On your Koh Samui vacation, you can choose the place that could be the focal point of your stay. For this, Bophut is a likely candidate. With its lovely white sand beach, inviting tropical weather, and as a home to Fisherman’s Village, Bophut has plenty of things to offer in terms of accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Whether you are a lone travellers, with a loved one or with the whole family, this humble fishing village will recharge your batteries and give you a vacation you most deserved.

Big Buddha Temple

One of Bophut’s finest landmarks, the Big Buddha Temple is an important part of the locals’ culture and religion. This is a stunning work of art and is visible from afar because of its enormous size. People climb the stairs leading to the base of the statue where they are rewarded by breathtaking island views. The entrance is free and the temple is a good place to get a glimpse of Koh Samui’s religious practices. Since this is a temple and considered a sacred ground, make sure that you are suitably dressed. Revealing clothing is prohibited so cover up or at least bring a scarf or jacket to wear in the vicinity. After exploring the temple, you can shop for souvenirs and get drinks at the cafe. Many tourists rave about the coffee there so make sure you try it.

Bophut Walking Street

If you love cheap food thrills, drop by the Bophut Walking Street. This is a hub for all kinds of local street food and is a favorite hangout among locals and tourists. Like most walking streets, it offers a wide variety of merchandise and can be crowded and busy at most times. However, the busy atmosphere is what makes it fun. Open every Friday, here you can grab a bite, shop for trinkets, buy accessories and clothing, or simply stroll and watch people come and go. Bophut Walking Street takes time to explore since it is quite long. Well if you are bored at your hotel and want to discover your surroundings, this is a must visit. It has a lively local market vibe and won’t dig a hole in your pocket unless you buy tons of stuff. Among the products we can’t get enough of are the kebabs, handmade soaps, and colorful bags made from Thai fabrics.

Dao Siam Cosmetics

For ladies who are addicted to body products, a good independent brand to try is Dao Siam Cosmetics. They have a shop in Bophut where you can purchase coconut oil, body lotions, fragrant scrub, massage oils and other spa products. The best thing about their goods is that they smell really natural and exotic. Surely they will remind you of your tropical vacation. A must buy is their aloe vera gel which is perfect if you are prone to sunburns. If you are looking for gifts, their linen sprays are recommended. They smell fresh but not overpowering.

Blue Vanilla Samui

For those who want unique wedding favors, home decors, and novelty gift items, Blue Vanilla Samui will feel like Disneyland to you. Here you can find many interesting beaded jewelry, wall decors, bags, and so much more. This charming little shop is located in the Fisherman’s Village. They have dried fruits, cute wooden boxes, and hand painted glassware and ceramics. Everything is beautifully crafted, done with love and priced just right.

Orange Wave Watersports

Your stay in Bophut won’t be complete without a little time in the water and if you love to jet ski or perhaps want to learn how to jet ski, the guys at Orange Wave Watersports can be of great help. The staffs are reliable, have enough training, and are very friendly. Also their prices are among the cheapest you can find in Bophut.

Samui Crocodile Farm

If you have a fascination for local wildlife and would want a place where you can bring kids, this is a good option. Here you can see crocodiles and snakes as well as lizards and monkeys. The farm is accessible as it is near the airport. The snake show is fascinating—both exciting and scary at the same time but it sure is worth watching. The farm also sells souvenirs and shirts to remind you of your trip. Samui Crocodile Farm is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

Island Organics Thai Cooking Class

This lovely property is set amidst lush greenery. Island Organics not only provides Thai cooking lessons but is also a source of locally grown organic ingredients like chili, mushrooms, and Kaffir lime. The whole experience here is fulfilling because not only will you be able to cook your favorite Thai dishes. You will also be acquainted with commonly used herbs and spices in every Thai kitchen. You get to discover ingredients one by one and learn how to pick the best for your cooking. Have fun making spring rolls from scratch, hot and sour soup, pad Thai, and different kinds of curry based dishes. The kitchen/classroom is most conducive for learning. The instructors are highly skilled and so much fun. Also the interaction is very dynamic, making students learn easier while having a great time.

Greenlight Cafe & Bar

A distinct dining place in the Fisherman’s Village is Greenlight Cafe & Bar. This is an ideal spot for health buffs and diners who want some vegan options. The setting is so relaxing and tranquil, making your meals here truly memorable. Food is quite pricey but the use of fresh ingredients, the presentation, and the raw unadulterated flavor of ingredients are very refreshing. The twists on a number of local favorites is another thing to look forward to. Try their zucchini pad Thai,which is guilt free but delicious. Their salads and wraps are light but satisfying. Greenlight Cafe also serves smoothies and coffee. It also is popular for its breakfast offerings.

Bophut has a good balance of the old and the new. No matter what your vacation goals are—be it adventure, relaxation, food trip or some needed alone time, your holiday here will surely be wonderful.