Koh Samui is a food lover’s paradise. Of course, you will easily fall in love with Thai dishes while here. But then again, there are also lots of amazing restaurants that cater to different cuisines from around the globe. For a taste of high quality Indian food, a must try is Noori India. This is one of the island’s best dining places, providing a good balance of amazing ambience, affordability, and authentic flavors.

Noori India was started by two talented brothers—Peter and Di-Di, and features a menu centered on North Indian food.

Soup, Salads, and Appetizers

The number one thing we love about Noori India is the comprehensiveness of its menu. Even if it is your first time to eat at an Indian restaurant, for sure you will have something to eat. We love their soups because they are satisfying and easy on the tummy. From 50-100 baht, you can enjoy a cup of flavorful soup. One of the ones we keep coming back to is the madras soup. This is essentially a tomato based soup made creamy with coconut and flavored with Indian spices. It is so good. We also can’t get enough of their seafood soup. This has lots of flavor from the fish, prawns, squid, and of course, spices.

We are very impressed with Noori’s appetizer menu. They have plenty of dishes in this category that it is hard to pick a favorite. Definitely try their chicken samosa. This has crunch and has a delicious chicken filling inside. We also recommend the onion bhaji, which are like onion rings. Very tasty. For tempura lovers, you may want to try their prawn pakora. This is like shrimp tempura but with an Indian twist. It is so yummy.

Those who are watching their weight or those who want to have something light, you can explore their salad menu. We love the kachumar salad. This has green pepper, cucumber, and tomato and is made tasty with spices and lemon juice. The restaurant’s seafood salad is beyond amazing. This has fish, squid, prawns, cucumber, tomato, and lemon juice. It’s so yummy!

Chef’s Signature and Specialties

The cream of the crop at Noori India are the chef’s signature dishes. The lamb tawa is phenomenal. This dish is served on a hot plate and is basically lamb that is bursting with Indian herbs and spices. Lamb fans will have a great meal here for sure because they have so many dishes that are based on this tasty meat. A crowdpleaser is the lamb curry. This has very tender meat and a nice combination of curry spices. We also find the lamb vindaloo a winning dish from the house. Something that even kids will enjoy is the lamb shahi korma. This is lamb that is cooked in almond and cream sauce. It is quite different but a nice dish nonetheless.


If you are a fan of grilled food, take a look at their tandoor options. Don’t miss out on the paneer shaslik. This is Indian cheese that is cubed and marinated then grilled with tomatoes, bell pepper, and onions. This is a classic Indian treat. Their chicken Afghani is also excellent. Be sure to check that one out. To be able to taste everything, order the Noori Special Mixed Grill. This includes all tandoori specialties served with special spices. Truly worth the money.

Vegetarian Menu

Being a vegetarian can be tricky especially when most places don’t serve anything without meat. You won’t have that issue with Noori India. Their vegetarian menu has plenty of exciting dishes such as stuffed tomatoes (these are great), dal maharani or creamed black lentils, Bombay potatoes, and so many others. Our favorite is the saag paneer. This is essentially Indian cheese in creamed spinach. It’s actually very good.

Kids’ Menu

Dining with kids? That’s no problem here at Noori India. As we have mentioned the menu offers a wide selection of food so there is something for your picky eaters too. The restaurant serves fish fingers, French fries, and chicken fry. A goodie is the butter chicken. This is barbecued chicken with a nice tandoori sauce. The chicken korma is another tasty dish too that your kids might love.

Other Savory Stunners

Noori India truly deserves to be highly raved about. If you want more no-fail choices from them, you may want to try their prawn curry. This is so addictive and works well with rice. The tomato fish is also surprisingly superb but really simple. It’s fried fish cooked in tomatoes. Simple but it works. Of course there’s also the ever popular chicken tikka masala. This is a great Indian classic. If you want the kebab type of dish, you may take a chance on their sizzlers. The chili chicken and chili paneer are both good.

Refreshments and Desserts

Here at Noori India you can also indulge your sweet tooth. They serve fresh fruits that are in season as well as different flavors of ice cream. Traditional Indian desserts like kesar kheer or rice cooked in milk and saffron, Indian rice pudding, and gulab jamun (deep fried sweet balls with syrup) are also available. The restaurant also serves refreshing drinks such as juices. Beers and other liquors are also on the menu. Popular drinks include their milk shake, lassi (whipped yogurt), masala chai, and coffee. They serve jasmine tea and sodas too.

Private Dining and Catering

Noori India is a popular event venue. The place can accommodate 80 people for private dining so you can consider this for your birthday, wedding reception, business conference, or just a casual gathering among your friends and family. The area will be prepared according to your specifications so you can be sure that your group will have a fabulous dining experience. Noori has catering services as well. If you are having an event in your villa, the team can provide delicious Indian food for you.

Noori India Restaurant

Address: 17/1 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road | Bophut, Koh Samui, Surattani, Chaweng, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand