Currently the largest lifestyle shopping venue in Chaweng is Central Festival Samui. This is an open air Western style mall that boasts about 200 shops and a architecture harmonizing modern and traditional design elements. The mall has 4 distinct sections housing different categories of merchandise and themes. With its 3 storeys and 90,000 square meters of commercial space, this can easily be found at the Chaweng Beach Road where you can access its main portal.

Central Festival Samui aims to be a one stop shopping venue where you can buy not just basic everyday commodities but also be able to indulge your interests be it fashion, beauty, gadgets, and of course food. It is an ideal family place since it has something for all ages. There is a cinema, an arcade, a spacious activity area, a huge food court where they serve high quality local food and familiar Western snacks, a number of cozy cafes, and a supermarket where you can find local and international goods at a reasonable price.

Surrounded by tall trees and a well maintained garden, this is an outstanding place to head to whether you need to do several errands or you just want to aimlessly spend a lazy afternoon with your family or friends. With its spacious walkways and open air design, it is certainly in keeping with Samui’s tropical weather and laidback way of life. Central Festival often features live performances and family activities at their leisure grounds and every Wednesday, you can check out their night market where you can get amazing deals on clothing, souvenirs, accessories, and local delicacies.

Tops Market

Central Festival Samui has a supermarket called Tops Market. If you need basic commodities like canned goods, rice, cooking oil, soap, toothpaste, and other toiletries, this is your stop. Among the things you can buy here are local snacks like Fruit King durian chips, Mae Napa chips such as banana and taro, and Benefruit dried mango that you can give as souvenirs or pack in your bag as nibbles. Popular Asian brands like Oishi, Pocky, and Lotte are sold here as well.

Need some fresh fruits? Here you can buy all sorts of local fruits whole or cut up and ready to eat. They have papaya, banana, pineapple, mangoes, sweet tamarind, and dragon fruit to name some. Commonly used Thai seasoning and condiments such as curry paste, sweet chili sauce, and fish sauce are mainstays on the shelves.

Feel like cooking? Fill your cart with organic Jasmine rice, lean meat cuts, as well as fish and seafood from the fresh section. They also have a wide selection of vegetables with enough balance of locally sourced produce and imported fresh herbs. Tops Market also has an impressive selection of deli products like sausages, ham, fish and meatballs, crab sticks, and roasted dried pork. Big International brands of snacks like Frito Lay, Sun Maid and Haagen Dazs are also here.

Tops also has a bakery so if you need to stock up on baked goods, they have basic multi-grain loaf, sweet corn bread, and Danish pastries among others.

Food Park

The Food Park is Central Festival Samui’s common dining hall where shoppers flock to if they want a wide array of food choices. This is popular for its Thai offerings. Among the great finds you can have at an affordable price are noodle soup, Thai roti pancakes, mango sticky rice, dumplings, and bento meals. You can also enjoy fresh coconut juice straight from the husk for less than 100 baht. Rice meals are very popular here and so are sandwiches and fried stuff. If your group can’t reach a consensus as to where you will eat, the Food Park is very suitable since there’s amazing variety and the serving portions are decent.

Cafes and Restaurants

Dining is definitely a happy experience at this lifestyle mall because many of the coolest cafes and restaurants in Koh Samui are right here. For a Japanese treat,head to Zen Sushi & Sake. We can’t get enough of their Jumbo Salmon Sashimi, which for less than 400 baht will satisfy your Japanese cravings. Here you can buy sushi per piece so you can fill your plate with an assortment of colorful bites. Their Salmon Ikura Gunkan and Tamago Sushi are beyond perfection. We also can’t resist their Su-cheese which is sushi made more flavorful with creamy cheese.

If the heat is getting in your nerves, stop by Swensens. This ice cream joint is highly raved about and if you desperately need something cool and creamy, here you can indulge till your tummy is happy. A yummy chocolatey item on the menu is the Oreo Brownies. Kids love this and we can’t blame any adult who is crazy about this too as it is so delicious. An exotic flavor from the house is Matcha. This is very Japanese and refreshing in its herbal earthiness.

Other dining options you can check out at Central Festival Samui are W’s The Bistro, KFC, The Kitchen, Be Bistro, and Starbucks. There’s also a booth of Auntie Anne’s and Mister Donut.

Fashion, Health and Beauty

Big global brands in the world of fashion, health and beauty are also some of the reasons shoppers are hooked on this mall. Aside from the individual commercial boutiques, there’s also a department store where you can shop for cosmetics, fragrances, clothing, shoes, and baby items.

Leisure and Specialty Shops

Being a true family oriented place, here there is something for everyone. Mom and sis will love looking for trinkets and charms at Pandora and shopping for beauty essentials and supplements at Watson’s. Kids can spend hours at the mini carnival ride or play their favorite games at the arcade. After a long day of shopping, you can sit down for a fish spa or perhaps take pictures at mall garden or maybe check out the small specialty stalls at the open air atrium. Dad and bro can buy new athletic wear or running shoes at Adidas or maybe just chill in one of the cafes within the vicinity.

Indeed, this is a must stop in Chaweng. If you are done with your tours and sightseeing and you have no plans for the day, shop, dine, and play to your heart’s content here at Central Festival Samui.