If you have stayed for some time in any tropical destination, you know that there are basically 2 types of weather conditions: rain or shine. In Koh Samui, the weather can be unpredictable but the island has basically 3 seasons:dry, hot, and rainy. September to December marks the island’s rainy season and while some may be bummed that this could limit their outdoor activities, the rainy season is still something to look forward too. Here’s why.

There are lots of great deals.

Monsoon season is budget friendly as compared to other seasons because there are fewer tourists around this time. This means you are most likely to get awesome deals on accommodations and island activities. There are commercial resorts as well as private rentals offering discounts around this time. Isn’t that amazing? Imagine a beautiful villa on top of a hill for less than 30-50% its usual price. Your wallet will thank you and you are guaranteed to have a luxurious stay.

The island is not that crowded.

The rainy season turns some people off, especially those who want to have a beach holiday. So around this period, you’ll see fewer people on the usually crowded beaches. In addition, establishments that are often busy suddenly become peaceful. September also means that the kids will be going to school so families won’t schedule family holidays around that time. If you are a backpacker or a couple, this could work on your favor. More peace and privacy for you.

Rains are common but short.

The monsoon months definitely have the most amount of rain but it’s not as if it will be raining everyday and all day long. Tropical rain showers are pretty short. It’s over before you know it unless there is a tropical depression or storm—in which case, it might rain for several days.

It’s a welcome cooling change after months of high heat.

If you happen to be on the island during its hot season, you know that the heat can be too much. A chance to reduce that sticky feeling brought by the humidity and the harsh heat of the sun is something that you would wish for. A few minutes of shower from nature can cool the surroundings and rehydrate the soil for the local flora, which is a good thing.

Less humidity.

Humidity is not something one would like in the tropics—especially too much of it. This can amplify the heat and make you feel icky and sticky. Not to mention that it shortens the staying power of your makeup and makes your hair look like it exploded. The rain will alleviate the humidity, making your environment generally cooler and more refreshing.

Flowers become alive.

Lovely tropical flowers come in full bloom and release their romantic aroma during the rainy season.

You can try a true rain bath.

Sure you have a rain bath in your bathroom but have you actually tried a real rain shower? Now is your chance. There is something liberating about letting nature pour down on you. If there is enough precipitation, you are bound to have a wonderful true shower in the rain.

There’s plenty of durian.

Many call this tropical fruit the “stinker” but the king of fruits is worth a shot. If you are put off by the smell, then try just a little. You may take an instant liking to it. Like most stinky stuff, this is an acquired taste but once you start to like it, it will be one of your favorites for sure. The rainy season causes an abundance of durian. If you chicken out trying the real thing, try durian products like durian ice cream, durian candy, fritters with durian and the like. Durian is a stinky hidden gem but makes a lot of foodies swoon.

You’ll work up an appetite.

Maybe it is the temperature drop and the need for the body to warm up but there is something about the rain that makes some people want to eat everything in sight. Honestly, food tastes all the better when it is raining. Grilled fish and seafood, rice with curry, and spring rolls all taste twice as good when it is pouring outside.

You can fully enjoy your island villa.

If you booked a luxurious island home, you may not enjoy it that much if you are out touring all day. When it rains you will be forced to stay in and reschedule your outdoor activities. This is actually a good thing. You can cozy up in bed, cook for your family, bond with the kids, and enjoy the romantic ambience inside a stunning tropical residence.

There are lots to do when it rains in Koh Samui

Rainy days in Samui are far from lonely and depressing. On the contrary, there are plenty of things to do. You can have an English style afternoon tea at an upscale resort, take private cooking lessons, or have spa treatments right in your very own villa or hotel room. If you are in the mood for some window or actual shopping you can spend your day at Central Festival Samui. You can chill in one of the cafes there or go crazy over many selections at the food park. You can even watch a movie or explore local grocery items just to pass time.

You can also enroll in a fruit carving class, try one of the local escape rooms, or perhaps book a Muay Thai class to give you something to do if you can’t go on a tour and explore outdoors.

Of course, you can just stay in your room and chill. Rainy days make sleep times even more relaxing since the weather is cooler and the sound of the water pouring is so peaceful.

Just remember that even if rains are common during the island’s wet season, it doesn’t mean that it will always rain. This means that you can still do the things you are hoping to do on a sunny day. Indeed, Koh Samui is a promising destination no matter what the season.