Being a healthy foodie in Koh Samui can be challenging since places that use only organic ingredients are not that common. Good thing there is Samui Health Shop, here you can find healthy, all natural food you can enjoy. Knowing that they are good for you makes eating them a lot more fulfilling.

The Cafe

A true paradise for healthy eating, Samui Health Shop proves that good food need not be boring or bland. Stop by, get a taste of their yummy dishes and we bet that pretty soon, you’ll be kissing refined snacks and fast foods goodbye. At the cafe, you can enjoy salads and entrees that are prepared and cooked with no bad taste enhancers such as MSG. Because of this, you will be able to really taste the true flavors of the organic vegetables and premium grains used in the recipes. Their food are made with love, come in decent portions, and taste great despite being all natural. Even if you are not necessarily trying to eat healthy, a visit here will open your eyes and orient your taste buds to the wonderful world of clean living. Their dining space is very relaxing—totally in keeping with their menu and products.

Never Go Hungry

At Samui Health Shop, the menu is not that big but whatever they have in there you can be sure to be good. Their salads are yummy and far healthier than most salads served in typical Koh Samui diners. Their Caesar Salad is quite interesting. This does not have the fatty dressing the original recipe has yet it is equally tasty and cheesy because of the nutritional yeast. For those who want meat on their salad, try the chicken salad. This tastes amazing and has hints of coconut oil that was used to fry the chicken. If you need carbs for your workout or if you simply can’t function without them, then carb load the guilt free way with the fried purple potato with salad. Purple potato is rich in fiber and antioxidants and has less calories than regular potatoes.

The cafe also serves delectable rice meals. But at Samui Health Shop, they don’t use white rice. A must try is their baked rice with kimchi. This is a filling dish with egg and fermented cabbage–a good option for those who love Korean flavors. Their salmon steak with garlic rice is also yummy. The fish is perfectly cooked and the rice is flavorful. Together, they make a really good combo. The stirfried eggplant on rice is another hit. This is a simple dish featuring locally grown eggplants. For those who want something a little creamy and comforting, don’t miss out on their lobster soup. It tastes phenomenal. Also try their Thai Omelette. Even kids will enjoy it.

Drink Your Food

If you are the type who has no time for a full meal, maybe you can consider buying some fresh juice at the shop. Their juices are made from organic vegetables and fruits and are obtained using cold press mechanism to ensure that the vitamins and minerals remain intact while juicing. Try the apple passion fruit. It is fruity and will amp your energy for sure. A simple beverage but a yummy one is the fresh sugar cane juice. Do yourself a favor and try it. Prepare to be hooked. Oh and have it with a lot of ice! Another goodie is apple and tomato juice. It sounds a bit odd but the combination works.

Guilt Free Desserts

Sweets fans will have an amazing time at the cafe since they serve mouthwatering guilt free desserts. Their cakes and pastries are not sweetened with table sugar or aspartame. Instead, they use organic sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, blue agave, coconut sugar, and molasses. A true favorite of their patrons is their Nama chocolate. This is so rich and tasty, you won’t think it’s good for you. They also have a raw cookie and a heavenly homemade “Snickers” bar. If you need something cool, the vegan coconut ice cream will surely satisfy you. If you are feeling fancy, go for their macadamia yogurt caramel cheesecake. It is too tasty to share! Another decadent sweet treat is their raw cacao cake. It is homemade and unlike other cakes, this won’t make you suffer from blood sugar dips. Need something sweet and one that will give you a boost? Try the banana cinnamon energy ball. This looks like a sinful treat but it actually is very good for you.

Their smoothies are impressive. The red-hot smoothie is refreshing and is quite addictive. Their summer smoothie is delicious and full of texture. It works as a morning drink or as an afternoon refresher if you need something to fill your tummy.

Take Some Home

After getting a taste of the healthy and nutritious food at Samui Health Shop, you might also want to take some goodies home. They have vegetables, homemade vegan cheese, farm fresh eggs, and bread that you can add to your shopping basket. If you love wheatgrass, they have a wheatgrass growing kit—maybe you can grow your own plant and eventually save on costs. You can even give some to your friends who are fans of wheatgrass too.

Need to stock up on your healthy staples? At Samui Health Shop, you can find your favorite superfoods and organic food ingredients. They have carob powder, acai, cacao nibs, nori flakes and natural sweeteners too.

Food is always a welcome present. You can buy some cakes and pastries to delight your loved ones. A good takeaway is their mushroom puff— a flaky pastry similar to turnovers. You can also pre-order some of their cakes if you are craving or need one for a special occasion. Their raw energy cake looks amazing but only has elements that are healthy and nutritious like almond, organic cacao, cashew, virgin coconut oil, and coconut sugar. They also have a prune cake—unusual but very nice indeed.

Samui Health Shop by Lamphu
Address: 130/1 Moo 4 Main Road | Diagonally across Tesco Lamai, Lamai Beach, Maret, Ko Samui 84310, Thailand
Phone: 0066869090373