Koh Samui, with all its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, is a great destination for water activities. People can’t get enough of watersports because they are fun, exciting, and can actually help one have a toned body. If you love to spend your holiday outdoors and would want to have the best beach body that you can have, try these water activities that are also excellent workouts.


Thought to be a mellow sport by those who haven’t tried it yet, kayaking might be relaxing but is actually a killer workout. From an observer’s perspective, it seems like a good activity for the shoulders and arms it is actually more than that. To be able to row and have a good water stroke, your butt and core are also getting worked up. This means you’d get stronger in the middle and be able to eliminate some of your hip flab. Kayaking is an effective way to burn calories too and facilitate weight loss. If you are moving at a speed of 5 mph, an hour of kayaking can help you torch about 400 calories. That translates to a large mug of creamy hot chocolate you can drink without guilt.

The thing about kayaking is that it can be both relaxing and challenging. If you are all for relaxation, paddle alone and use your solitude to unwind and rediscover your center. If you love some challenge, join a competition. Regular kayaking will improve your posture, promote flexibility, and sculpt your back, arms, chest, and abs. In other words, it will give you that toned physique you have always wanted.


Watch surfers at play and you’ll understand why they all look so toned and fit that they make rash guards look incredibly sexy. Surfing is a dynamic sport and is an effective cardio, making your heart healthy and helping you shed excess fat.

A good balance is needed for this sport and the funny thing is that surfing actually does in turn also improve your balance. The variety and frequency of movements improve flexibility and increase muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the more sculpted you look and the higher your metabolic rate is. This means, you lose weight more efficiently and you’ll look trimmer. Surfing burns about 350 calories per hour on the average.

The great thing about surfing is that it is so much fun and offers enough challenge for those who thrive on difficulty. Aside from keeping you fit and toned, surfing is also an effective aid for depression. Research shows that people who surf on a regular basis are have happier disposition. Now you have more reason to ride the waves.


One of Koh Samui’s much loved watersports, kitesurfing is also a good alternative for the gym. This activity is pretty intense although you won’t notice how much work you do while you are busy having fun. When your muscles are screaming in pain like crazy before you hit the bed, you’ll know exactly what kind of ‘intense’ we are talking about.

Kitesurfing, if you observe closely the movements of the rider, gives a full body workout. Your arms will be toned and your core will be tight before you know it. Because it is a form of surfing, you’ll get majority of the health benefits associated with surfing too if you kiteboard. Kitesurfing combines the goodness of resistance training with a bit of cardio, making it an efficient way to get fit. It is believed that you can easily burn 600 calories or more depending on your gender, weight, and height, for an hour of kitesurfing. This sport also improves coordination and promotes body awareness by improving your reflex.


Because it seems easy and is a low impact sport, many don’t consider snorkelling as a legit workout. However, do not underestimate this sport. An hour of snorkelling can help you use up 300 calories on the average. Like swimming, snorkelling improves your lung capacity and is beneficial for the heart. It may be a low impact activity but is effective in toning the legs, arms, and shoulders. Snorkelling works on your core, quads, and hamstrings making your physique look better. It can also help your body relax, eliminate stress, and improve your mood.


SUP or stand up paddleboarding is another popular Koh Samui watersport that you can substitute for your usual workout. This is a variation of surfing and is actually an activity that can even enhance your surfing skills. An hour of moderate SUP is enough to burn at least 600 calories. If the waves are big and you do a lot of movement, you can easily torch up to 1000 calories per hour.

This is a knockout workout that looks easy if you are not the rider. It is actually more intense than it looks and even those with visually perfect bodies struggle on their first try. If you are looking for an effective core workout that will not only give you slashed abs but will also make you strong, SUP is an excellent choice. Because it offers outstanding cardio and good enough resistance training, you will be leaner and stronger if you commit to do this sport on a regular basis.

SUP is also a good way to unwind, get back to nature, and have fun in one of Koh Samui’s beaches. A bonus: it is also probably the nicest way to have lots of sunshine and get a tan.


A classic, swimming is always en vogue on the island. This has always been popular because it is easy (if you know how to) and it does not require special equipment and you can do it in a pool or at the beach. It is actually the cheapest watersport you can engage in, considering you don’t drown of course. Swimming is recommended for those who like something relaxing or those who cannot do strenuous activities and would want to avoid injuries. Swimming can give you the toned body of your dreams and those killer shoulders too. Depending on the style, you can lose 500 to 800 calories for an hour of this sport. That’s even a bigger burn than what jogging can provide. Breaststroke burns the most calories so if you have the skill, do it often and swim your way to a beautiful body.