Being on vacation is good for you. Not only will you have the chance to unwind and recharge your batteries, it also a time you can have for yourself. Learning a new skill or a foreign language or actually anything that you have not known before helps us grow as individuals. Here are among the things you can learn on your stay in Koh Samui.

Thai Boxing

A popular sport in Thailand, Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a good discipline to learn because it is an effective manner of self defense. It is also a good way to release tension and stress.

Thai boxing is a full body workout too that strengthens the hips, improves your heart health and tones your arms and legs. It is also the key to getting washboard abs since it is an excellent core exercise.

Whether you want to have bragging rights for having been formally trained for the sport, need to lose weight, are training for a physical competition, or just plain curious about Muay Thai, take your holiday as a chance to book for lessons. Jun Muay Thai Camp is the place for this. The studio is in Lamai.

Jun Muay Thai Boxing Camp 

Open: 7:30-9:30am, 4:30-6:30pm 

Address: 164/4 Moo 4 | Maret Lamai, Ko Samui 84310,Thailand

The Art of Haggling

Haggling is not a popular thing in other countries but it is in Thailand. In Koh Samui, this is a way of life and is an acceptable manner of getting the best deal for products that you are interested in. If the thought makes you uncomfortable, you need not do it. However, you’ll be missing out on the fun and ahem, the possible discounts and price slash. If you are unsure how to go about it, take a local friend when you go shopping and see how he/she does it. Being with a local increases your margin of getting a good price since they know how the whole dynamics work. Remember, when you are at a night market, the listed price may not be the last price. Make an offer for at least half of the listed amount and then take the negotiation from there. It would help you if smile a lot and you know a bit of Thai phrases.

Thai Language

Native folks are charmed by foreigners who take the time and exert some effort grasping their language. It is like that everywhere especially in Asian countries. So if you are planning on visiting Koh Samui, study a bit of Thai and when you are on the island, interact with the locals often and put the phrases you have practised to good use. Many believe that immersion is the best way to learn a new language. Point of the matter: speak a lot of Thai while here. Even if you only know a few sentences.

Fruit Carving

In Thailand, fruit carving is a noble skill. It is actually taught to the women of the Royal Family. If you have seen local fruit carvings, you will be mesmerized by their beauty and the creativity that was needed to produce such eye-catching results. This skill requires precision, a steady hand, and yes, imagination. Artists are known to meditate on their designs so each piece really is a work of art.

The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

In Koh Samui, you will appreciate the many uses of coconut oil and learn about its long list of health benefits. This is a high quality natural product sold everywhere on the island and is used in different ways. It can be used for cooking, as a natural hair and skin moisturizer, as a base for spa products, and as a food supplement.


Your Koh Samui holiday will be more fulfilling if you make the most of it by spending a lot of time in the water. A way to do it is by engaging in water activities. If you haven’t tried kitesurfing before, we recommend it. It takes a while to learn the skills needed for the sport but once you get familiar with them and be able to have a successful ride, you will be hooked. Don’t get carried away and purchase an equipment without taking lessons first. Kitesurfing schools offer kite rentals, saving you money and giving you time to decide if the sport is something you’d like to pursue and commit on.

Living in the Present

If your life is so busy and your schedule is jam-packed, you may have very little time for yourself. During your island getaway may you be able to take a break from all your tasks and know how to live in the moment. Breathe. Enjoy the scenery and forget your life’s demands. You deserve to have fun.

Playing a Local Musical Instrument

Music is a gateway to a place’s culture. While here, see if you can learn to play a Thai musical instrument. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play guitar or any other instrument. This could be the chance to play your very first.

How to Tie a Sarong

Sarong may seem like a no brainer—you just let it drop on your shoulders or wrap it all around your waist. However, knowing how to tie a sarong properly is a great skill to acquire and will make you utilize this piece of clothing to the fullest. There are many ways to wear a sarong. Find out what they are while on vacation.

Problem Solving

If you love mysteries, you can hone your brain cells and sharpen your problem solving skills on the island. Escape games are a thing here. Visit Escapade Samui and fulfill the desires of your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Escapade Samui

Open: 11am to 8pm

Address: 14/40 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road | Above Tropical Murphy’s Irish Bar, Chaweng, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand