Truly one of the most underrated cuisines in the world and always lurking behind the shadows of Japanese and Chinese food, Korean cuisine should be on every foodie’s good food radar. Red hot, a little sweet, and with signature Asian touches of sesame oil, soy, and spring onions, Korean dishes are easy to love, pleasing to the eyes, and are hard to mess up due to their simplicity of flavors. Craving for a big bowl of bibimbap or perhaps a helping of fish cakes? Here are some Korean restaurants in Koh Samui where you can eat your favorites.

GAON Korean BBQ Restaurant

Open: 3pm to 11pm
Address: 183 Moo1 | Maenam, Soi 4, China Town, Mae Nam, Ko Samui 84330, Thailand
Phone: 00 66 93 734 4680

For serious Korean food cravings, head to Gaon Korean BBQ Restaurant. This dining place in Maenam serves authentic Korean dishes. They are known for their steaks and homemade kimchi. The owner creates the kimchi herself and it tastes amazing. This fermented side dish is a nice partner for meat and is a good appetizer since it is a little tangy and deliciously spicy.

They have mini plates of side dishes that you can refill for 30 baht. The wide array of sides makes every meal here even more wonderful. The best part of dining at Gaon is that you can grill the meat of your choice right at your own table. You cut the meat into bite size pieces, add your chosen seasonings and you are good to go. The casual ambience is conducive to a nice meal and whether you go here as a couple or with your friends, you will sure leave feeling stuffed with all the food you ate.

A true Korean treat is the pork belly BBQ. Imagine thin strips of pork belly that has the right amount of fat for maximum flavor. You can snip the strips with scissors and watch them cook right before your very eyes. It can get splattery and noisy and smoky but those all add to the dining experience.

Gaon serves the most delicious japchae. Their version is not that oily and has a nice sesame sweet flavor. This is filling on its own and is perfect with freshly grilled pork or beef. Their vegetable pancake taste yummy too especially when dipped in soybean paste and sesame oil.

GAON is a highly recommended Korean restaurant in Koh Samui. The staff is excellent and even if it is your first time eating Korean dishes, you will love it here. Try their vegetable dumplings too. They are incredibly tasty and satisfying.

Hot Pot BBQ

Address: Road Crossing 4169 and 4171, Ko Samui, Thailand

A hidden gem that serves cheap amazing food is Hot Pot BBQ. This is highly raved about by budget travellers because their prices are really affordable. They serve a big BBQ hot pot with plenty of meat and noodles that will fill you up and warm your tummy. For 100 baht, you can go for their all-you-can eat promo.

This place is no frills and is not fancy but if good food that won’t hurt your wallet is what you want, you definitely have to come visit.

Arirang Korean Restaurant

Address: Ko Samui, Chaweng-Choeng Mon Rd., Bo Phut, Surat Thani, Koh Samui

A truly charming place that serves authentic Korean dishes and ice cream is Arirang Restaurant. It is a surprise that this isn’t more popular since it is very good, offers outstanding service, and is a casual place where you can just have a Korean meal with friends and family. What we love about this restaurant in Koh Samui is that it is homey and their portion sizes offer great value for money. They don’t skimp on the sides and each plate that comes to the table is just perfection.

Here you can enjoy a comforting big bowl of Korean hotpot and have your own grill where you can cook meat according to your preference. Because you can eat the meat right from the grill, you can taste all its flavor. Grilled pork and beef is perfect with rice or can be eaten with lettuce and a little kimchi.

Arirang serves awesome side dishes that are included with every meal. There’s kimchi of course, some egg, tofu, and a lot of fermented vegetables. Arirang also makes awesome kimbap, bibimbap, and gyoza. Fish lovers should try their deep fried fish too. For dessert, you can try one of the Korean ice creams they sell. The fish shaped ice cream with mung bean filling is a great one as well as their coffee ice cream. The fruity flavored ones by Melona are also delicious and cheap too.

Awesome Korean Restaurant

Open: 10am to 10pm
Address: 63/143 Moo 5 – Choeng Mon Beach Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui, Surat Thani, Thailand
Phone: 66 93 661 5933

A restaurant that serves all day breakfast and great tasting Korean staples is Awesome Restaurant. This place is a cozy snack bar/cafe. Here you can get coffee—be it hot or iced or can cool down with a yummy glass of tropical shake. They also have sandwiches, beer, and sodas.

If you came here for Korean food, definitely give their Korean sushi a try. Their kimbap comes in generous portions and a serving of sides. We also enjoyed their traditional bibimbap. It is lighter than most bibimbap but it is nonetheless delicious and satisfying. One of the best from Awesome is their fried chicken. It is crunchy yet juicy on the inside. It is worth the calories. For those who are craving for something fatty and sinful, try their breaded pork as well as their yummy tempura. While their Korean menu is not that big, the food is great and the price is okay.