What is Ki-Mo-No massage?

The Ki-Mo-No Spa is home to traditional Japanese massage, a celebration of pleasure allowing your most intimate feelings to emerge and it is the only spa in Koh Samui dedicated to using Nuru gel.

If you are looking for a really memorable massage experience while staying in luxury villas, then you will be pleased to know that Ki-Mo-No Nuru massage is inviting residents and visitors of the island to enjoy the ancient art of relaxation and an experience like no other.

Nuru gel!

Is water-soluble, colorless, tasteless and odorless. It is composed mainly of Nori seaweed, chamomile, and natural minerals. When the skin absorbs the Nuru minerals its tone and vitality are restored and the gels deep moisturizing qualities leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and looking younger and healthier.

What can Nuru Gel give you?

Every part of your body will be massaged with the utmost caregiving you the pleasure and relaxation where you most need it. The Nuru gel is extremely slippery and delivers a unique sensation like you have not experienced before.

The Ki-Mo-No Spa is an experience not to be missed, no matter how long you are planning on being in Koh Samui. The Spa is located along the Bandon Hospital road that links up with the ghost road. There is plenty of parking both in front and behind the building. Double doors adorned with the image of two Japanese ladies open into a cool, private, discrete spa with comfortable sofas and elegant and stylish Japanese decor.

Relax yourself

Each suite has a comfortable, beautifully decorated dry room with a relaxing bed and a large wet room, with a Japanese chair and air bed, where you can enjoy the full body Nuru massage experience with a highly trained, skilled masseuse. The Ki-Mo-No experience can be enjoyed by anybody.

In Kimono’s relaxing, it is impossible not to immediately feel at ease. Ki-Mo-no Spa has become popular from recommendations of the happy and satisfied customers.  The spa is open every day between 12 noon and 12 midnight.

Photo by Samui Directory