Made famous by its one of a kind full moon parties, this stunning hideaway is one of Thailand’s lovely islands. Travellers are drawn to its beaches, energizing tropical weather, and laid back island lifestyle. If you are planning to go here, we advise you to schedule your trip around December to March—the period when the weather on the island is at its best and is conducive to outdoor activities and beach fun.

Phaeng Waterfalls

Like most islands in Thailand, Koh Phangan is where you can see nature at its finest. Among the island’s most amazing natural gifts is the Phaeng Waterfall. This is a glorious cascading body of water and is a great spot to take pictures, be in awe of the view, and just take in the tropical scenery. To reach the falls you need to do some legwork and climb for about a quarter of an hour, depending on how fit you are. The views here are nothing less than superb and the water is clean enough for you to bathe in it. The surroundings is pretty raw and peaceful so if you love nature, you can spend hours here breathing in the fresh air and listening to the tranquil water sounds. The entrance to Phaeng Waterfalls is free, which is good news for tourists on a budget.

Haad Yao

If you are looking for a peaceful sanctuary where you can meditate, practice yoga, and find peace and quiet, we highly recommend Haad Yao. This is among Koh Phangan’s mesmerizing beaches and is famous for its fine sand. The beach is uninterrupted by rocks and corals so you can play in the water with no worries. The beach is ideal for swimming and showcases the most glorious sunsets, making it a great fit as a wedding beach.

Haad Yao has plenty to offer in terms of places to stay, restaurants, and shops. There are a number of establishments near the beach so you can still enjoy your usual modern comforts while basking in serenity. The nightlife is great also so if you are the type to stay late on a holiday, you are in terrific company.

Thong Sala Night Market

You can find night markets almost anywhere in Thailand and in Koh Phangan, people can’t get enough of Thong Sala. Foodies frequent this place because of the wide array of food selections that are affordable and delicious. There are plenty of fried fish, exotic skewers, iced treats, and even familiar comfort foods like pizza! There’s also an abundance of sushi and rice cakes, so if you are watching your carbs intake, we highly suggest that you forego the diet and simply have fun sampling the many delicacies being sold here.

The area really comes alive during the evening where stalls are lined up next to each other making everyone excited to buy different products. Colorful beaded accessories, handmade items, summer dresses, souvenir shirts, shoes, and fresh fruits are only some of the things you can get here. Buying from the locals is fun and fulfilling because they are friendly and the items are very cheap.

Maybe everyone will agree that you simply must try the seafood in this night market. The squid, mussels, crabs, and prawns, cooked in many different ways will make anyone drool. Make it a mission to try the seafood first before anything else unless you have allergies.

Mae Haad Beach

This amazing beach is located on the northern part of Koh Phangan and is a must see because it is a spot where two currents converge. Mae Haad is special because you see two bodies of water separated by a small portion of land. It is truly a sight to behold and is one of the most unique attractions on the island. The beach is quiet at most times although there are periods when there are tourists around taking pictures or walking along the thin strip of land. This is right next to the Koh Ma National Marine Park and is known as the most idyllic spot for snorkelling.

The Challenge Phangan

Holidays mean adventure especially for people who crave that familiar rush of adrenaline. If you love a good workout and want to do something different, try to get through the at The Challenge. This leisure park is created for people who enjoy leaping, running, and rolling and boasts padded balls and specially designed structures where you can play and challenge your strength, flexibility, speed, and endurance. The Challenge is basically a playground created for adults and kids alike. Because it is organized, you won’t be bored and probably spend a great amount of time laughing as you conquer every level of the challenge.

The place is not for the glammed up. Here what you need is a fit body, lots of energy, sunblock, and an outfit that will allow you to move without hassles. There are locker rooms and shower where you can freshen up after your nerve wracking adventure. For 500 Baht, you can have fun for hours and most likely get an even tan that you can show off later. You can even use the pool table and kayaks free of charge. The food is delicious too and the outdoor scenery is just what you need to amp up your draining batteries.

Dom Sila Viewpoint

A scenic spot meant for nature lovers is Dom Sila Viewpoint. Lush vegetation, breathtaking panoramic views, and fresh air are among the promises of this Koh Phangan attraction. If you are not into crowded and noisy venues and you prefer to visit natural attractions, you can’t go wrong here. While at the top, you can have the peace and quiet that you crave for and be able to see the rest of the island in all its glory. Take the chance to see the jungle and take selfies at one of Thailand’s well kept secret hideaways here at Domsila.