There are many details that you need to look into when preparing for a traditional Thai wedding. If you are a foreign couple who have decided to get married in Koh Samui and want to have a Thai ceremony, you must include these 9 auspicious desserts for your reception.These sweet treats are often served in special events such as weddings because they are thought of to bring good fortune and infinite blessings to those who receive them.

Thong Yip (Egg Yolk Cup)

This star shaped cup desserts are made from yolks and flour that is cooked in syrup scented with fragrant jasmine. After cooking, a little amount of the mixture is shaped into a star, placed in cups and allowed to set. Thong means gold and yip’s literal translation means to pick something up. It is believed that when you eat thong yip, everything you touch will turn to gold. Now who will say no to that?

This yummy golden dessert has Portuguese roots and is actually comparable to trouxas de caldas. The number of points of the star varies and can be 3, 5 or 8.

Thong Yot (Golden Drops)

Another popular dessert present in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony is thong yot. This translates to golden egg yolk drops and the dessert actually resembles giant golden drops. Often referred to as the sister to thong yip since they share the same ingredients, the only difference they have is their form. Having this on a table encourages wealth, spending opportunities,and abundance.

A fine thong yot should have a delicate texture and must hold its shape. It should also have a glossy surface. It should not be hard or rubbery when you bite it and is must be beautifully sweet and delicious.

Foi Thong

Another recipe that takes its origin in Portugal, foi thong is comparable to fios de ovos (angel hair) which is a dessert made from egg yolks and is shaped into golden strands.

Foi Thong is actually egg yolks that are beaten and cooked in syrup that is scented with pandan and jasmine. It smells and tastes very Asian. Using a funnel, the beaten yolks are poured into the pot of boiling syrup. They are cooked till they resemble thin golden threads. Because of the long strands, they are believed to provide long lasting love and infinite blessings.

It is easy to make foi thong since there are only very few ingredients. However, you must be careful because the syrup needs to be bubbling to achieve good results. Know that the syrup will be very hot so move carefully to prevent burns. It is also necessary to use the right size of funnel. Too big and the strands will look like fat pasta and too small and the threads will be too thin and weak. Also the syrup has to be boiling before you add the eggs, otherwise, they may stick or won’t be able to hold their shape.

Khanom Chan

This is a 9-layered dessert that connotes progress and brings about success and promotion at work. It has a smooth, slightly sticky texture and has a nice coconutty flavor. Khanom Chan is made from flour, coconut milk, and sugar. Colors are also added to make it look more attractive and enticing.

Thong Ake

Known as sweet golden cake, this is a must for every traditional Thai wedding because it signifies faithfulness and loyalty. Having this on the wedding ceremony is a wish for the bride and groom to stay true to each other for always. Like thong yip, it is also made from egg yolks, sugar, and flour. However, it is richer in taste because of the added coconut cream. The cooked mixture is shaped into a mould then topped with a gold leaf as an accent when serving.

Med Kanoon

This yummy Thai dessert brings about reinforcements for success or helping hands. It is believed that when you eat this, people that you need for success will be in your life when you need them the most. Med Kanoon means jackfruit seeds. The dessert does not have jackfruit seeds or is actually a jackfruit seed. It is actually made from mung bean, which is a type of legume that is cooked, blended, and shaped to look like a jackfruit seed. It is then dipped in egg yolk and cooked in boiling syrup. Med kanoon tastes sweet and slightly nutty, with a texture similar to mashed sweet potatoes on the inside.

Ja Mong Kut (Gud)

Used to be only served exclusively to the Royal Family, Ja Mong Kut is believed to suggest superiority and has a shape like a crown. It is among the rarest of the auspicious desserts because it is complicated to carve, although it is similar to Thong Ake in taste. Though the ingredients are simple and easy to source, Ja Mong Kut takes about 7 hours to make. Its complexity and its unique shape is the reason why it is indeed special. It is said that this amazing local dessert ensures a high position in life and frequent promotion at work.

Sanay Chan

Made with coconut, flour, sugar, yolks, rice flour, and Chan herb, these are sweet treats that are said to represent the love between the bride and groom. It is said that the love of the newlyweds is as beautiful as a full moon at night, much like these sweet round shaped delicacy.

Tuay Fu

These are muffins made from rice flour. Tuay Fu are charming, colorful and stands out from other auspicious desserts that are golden. Scented with flower water, they are slightly fragrant and taste really good. Fu means to rise. These muffins are said to bring about positive energy and are uplifting, progressive, and great for one’s fortune.

If you are having a traditional Thai wedding in Koh Samui, may these desserts bring you a lifetime of happiness, everlasting love, and good fortune.