups who want to bond together over great food and a nice laid back atmosphere. If you are craving for burgers or tacos, they serve those too. Basically anything tasty, sinful, and good with beer is right here. For those who are dining as a group, we recommend their set meals as they offer better value for money than going ala carte.

Their meats are all served with salad and corn on the cob as well as a choice of fries, veggies, baked potato, and rice. You can also pick from 3 yummy sauces: green pepper, mushroom, or blue cheese. For their steak, we love their Black Angus striploin. Your steak will be cooked according to your preference—so you can have it rare, medium, or well done or anything in between those three. Other good stuff on the menu are the duck breast and their ribs (awesome all the way to the bones). From their fresh options, we highly recommend the red tuna steak. This is a good buffer especially if you will be eating a lot of meat. The fresh fish will refresh your palate and excite you to eat more. Their set menu for 2 people particularly the Beef Trio is worth every baht. If you have your tots with you, fret not as The Seaside Steakhouse has a kid’s menu as well.

The Shack Bar & Grill

Open: 5:30pm to 10:30pm
Address: 88/3 Moo 1 | Fisherman’s Village, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 0066872646994

Having been on the business since 2003 and with a cult like following, obviously the Shack is already an institution in Koh Samui. Unlike its competitors nearby, this place can’t brag about gorgeous beach views as it is situated on the wrong side of the road. Despite that, diners keep on coming, thanks to their quality meats and amazing grilling technique which ensures that steaks come out nothing less than perfect. Food here does not come cheap but rest assured that once you taste their perfectly seasoned steaks and seafood, you will realize that you will be happy to pay double than what they are charging.

Their steaks are simply to die for and tasty yet not overwhelmed with seasoning. The meats are grilled to perfection and come with generous amount of side dishes. Their Australian prime ribeye steak will bring a smile to any steak fan. If you like some seafood, try their BBQ King prawns. They taste really good and go well with any meat of your choice. Of course, don’t miss out on their desserts too. Mom’s apple pie is yummy and is the best way to top off your steak feast. Or if you prefer something chocolate based, The Shack also has a hot brownie with ice cream as well as a black forest cake.

Other noteworthy items on the menu of The Shack are the smoked salmon, grilled chicken wings, and mussels in Pernod (these are mind blowing delicious, by the way). In addition, they have an impressive line of salads as well as something for vegetarians.

Squires Loft Steakhouse

Open: 4pm to 11pm
Address: Fisherman’s Village, 22/36 Moo 1, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 006677423451

Another popular restaurant that serves excellent steaks is Squires Loft Steakhouse. This is a casual venue that is ideal for groups. It is also perfect if you want a relaxing place where you can have cold beer, wine, and lots of grilled meat. The secret to the house’s highly raved about steaks aside from imported high quality meat is the way they prep them before grilling. The steaks are rich in flavor not just on the surface but all the way to the center.

Squires Loft Steakhouse is an establishment owned by Australians so it is pretty obvious that they know what a good steak is and that is the kind that they serve here.

Squires Loft House, while not exactly cheap, has superb portions. If you visit the place famished, you can be sure to leave with a full tummy and a smile on your face.

We suggest that you try their pork spare ribs before anything else. These are so good, with a meat so tender and tasty, it falls off the bone cleanly. Their ribs are said to be boiled and marinated for days so they are terrific. Their entree platter is an excellent buy and has their yummy ribs, sausages, prawns, and garlic feta mushrooms. This has an impressive assortment and is the best way to sample Squire’s finest entrees in a single order.

Their steaks are basted with a special sauce at the grill and come with chips (fries) or baked potato. The most superb item on their steak menu is the Black Angus Porterhouse. This is pure beef goodness with a good amount of fat for maximum flavor. For those who want a cheaper but beefier steak, go for the rump. This is known to be firmer and chewier but tastes unbelievable. Squires Loft has a variety of sauces to choose from. They have blue cheese, creamy garlic, mustard, green pepper, mushroom, black pepper, BBQ, and the signature Squires basting sauce

Other dishes worth trying here are the Wagyu Burger (one of the best in Samui), lamb chops, and their sausage. The salads from the house are really good too and will complement your steak. You may also add other sides grilled vegetables and fried onions.