A holiday in the tropics won’t be complete without spending some time at the beach. Whether you are planning to spend your honeymoon or treat your family to a luxurious stay, private villas are still a better choice than hotels. If privacy, comfort and practicality matters to you, check out these luxury beachfront villas that are sure to make your stay in Koh Samui a memorable experience.

Best Luxury Beachfront Villas For Vacation Rentals in 2020


Baan Dalah - Luxury Beachfront Villa
3 Bedrooms Luxury Beachfront Villas for rent on Koh Samui

A beautiful 3-bedroom haven in Bophut is Baan Dalah. If you are looking for the perfect family villa, this is your best bet. Set at the Bophut beach, here you can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet while basking in the relaxing weather in Koh Samui. The property can be found on a picturesque location and boasts views of the Big Buddha and the nearby island Koh Phan Ngan. The location is very convenient and is only a few minutes away from the popular Fisherman’s Village. Should you want to explore further and check out more dining options and night out venues, Chaweng Beach is also a short drive away.

Its romantic setting makes this ideal for a honeymoon. From most parts of the property, one is able to gaze at the beach and neighboring mountains, creating a romantic backdrop for your vacation. The beach is practically a few steps away so if you love sand and water, you will be in heaven here. Baan Dalah also has a private infinity pool so guests can swim all day long. Don’t feel like swimming? Lounge chairs are placed outside so you can relax doing what you like.

Take a look inside Baan Dalah

The natural setting is complemented with stylish interiors and amenities. Staying in a paradise-like environment doesn’t mean that one has to do away with modern comforts after all. This home away from home has picture windows so the gorgeous views can be admired in and out of the house. The interior is eclectic, combining nature with artistic accents, giving it a nice contemporary feel. The bedrooms are furnished to perfection and are prepared with comfort of the guests in mind. In addition, the overall atmosphere is peaceful and inviting, a real winner in the books of holiday goers. Offering great service and value for money, you can never go wrong if you book your stay here.


Baan Lucia - Luxury Beachfront Villa
3 Bedrooms Luxury Beachfront Villas with Full Service

Another option if you are looking for a property for rent located in one of Koh Samui’s most popular beaches is Baan Lucia. This is a family friendly vacation home and gives guests a chance to experience the beauty of Bang Rak beach which is an all year round attraction. If you are eyeing to have a fun time in Koh Samui, this is a highly recommended choice because of its proximity to local restaurants and bars.

It is very near the airport too, making it a top pick among tourists who want an accessible holiday nook. Just a 5 minute drive will take you to several key spots on the island such as the Fisherman’s Village and Chaweng. Baan Lucia has 3 bedrooms, all with King size beds. There’s a convenient car parking for vehicles, an infinity pool, and CCTV cameras for your protection. This is a standout among private luxury beachfront villas given its location and services offered.

Take a look inside Baan Lucia

Baan Lucia has an impressive modern Asian aesthetic, incorporating a lot of wood and honey tones in its interiors. The color scheme is very soothing and emphasizes the blueness of the beach. Peace and serenity can really be experienced in this gated and secure property. Upon your arrival, you can leave all your worries behind and start having a great time.

If you came to Koh Samui to unwind, you wouldn’t find a more suitable place than Baan Lucia. This holiday home has a fountain, a well maintained tropical garden, amazing scenery, and plenty of lounge beds for you and your guests. Its open layout ensures that there’s plenty of ventilation and fresh air too. Air conditioning and WIFI are on site as well as modern kitchen where you can prepare your meals if you wish. Feel like having a mini barbecue party? Here it is possible since there’s an al fresco dining table and an outdoor grill. If you don’t want to bother with food preparations, there’s an in-house chef that can make you a lavish meal as well.


Villa Mia - Luxury Beachfront Villa on Chaweng Beach
Luxury Beachfront Villas on Chaweng beach

The best thing about being in Koh Samui is that there are many luxury pool villas to choose from. For a medium size group who are seeking a comfortable getaway villas for large group on the island, Villa Mia is no nonsense option. With its 5 spacious bedrooms, this offers enough sleeping space for everyone and surely is a lot more favorable than most luxury hotels pricewise. For those who are planning to stay in Chaweng for their Thailand vacation, Villa Mia is amongst the best rentals you can find. This is 2 minutes away from the Chaweng Centre and is only 10 minutes away from the airport.

If there’s one word that will absolutely describe this amazing family luxury villa, it’s pristine. This abode is enchantingly done mostly in white, giving it a clean Mediterranean feel. Everything about it emanates luxury and zen without trying too hard. This is recommended for a party of 10 and will make a really nice wedding villa with its versatile design. Its layout allows for mingling and enjoying the company of other guests yet at the same time gives privacy with its doors when needed. Its outdoor sala is a favorite spot and is the perfect place to have a dose of sunshine and soothing sea breeze.

