A day at the beach in Koh Samui is definitely the best. The island is known for having some of the most breathtaking and clearest waters in Thailand and if you want to look your best while out in the water, you need to be prepared. Here are the things you need to always look photo ready in Koh Samui’s beaches.


This is pretty obvious but sometimes taken for granted. The sun in the tropics can be both warming and unforgiving. The weather in Koh Samui means that you will be exposed to sunlight majority of the time so you need a reliable sun protection for both face and body. Waterproof sunscreen is the way to go particularly if you will be swimming for hours or will be doing plenty of watersports. A spray sunscreen is most suitable for the body for you to be able to get to hard to reach areas like the back and legs. Make sure you put the proper amount and reapply as needed. For the face, a cream sunblock is better. Opt for a physical sunblock with zinc oxide rather than a chemical one especially if you are prone to allergies and dermatitis.


A day at the beach is really the best excuse to let your skin breathe and skip the make up. However if you must wear some, again, go for something waterproof. The water will mess with your applied ‘face’ and of course you will be sweating a lot so keep it light and minimal. For a naturally glowing face without the cake-y look, a tinted moisturizer with SPF is ideal. If the SPF is high enough then you can skip the sunscreen for the face. For the lips, a lip balm with sun protection or probably a natural looking lip tint is best. For the cheeks, a cheek tint or a cream blush will be enough to give a natural sunkissed glow. Skip the bronzer and the contour kit. Don’t apply mascara, it will just make you look like a raccoon when you start to sweat. Shimmery makeup is also a no-no. Keep it natural.

Hair Products

The sometimes unbearably hot weather in Koh Samui can make you hate your long hair while at the beach. If you have long tresses, it is probably best to go for a ponytail or a braided look to keep the hair off your face and back. For those with short hair, make sure you have plenty of clips to secure your hair in place as it can get windy and you don’t want to ruin your day with a bad hair. If you have naturally curly hair, know that the humidity can make it look big and poofy. It’s either you embrace your badass curls or lock them in a tight bun. Either way, wear it with confidence and you will look great. A good product to have if you want sleek hair is an anti frizz serum. If you want the gorgeous beach hair often seen in supermodels, a salt spray could be your best friend. Or better yet, just let your hair down and allow the salty air to give your mane that natural beachy vibe. Believe us, it will happen.


On your beach vacation, do not forget to bring your favorite shades. While the beach is really beautiful, it can be hard to see, especially when the sun is high and the glare is everywhere. To make sure you won’t be caught making weird faces on camera and to avoid premature lines on your eye area, always wear sunglasses to the beach.


A cute wide brimmed hat can be your best friend at the beach. Not only does it look chic, it also offers additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Mosquito Repellant and Anti-itch Balm

Something nobody told you about the tropics is that mosquitoes can be an issue, especially at night. You may choose to wear a mosquito patch or apply an anti-mosquito lotion or spray. It doesn’t matter which one you pick. JUST PUT SOMETHING ON or have bites to show for it when you get back to your hotel.

A balm that can relieve itch is also a must especially if you are prone to rashes. It is also advisable to bring something to ward off jellyfish. It is better to be safe than sorry.

After Sun Gel

Aloe vera is very good at relieving sunburn and helping the skin recover faster after sun exposure. There are topical products that has this amazing ingredient that you can tote in your bag for you to apply after swimming or sunbathing. Apply a generous amount, especially for the areas that are really red.

Hand Sanitizers/ Wet Wipes/ Tissues

For quick clean ups, a pack of tissues and wet wipes could save the day as they can handle spills, sand, and sweat. Note, if you use tissues and wipes make sure you dispose them properly or put them in a little bag after use and take them back with you. It is important to keep the beach clean always. For dirty hands, a little hand sanitizer will help. Use them before and after meals or whenever you feel like washing up.

Hand Fan

While the tropical breeze and a glass of fruit smoothie can help you cool down, sometimes you need more reinforcements. A native hand fan or a foldable one can help you beat the heat and refresh you if it gets hot.

Flip flops

Keep your glamourous designer shoes at their boxes at home. You won’t need them at the beach. The best footwear in this case are flip flops since they can be used whether wet or dry and they allow the feet to breathe. Remember to have a foot spa treatment and a nice pedicure before your beach day so your feet will look their best.


Of course your beach day won’t be complete without your swimsuit. You can wear your favorite designer labels or try local ones. Just make sure you feel comfortable with it and that everything is securely in place. Also, it is best to also tote a sarong or a kaftan so you can cover up when you need to. Lastly, do not go topless at the beach or skinny dip. Koh Samui is not the place for that.

Enjoy your beach holiday!