The activities you might want to try, for more ideas for non-water Koh Samui adventures? Here’s plenty more.

Canopy Adventure

Photo by: Canopy Adventure

If you don’t have a fear of heights and you’d like to take in the most spectacular views of Koh Samui, one thing you can sign up for is a canopy ride. Imagine being suspended several feet high above the ground and going at an amazing speed of about 50 miles per hour. This is all you can experience riding a zip line. You can see the waterfalls, get through the lush jungles, and have the best perspective of the island in swift motions. You’ll feel like a modern Tarzan or a post millennia Jane while you are strapped and allowing the momentum to sweep you off across the greenery and tropical scenery.

Wine Tasting

Photo by: Four Seasons
Some people don’t care too much about very physical activities and are all for sensory delights while on vacation. If this sounds like you and if you’d rather please your taste buds than go for a hike or nature trip, we recommend wine tasting while in Koh Samui. While it’s not exactly Napa Valley and there are no long stretches of vineyards, here you can still savor many different kinds of wine. Thai Winery House and Tours in Lamai is among the local tour providers that offer wine tasting.

Jungle Safari

A chance to see the exciting cultural and scenic highlights of Koh Samui in one go is the promise of Jungle Safari tours offered by Mr. Ung’s. Riding a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you will be taken to grandfather and grandmother rocks, mummified monk temple, famous island viewpoints, giant slides, beautiful mountains, local farms, and of course to the Big Buddha. The itinerary is packed with fun and adventure and also includes a filling lunch at a mountain-top restaurant.

Indoor Skydiving at EasyFly

Activity for those who have always wished they could fly, you can make that wish happen at EasyFly. This is an indoor skydiving facility where guests can conquer gravity and be able to fly like a bird. This activity is great for families as it is safe even for kids. Superhero costumes are also available so you can take pictures of your little one flying while wearing Superman’s suit. Safety briefing and knowledge about basic indoor skydiving are given before the actual thing. You will also be wearing a suit and a headgear before you get in the tunnel for your flight.


Sometimes a good workout is all you need to get your blood pumping. If you have a strict fitness routine or you just need to work some sweat with your favorite equipment, there are gyms in Koh Samui that you can visit. In Chaweng, there’s Elite Gym and Fitness Exclusive. They have a wide variety of fitness machines as well as weights for different kinds of fitness goals. They also have a shake bar where you can load up on your protein with their yummy post workout shake.

Bungee Jumping

Scary, heart racing, and a source of incredible pre and post jumping high, that is what this thing is. Bungee jumping involves jumping from a great height with a harness tied on one part of your body and allowing nothing but gravity to move you to the end zone. One of the most exciting activities you can take part of on the island, bungee jumping isn’t for the sissy. This requires guts and the ability to swallow your fear as you jump and freefall. But this isn’t all just about the jump. Bungee jumping also allows you to see the amazing scenery all around you if you are brave enough to open your eyes as you are falling into nothingness. The experience is unlike any other. Samui Bungy Jump allows you to experience a different kind of high as you free fall into a plunge pool (so it does involve water in a way) with only a cord tied to your feet. The company has been doing this for about a decade and is known for keeping their clients safe and living up to their promise of fun and excitement.

Mountain Biking

Many tourists prefer to tour Koh Samui with a mountain bike. This activity has picked up over the past few years and probably the reason why it is so popular is that it combines sightseeing and a workout in one activity. Taking a tour of the island on a bike is relaxing and allows you to explore at an easy pace. There are organized trips on the island and you have the option to go on a half day tour or a full day tour. You can also organize your own private tour among friends or go solo or as a couple. Biking is a relaxing thing and with Koh Samui’s tropical landscape, it is made more fun and fulfilling.


A game that is suitable for all ages, badminton has many interesting benefits for the health. It keeps the heart healthy, improves bone and muscle mass, and when done regularly, is an effective means to lose weight. You can play just for fun or make it challenging by turning it into a competition. In Samui, you can play this in your rented villa or probably in a court of your chosen hotel or resort.


Unlike other sports, tennis does not require a lot of people to play. You can play by twos or fours or you may also “play” solo against a backboard to practice your strokes. Koh Samui Tennis Club has tennis training and coaching and offers their facilities for rent as well.

Bow and Arrow

Archery is a confidence-building sport that you can do while here. Whether you have innate archery skills or you are only wanting to do something you haven’t done before, this is an activity that is now gaining momentum, thanks to the series, Arrow. If you want to awaken your inner Robin Hood or say your sleeping Oliver Queen, enroll in an archery class on your holiday in the tropics. The beauty of this sport is that you can do it on your own. It is a good outlet for stress release and is an exercise to work on your focus and concentration. An excellent venue where you can shoot arrows and eat delicious snacks is Flying Arrow Archery Range Restaurant & Bar.

Giant Waterball

One of the activities that you might want to try is the giant waterfall. Swimming at the beach so it is still relatively ‘dry’. For 750 baht, you can experience this weird yet fun phenomenon that had taken Samui by storm and be inside a giant inflatable ball and be pushed downhill and gaining momentum till you are rolling and laughing your head off. Samui Water ball is now a favorite stop for tourists and is a good option for those who want something unique, out of this world, and crazy fun.