Villa Mia will make you feel in awe of its scenic beachfront setting, perfectly decorated interiors and well maintained landscape. Its blissful architecture and aesthetic makes it a good fit for even the pickiest of holiday goers. It has a private pool that is strategically placed to give easy access to all the guests.

Take a look inside Villa Mia

All the bedrooms have en suite baths and a comfortable King size bed. They all feature eye catching accents and like most parts of the villa, boast a dominant white color scheme. Also, all the modern comforts you can possibly expect from luxury resorts are here as well. The living room has enough sitting space for 8 guests and features gorgeous views of the beach and tastefully selected home accents. The dining room is equally impressive and will truly make every meal a special occasion.

Guests love it here at Villa Mia because they have everything easily within their reach. There is a state of the art onsite gym, where you can keep up with your fitness routines. In addition, guests can avail of free spa treatments and massages. In case parents need someone to take care of their kids while partying or getting some me time, baby sitting services are also available upon request. With its impressive interiors and beachfront location, Villa Mia can even compete with Koh Samui’s local wedding villas and event venues.

Villa Mia will most certainly appeal to guests who want to be at the center of all the Chaweng activities but at the same time have a relaxing place to come home to after all the merriment. Because of its location, it is impossible to be bored here since the place itself is very comfortable. In addition, it offers easy access to the trendiest restaurants, shopping venues, and party places that Chaweng is known for. This accessibility makes Villa Mia a much suitable place to stay be it for locals and foreigners alike.


Villa Soong - Luxury Beachfront Villa Laem Yai Beach
One of the best Luxury Beachfront Villas in Laem Yai Beach

For those who are tired of staying at hotels and would love the privacy and homey feel offered by holiday villas a great vacation home you can look into when you visit Koh Samui is Villa Soong. This is the perfect fit for a family or a group of 6 with its 3 spacious bedrooms and contemporary living spaces. Popular among couples on a honeymoon as well, this modern villa is situated right at the Laem Yai Beach.

Villa Soong is ideal for guests who want to stay away from the hyper parts of Koh Samui and instead would prefer a quieter, more tranquil vacation spot. The beach of Laem Yai is popular among those who like to walk along the shore, see mesmerizing sunsets, and not be overwhelmed by the crowd since it is a quiet beach. Guests often come here to kayak and do nature walks or simply experience the heat of the tropics all the while basking on sea views.

Take a look inside Villa Soong

Combining clean lines, neutral shades of gray and white, the appeal of Villa Soong lies in its simplicity. It has an expensive luxury hotel feel to it but unlike hotels, this definitely offers more privacy and better value for money.

The interiors of this contemporary home are stylish and up to date, creating the perfect contrast to its natural setting. With King size beds, all the bedrooms are well prepared for the guests and feature air conditioning, an en suite bath, and breathtaking views. The living spaces are huge and comfortable, making your stay very relaxing and stress free. Like most private luxury beachfront villas on the island, Villa Soong features an al fresco dining area, a lavish indoor dining area, a BBQ grill, and an in-house wine selection. It has a stunning living room with enough seats for all the guests as well.

Villa Soong may not be a popular entry on Tripadvisor but it sure is a property you should include on your list when picking a place to stay in Koh Samui.


Villa Nueng - Luxury Beachfront Villas Laem Yai Beach
3 Bedrooms Luxury Beachfront Villas for rent in Laem Yai

For people who like a more intimate yet luxurious setting for their Koh Samui stay, a highly recommended luxury beachfront villa is Villa Neung. Located 25 minutes away from the airport and Chaweng Beach, this hideaway can be found in the quiet beach of Laem Yai. Quiet, modern, and appealingly secluded, this is the best place to unplug and go on a much needed city break. Koh Samui has many stunning beaches but if you are not a fan of a party beach such as Chaweng, this peaceful holiday home is just right for you since it is set right at a very peaceful shoreline.

Villa Neung is an appealing choice for many because it combines a breathtaking scenery with stylish interiors. Its size is perfect too since it is not too big and not too small. This is why Villa Neung has been booked by couples on a holiday and medium sized families, and continues to be among the top private villas on the island.

Take a look inside Villa Neung

The great thing about this property is that it is beautiful, be it day or night. It is very secluded too making it a favorable option for tourists who want to have some peace and quiet. With 3 amazing bedrooms, here your entire group can have a nice place to stay. With the beach just a few steps away and a private pool, it offers the best tropical experience where one can make the most out of the tropical scenery and the invigorating heat.

Here children can bask in the kiddie pool while the rest of the group enjoy catching up at the sala or the outdoor lounge. The place is also perfect for a grill party or a mini beach themed gathering since the place has plenty of seats in and out of the house. In Koh Samui, you may choose to spend your holiday in luxury hotels but you the thing is, nothing compares to the homey comfort given by a private luxury beach villa such as Villa Neung.

Looking for a place to stay when on a holiday can be tricky so if you are tired of looking at airbnb listings, this list will help you narrow down your choices. These Koh Samui luxury beachfront villas will truly allow you to have a wonderful time on your 2020 vacation.