Known as Chaweng’s little sister, Lamai Beach is another top Koh Samui destination. Second only to Chaweng in terms of size, this part of Samui is more quiet and laid back and is generally more budget friendly, making it a good choice among couples who are visiting for their honeymoon and for families who don’t want to be bothered by the never ending party atmosphere. New developments on the area are now more focused on the pricey, upscale projects so it won’t be surprising for Lamai to have a totally different vibe in the near future. Here are the top attractions in Lamai Beach.

Coco Splash Adventure & Waterpark

An amusement park that will appeal to people of all ages, Coco Splash Adventure & Waterpark is truly a venue the whole family will enjoy. These features giant slides, jacuzzis, and inflatable castle. There is even a mini golf course and a bungee trampoline. If you want to feel like Tarzan, you can try the Tree to Tree Adventure where you can conquer obstacles, ride ropes and ziplines. Guests can have snacks like burgers and fries at the Coco Snack Bar and after a long day of play, they can even get a soothing massage or a facial at the spa.

Lamai Sunday Nightmarket

If you are in the mood for a lazy night stroll in a busy street, you definitely must head to Lamai Sunday Nightmarket. Here you can check out all kinds of merchandise from clothing to shoes to handicrafts and toiletries. There are so many things to do here. One can avail of nail art, buy handbags, and get tons of souvenirs. There is a wide variety of street food on sale as well. Try corn on the cob, grilled fish, seafood, and spring rolls. Skewers are popular here too. Among our favorite finds are the deep fried baby crabs, chicken omelette with chilli sauce, and the many kinds of cakes available.

Modern Thai Art

For the artsy and lover of beautiful things, Modern Thai Art is a nice stop for sightseeing. Here you can view and purchase high quality paintings and even have a painting made if you want to. The local artists are talented and don’t mind if you watch them as they work. If you want a nice reminder of your Koh Samui holiday, you can buy a local inspired work of art and hang it on your wall at home.

Lamai Viewpoint

For unbeatable views of Lamai and Chaweng, go to Lamai Viewpoint. The views from the top are simply breathtaking and worth the climb. This leisure park highlights the beauty of the beach, the thick greenery, and the nearby hills. The park offers zipline rides and has a casual bar where you can hangout with friends and cool down with a tropical refreshment or coffee.

Wat Lamai and Cultural Hall.

This is one of the Buddhist temples in Lamai. Not only that, it is also a museum where you can get to know artifacts that mean so much to Koh Samui’s history. You can see various items used for cooking, agricultural tools, and ancient weapons.

Many events take place at this temple and oftentimes, there is a wedding or a funeral happening here. It is also a setting to some of the area’s religious ceremonies.

Hin Ta Hin Yai

Your visit to Lamai Beach won’t be complete without paying a visit to one of its notable and controversial attractions. Resembling male and female genitalia, Grandfather and Grandmother rocks are among Koh Samui’s most popular landmarks and natural attractions. Aside from the odd shaped rocks, the scenery here is so beautiful and picture worthy, especially when the sky is clear and it is not raining.

Overlap Stone

This fascinating boulder is another popular attraction in Lamai. Boasting spectacular island views and refreshing breeze, this is a great spot to relax, take pictures, and go nature watching. This landmark is an opportunity for some legwork as it would take some effort to reach the boulder. You can do this by riding a bike or a 4WD vehicle. Once you get there, you will be rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views of Lamai Bay, so rest assured that your visit will be so worth it.

Lava Lounge

With its own share of loyal patrons, Lava Lounge is surely among Lamai’s best chill spots. People rave about the service and the welcoming spirit shown by the owners and staff. They have an impressive selection of bottled drinks and cocktails, as well as finger foods and light snacks. Some of their bestsellers are ruby and volcano. Both are seriously good. For an instant refresher, try their Long Island Iced Tea. It is a sure fire way to beat the heat.

If you are looking for a nice spot for pleasant conversations and you prefer tasteful music over disco sounds, you definitely should spend some time at Lava Lounge.


Lamai, like the rest of Koh Samui, is a watersports den. The beach and the overall climate make this place very much conducive to a variety of water activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, kitesurfing, and snorkeling. The wide selection of watersports means that you don’t have an excuse to leave Koh Samui without trying at least one. If you like to explore the rich marine life, there’s snorkelling for you. If you love challenging full body workout and the tropical breeze gets you going, there’s kitesurfing. If you prefer to be one with the waves, give surfing a go.

A recommended place to book lessons is Samui Sail Surf and SUP. The instructors are very professional and the fees are reasonable. For visitors who love or want to try sailing, they offer sailing lessons too. Here you can ride a catamaran, explore the waters, and have a good dose of sunshine. After your session, you will have a gorgeous natural tan for sure.