When you want a break from Thai food, a nice change would be Japanese food. This cuisine has flavors and textures that are very different from Thai dishes. A well known Japanese Restaurant in Koh Samui is Kobori. Their place in Nathon is amazing and boasts the most beautiful sunset views and modern Japanese inspired interiors. They have sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, and of course, sake. Since the owner is Japanese, the food tastes authentic. Oftentimes, he will show up wearing a kimono and other props, so you are in for a delightful suprise.

Sushi and Sashimi

Kobori has a comprehensive menu with so many flavorful sushis to choose from. There are lots of items that will get your attention if you love Japanese food.

From their line of sushis, there are plenty to choose from. There is tuna, salmon, prawn, sweet egg sushi etc. Their Salmon Avocado California Roll is so good and so is the egg roll. Their serving is big enough to share but we won’t blame you if you won’t because it is so delicious! Their Deluxe California Roll is pure awesome. For sure it will beat your favorite California roll. If you want to try an assortment of their sushis, go for their sets as these have all their finest selections in one plate. For the most variety try their 18-piece sushi set. This has prawn, salmon, salmon roe, scallops, and 2 kinds of white fish. It will surely satisfy your sushi craving.

Kobori also makes the best sashimi. Their tuna sashimi is fresh and is so flavorful. Another contender is their scallops. These are so good! As with the sushi,they also have sashimi sets. Go for their Deluxe Sets. They are worth every baht.

Something Filling

The rice bowls from Kobori are popular among diners who want something more filling. Their eel bowl special is tasty and will give you energy for hours. Their katsudon or pork cutlets bowl is wonderful too and is something kids will love.

If you prefer fried stuff, Kobori Japanese Restaurant has something for you too. Among their best is the deep fried oysters. Another ideal option for young diners is the chicken karaage or the fish fillet. Of course their fried squid is excellent too, especially when served with sake.

The hot pots from this restaurant are recommended. We can’t get enough of their beef hot pot. This has beef, pork, cabbage, mushroom, and carrot. For something even more flavorful, you can’t go wrong with the salmon and mussel hot pot. This is surprisingly nice even when you are in a hot place like Samui.

For delectable grilled dishes, go for the teppanyaki. For this we love the beef one. It tastes so yummy. The vegetables are cooked just right and the meat is so tender and tasty.

Sides and Desserts

For a fuller feast, you can also try some of the sides offered at the house. Their gyoza is a yummy accompaniment to any dish. Their agedashi tofu is a mouthwatering side dish too. Make sure you eat it right away because it is phenomenal when hot. For a party in your mouth kind of food, go for their takoyaki. This has intense flavor and the most pleasurable creamy texture. Warning: this is addictive, so order extra. Their miso soup is frequently ordered too and is yummy with a rice meal.

Of course you can’t leave without having something sweet. Among the diners’ favorites here are their shaved ice desserts. Be sure to order their Yuzu Citron shaved ice treat. This is mind blowing.

What We Love About Kobori Japanese Restaurant

Modern But Relaxing Ambience

Clean lines and neutral colors dominate the interiors of this restaurant. But then, it is not boring. In fact, it sets the right tone to highlight the views outside. Huge picture windows showcases the most beautiful sunset, making your dinner really special.

Quality Sashimi and Yummy Sushi

Relying on only the best and the freshest ingredients for their sushi and sashimi, food come out fresh and delicious every time.

Satisfying Meals

Their rice meals and teppanyaki are so good and will fill your tummy with deliciousness in every bite. Whether you are just looking for something light it you want to go all out and fully indulge, your dining experience here will be nothing short of wonderful.

Creative Presentation

This dining place takes pride in its creative presentation and attention to detail. The sushi plates are a delight to behold as the colors of the ingredients are so vivid, which is a reflection of their freshness and quality. We bet you’ll find it hard not to grin from ear to ear as your orders are placed in front of you as they are a true feast for the eyes. Of course, they taste as good as they look too.

Superb Service and Fun Atmosphere

Aside from their amazing food, diners love Kobori because of the superb service. The owner and the staff pull all the stops to give the best to their customers. Every dish comes out perfect, with plating and presentation that add to the dining pleasure.
Also, here you can relax and get carried away with the friendly vibe. You can wear a kimono too and choose a Japanese accent while you take pictures among your group or with the owner. Because of this, it had become a favorite birthday place for some diners. You will be given props and a banner to commemorate your special day.

Very Generous Servings

The dishes at Kobori have big servings, so you know that you will get your money’s worth. If sharing is a custom in your group, you will enjoy it here as most of their dishes are designed that way.

There are lots of Japanese restaurants in Koh Samui and Kobori Japanese Restaurant is certainly one of the best. We commend their diverse menu as well as the quality of their food. If you haven’t tried this place yet you are missing out on a lot of top notch food and fun dining atmosphere.

Kobori Japanese Restaurant (Nathon)
Address: Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui, Surat Thani, Thailand
Phone: 66 93 575 1567